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  • J. Winston QB TB
  • J. Ajayi RB MIA
  • C. McCaffrey RB CAR
  • J. Jones WR ATL
  • D. Bryant WR DAL
  • E. Engram TE NYG
  • D. Cook W/R MIN
  • S. Janikowski K OAK
  • Jaguars DEF JAX
  • B. Cushing LB HOU
  • J. Ramsey DB JAX
  • R. Tannehill BN MIA
  • D. Murray BN TEN
  • T. Bridgewater BN MIN
  • K. Allen BN LAC
  • D. Freeman BN ATL
  • Chiefs BN KC
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10:03am May 29 from Huh23rrump
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  • L. Miller RB HOU
    M. Gordon RB LAC
  • A. Cooper WR OAK
    K. Allen WR LAC
9:18am May 29 from EsteemedAtom
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  • Nope...

    9:37am May 29 from tvela
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8:27am May 29 from EsteemedAtom
  • Freeman...

    9:38am May 29 from tvela
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7:45am May 29 from propayn760
  • Yes...thank you

    9:39am May 29 from tvela
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7:06am May 29 from malayans
Open Question
3:17am May 29 from jonoivision
Open Question
3:14am May 29 from jonoivision
Open Question
3:12am May 29 from jonoivision
Open Question
10:18pm May 28 from Thongs
  • for what?

    11:04pm May 28 from chopr
Open Question
9:05pm May 28 from brooksy49ers
Open Question
6:35pm May 28 from nfox580
  • been trying for over a year

    8:08pm May 28 from chopr
  • True^^^^ I keep flagging ^^^ Very annoying!..

    9:45pm May 28 from tvela
  • been trying forever man, it's hopeless......

    10:13pm May 28 from vikingfan301
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  • O. Beckham WR NYG
    L. Bell RB PIT
  • Q. Enunwa WR NYJ
6:34pm May 28 from HahaNicholas
YES 59% NO 41%
  • Yup...

    9:46pm May 28 from tvela