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  • R. Wilson QB SEA
  • M. Forte RB CHI
  • J. Charles RB KC
  • D. Thomas WR DEN
  • A. Green WR CIN
  • A. Gates TE SD
  • M. Ingram W/R NO
  • S. Gostkowski K NE
  • Eagles DEF PHI
  • J. Gordon BN CLE
  • C. Kaepernick BN SF
  • B. Oliver BN SD
  • T. Williams BN DAL
  • S. Watkins BN BUF
  • Lions BN DET
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11:50pm Oct 30 from freun1mk
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11:49pm Oct 30 from r8der4ever1
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11:49pm Oct 30 from kball420
  • Trade Away Receive
  • A. Ellington RB ARI
    A. Rodgers QB GB
  • T. Romo QB DAL
    A. Jeffery WR CHI
  • V. Davis TE SF
    D. Allen TE IND
  • G. Tate WR DET
    R. Wayne WR IND
11:49pm Oct 30 from strickerswag
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11:48pm Oct 30 from 40gizzle
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11:48pm Oct 30 from desihayes02
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  • Forsett is currently in doubt for week 9 with an ankle injury but hopes to play.

    4:19pm Oct 29 from agajudd
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11:47pm Oct 30 from hamsterthekiwi
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  • I would say LaFell any other week BUT THIS ONE. Since he's up against Denver (hence, he's a rookie going up against some veteran corners and might get shutdown). I'll, without a doubt, go with Baldwin here seeing he's getting a notable amount of targets AND going up against Oakland

    10:29am Oct 28 from thenax
  • LaFell isn't a rookie

    1:48pm Oct 28 from 3ach39
  • Baldwin is going against Oakland so start him

    5:24pm Oct 28 from jmoroney14
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