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Ochocinco will play in CFL. Do you think he can come back & play in the NFL?
11:50pm Apr 19 from tvela
49ers & Ravens will scrimmage prior to preseason any predictions?
11:43pm Apr 19 from tvela
If Terrelle Pryor is released who will pick him up
11:37pm Apr 19 from tvela
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Better Cowgirl QB.
10:04pm Apr 19 from darius18
  • Humm... Romo

    11:25pm Apr 19 from tvela
is knowshon moreno a product of the denver offense
9:50pm Apr 19 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Yes

    10:06pm Apr 19 from buckthehusky
  • For sure. Why worry about Moreno when Manning could yell "Omaha" at any moment and throw to Decker, Thomas, Thomas, or Welker?

    10:40pm Apr 19 from jdizzle45
  • Will see

    10:45pm Apr 19 from apgame
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Which two should I keep? 10 man league. Thanks
8:15pm Apr 19 from sleepers2keepers
  • Graham & Thomas

    9:25pm Apr 19 from tvela
best big 2 in the NBA
6:59pm Apr 19 from eaglevsjet
  • James & Wade

    9:26pm Apr 19 from tvela
  • Durant and Westbrook. Wade is a shell of his former self because of his knees.

    10:21pm Apr 19 from jgarner650
Who should I start?
6:17pm Apr 19 from deebeaux93
  • Wilson

    9:26pm Apr 19 from tvela
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of both of this guys get back to the super bowl who will win
5:48pm Apr 19 from eaglevsjet
  • Eli Manning will not get back to a Superbowl. He's got more time than Brady, but Brady would make it before Eli.

    9:17pm Apr 19 from jdizzle45
  • Brady

    9:27pm Apr 19 from tvela
tom brady is a playoff choker 10-0 during spygate 8-8 since no rings since spygate 0-2 in superbowls
5:28pm Apr 19 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • True

    6:38pm Apr 19 from buckthehusky
  • Ok? Still the best.

    10:07pm Apr 19 from jdizzle45
  • K

    9:00pm Apr 19 from apgame
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Thoughts on Knowshon Moreno.
4:47pm Apr 19 from dfbfootball
  • Overrated

    5:24pm Apr 19 from buckthehusky
  • He blocks well and catches passes too. Slow runner. Only succeeded under Peyton who passes to setup the run. No, we won't do well. Sorry

    4:59pm Apr 19 from perkinspc
  • Decent. Lets see how he does outside of Denver.

    9:18pm Apr 19 from jdizzle45
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