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9:21am Mar 19 from newyorkfanone
  • I don't know ti's just lately it hasn't packed its usual punch. You know? Especially NFL Network's Free Agency Frenzy, I was all excited for it then once it came on all they did was repeat the same news and have the same debate all week, on ever show, too. They'd of course stop for occasionally for breaking news but they would just talk about it for a commercial break or two and then back to the same old debates.
    Maybe it's just me. I'd love to hear other opinions.

    9:24am Mar 19 from newyorkfanone
  • You’re “loose” alright.

    12:11pm Mar 19 from linkprez
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7:50pm Mar 12 from milanfire1
  • Nope

    7:51pm Mar 12 from Carnivalclown
  • Too expensive

    3:03pm Mar 14 from bhbaxter13
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11:40am Mar 8 from Lavo12
  • Kaepernick

    12:23pm Mar 8 from ne420
  • Josh Allen

    6:34pm Mar 11 from Jforte72
  • Tyrod should be perfect for the transition to a RC this yr. I like Mayfield

    3:29am Mar 12 from bhbaxter13
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2:33pm Mar 4 from milanfire1
  • Nope

    8:39am Mar 5 from ne420
  • Correct

    11:45am Mar 8 from Lavo12
  • Hell Yes

    6:36pm Mar 11 from Jforte72
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3:54pm Feb 22 from ChefCook33
  • they should

    11:34pm Feb 22 from chopr
  • PLEASE! I don't want the Colts to have ANY opportunity to get him

    4:59pm Feb 23 from linkperez
  • they should, but knowing them they probably wont. I think the Colts take him

    4:21pm Feb 26 from billyg15
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9:41pm Feb 16 from linkperez
  • I can't decide a winner yet, but I (as a Texans fan) have the Jaguars and the Saints playing in the game

    9:42pm Feb 16 from linkperez
  • anyone but the Pats

    9:37pm Feb 17 from chopr
  • Hope the jags, If I had to take a guess I'd say Pittsburgh has all the pieces there and for some reason I think Green Bay rebounds and has a really good 2018

    10:09am Feb 18 from gator64
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4:25pm Feb 15 from linkperez
  • Like, with the trade at free agency and the trade in the draft

    4:25pm Feb 15 from linkperez
  • Why are you so negative everywhere? And I'm not stupid

    10:19am Feb 16 from linkperez
  • Don't forget about Oswiler, probably their biggest save.

    3:32am Mar 12 from bhbaxter13
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5:04pm Feb 14 from billyg15
  • there is contact e-mail for this website. However, nothing has been done. It seems like this site is dead. I sent e-mail regarding the leader board. That has been stuck at the same #'s for over a year now!!!

    7:40am Feb 15 from purpleipod15
  • The comments take about a day to load for whatever reason. This site sucks anyway with all the spam. The fantasy life app is much better

    11:23am Feb 15 from ne420
  • Use to get on here everyday but between the spam and glitches on here, the stupid questions asked and the people who get on here just to argue it kind of killed it for me.

    10:12am Feb 18 from gator64
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12:03pm Feb 14 from linkperez
  • Awesome QBs for the future, 4th place in 2017, 1st place winner is way more complete

    12:03pm Feb 14 from linkperez
  • Texans will have a better D though, with Watt and Clowney, plus the draft

    5:02pm Feb 14 from billyg15
  • Texans are far more talented, have better coaching & are in the weakest division in the league.

    11:25am Feb 15 from ne420
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11:56am Feb 14 from linkperez
  • Some team will overpay for Butler, even after his down year

    11:26am Feb 15 from ne420
  • Don't see Bell leaving Pittsburg but if he's not franchised tagged he's probably going to get a record deal.

    10:13am Feb 18 from gator64
  • I can see Bridgewater or some QB getting paid more, if Cousins takes less with someone like the Broncos.

    1:34pm Feb 21 from kllbjfamily
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8:34pm Feb 12 from linkperez
  • How come people tell Cowboys fans to shut up whenever they talk about the 90s, yet people talk about our past QBs from 2013-2016? Seems extremely stupid to me, and logical fans should know about Deshaun Watson and his potential.

    8:36pm Feb 12 from linkperez
  • You’re talking about a team that didn’t even make the playoffs this year, so STFU

    8:09am Feb 13 from ne420
  • 4-12 is because of freaking injuries. Have you heard of Deshaun Watson? He almost beat y'all

    2:49pm Feb 14 from linkperez
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3:28pm Feb 12 from billyg15
  • Hilton is on a trash Colts team. Overrated. Needs more than Luck to help him. Coming from a Texans fan who hated every single the fantasy fans went crazy over ONE good game last season.

    8:27pm Feb 12 from linkperez
  • Other than Hilton, I agree

    8:36pm Feb 12 from linkperez
  • Those really aren’t sleepers

    8:06am Feb 13 from ne420
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