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8:23pm Mar 20 from chopr
  • the Bills have to draft another WR this year, hope he gets help

    8:24pm Mar 20 from chopr
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6:42am Mar 20 from ketter3
  • Dude, you can’t even spell ‘dynasty’?!? Tard.

    7:33am Mar 20 from linkprez
  • Appreciate your help ;) Swiss-German is my first language...

    10:32am Mar 20 from ketter3
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9:21am Mar 19 from newyorkfanone
  • I don't know ti's just lately it hasn't packed its usual punch. You know? Especially NFL Network's Free Agency Frenzy, I was all excited for it then once it came on all they did was repeat the same news and have the same debate all week, on ever show, too. They'd of course stop for occasionally for breaking news but they would just talk about it for a commercial break or two and then back to the same old debates.
    Maybe it's just me. I'd love to hear other opinions.

    9:24am Mar 19 from newyorkfanone
  • You’re “loose” alright.

    12:11pm Mar 19 from linkprez
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5:30am Mar 19 from dantew1013
5:28am Mar 19 from dantew1013
Yes 36% No 64%
  • J. Peppers DL CAR
    E. Griffen DL MIN
  • K. Short DL CAR
    S. Richardson DL SEA
  • D. Poe DL ATL
    L. Joseph DL MIN
  • C. Johnson DL CAR
    D. Hunter DL MIN
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5:01am Mar 19 from dantew1013
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9:06am Mar 18 from Seahawkcole
  • OL, OL & more OL

    9:35am Mar 18 from linkprez
  • Trade Away Receive
  • D. Carr QB OAK
    D. Brees QB NO
  • B. Cooks WR NE
    D. Parker WR MIA
4:45pm Mar 17 from officialstatue
YES 31% NO 69%
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11:53am Mar 15 from shaqarac
  • J. Goff QB LA
    A. Smith QB KC
  • L. McCoy RB BUF
    T. Gurley RB LA
  • D. Murray RB TEN
    J. McKinnon RB MIN
  • D. Thomas WR DEN
    D. Baldwin WR SEA
  • J. Landry WR MIA
    K. Allen WR LAC
  • B. Watson TE BAL
    J. Cook TE OAK
  • C. Kupp W/R LA
    N. Agholor W/R PHI
  • C. Boswell K PIT
    R. Succop K TEN
  • Ravens DEF BAL
    Eagles DEF PHI
  • L. Blount BN PHI
    S. Watkins BN LA
  • D. Jackson BN TB
    K. Stills BN MIA
  • D. Carr BN OAK
    B. Walsh BN SEA
  • D. Martin BN TB
    T. Taylor BN BUF
  • D. Henry BN TEN
    M. Lee BN JAX
  • J. Kearse BN NYJ
    J. Doyle BN IND
  • M. Sanu BN ATL
    Lions BN DET
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5:39am Mar 15 from dantew1013
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