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  • Trade Away Receive
  • A. Rodgers QB GB
    J. Cutler QB MIA
  • T. Gurley RB LA
    E. Lacy RB SEA
6:39pm Jan 18 from texskin01
YES 50% NO 50%
  • C. Keenum QB MIN
  • L. Bell RB PIT
  • M. Lynch RB OAK
  • A. Brown WR PIT
  • A. Cooper WR OAK
  • T. Kelce TE KC
  • A. Kamara W/R NO
  • K. Forbath K MIN
  • Chiefs DEF KC
  • T. Hill BN KC
  • L. Fournette BN JAX
  • D. Carr BN OAK
  • T. Gurley BN LA
  • R. Gronkowski BN NE
  • J. Jones BN ATL
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3:27pm Jan 18 from reggietwyn
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12:49pm Jan 18 from akalikuli
12:10pm Jan 18 from akalikuli
11:55am Jan 18 from akalikuli