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asked by tonycheesestix
I have Tom Brady and RGIII on my team, do I trade one of them away or keep them both?!
9:33am Aug 16 from tonycheesestix

    9:34am Aug 16 from troysgirl17
  • Trade 1. For a solid RB or top WR.

    9:35am Aug 16 from dierre15
  • Gonna sound "off" BUT trade Brady, he'll command a larger return based off name alone.

    9:39am Aug 16 from rmf85
  • keep them both till week 3 or 4 then trade one. If RG3 looks healthy and sharp trade Brady. There should be a decent sleeper QB on wire such as weeden, smith, tannehill, ponder, if your' starter gets hurt. At least one of the sleepers will pan out.

    9:39am Aug 16 from shabanga85
  • keep em both

    9:47am Aug 16 from theserpant1428
  • I already have V-Jax, Fitz, and Andre Johnson at WR... i really need RB... Jones-Drew, S-Jax, and Ivory r my RBs

    10:01am Aug 16 from tonycheesestix
  • You keep them and cruise to victory

    10:04am Aug 16 from jljinjaxfl
  • keep both until their value rises then trade one.

    10:21am Aug 16 from abbloom
  • trade Brady. His value is higher & he'll probably have a down year

    10:55am Aug 16 from nileshellmers
  • i'd save them both for now, start rg3 [way more upside] and see how ste-jax and mojo treat you if any big qb gets hurt this year you can easily get an rb2 and their prolly decent backup qb for brady

    12:16pm Aug 16 from skoat420
  • Trade RG3 - risk of injury is much higher

    2:34pm Aug 16 from joncuthbert
  • you get better trade value for brady, but he is a better qb

    3:33pm Aug 16 from mattb869
  • keep both for now

    4:19pm Aug 16 from moneymike73333

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Trade picks 10&51 for 4&76? What do u think? And if so, who should I pick in 4?
9:33am Jul 29 from idanmeiri
  • Nah. Keep 10 and 51.

    9:34am Jul 29 from megatron8153
  • Up to you. If you think you have a better shot at succeeding with 4 and 76 then do it. At 4 you can get Forte

    9:40am Jul 29 from jdizzle45
within the last 10 years, which NFL team was the best overall
9:24am Jul 29 from johndob23
  • Patriots

    9:27am Jul 29 from tastooz
  • Oilers

    9:29am Jul 29 from jako8
  • Giants.

    9:30am Jul 29 from giantsfan2125
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How do you get players on your team
9:19am Jul 29 from footballxxxxxxxdavid
  • draft

    9:20am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound
  • you draft

    9:24am Jul 29 from johndob23
  • Draft.

    9:29am Jul 29 from giantsfan2125
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Cowboys1501 is holding us hostage in a league. It includes jdizzle, megatron, etc. Can we contact nf
9:19am Jul 29 from patsfan1120
  • so he can remove us? I'm not sure but we are FURIOUS

    9:19am Jul 29 from patsfan1120
  • lol why would he do that

    9:20am Jul 29 from footballxxxxxxxdavid
  • He is crazy football david...

    9:29am Jul 29 from houstonfaithful99
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Who can I get if I trade Brian Hartline?
9:13am Jul 29 from arturo509
  • nobody just drop him

    9:15am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound
  • No one.

    9:29am Jul 29 from giantsfan2125
  • WR4-5

    9:31am Jul 29 from megatron8153
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first off i must be really stupid but where do u go to join like a ppr or keeper league?
9:06am Jul 29 from cdem753
  • The JOIN A LEAGUE tab

    9:14am Jul 29 from arturo509
  • go to join a league, then hit custom leagues, then you can change the leagues settings and in other hit the arrow and a list of different leagues will show up

    9:18am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound
  • go to custom leagues

    9:31am Jul 29 from ultimateramsfan14
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What should be the order I draft in? (position wise)
9:05am Jul 29 from acamp0108
  • pick # 1-5 rb wr wr rb
    pick # 6-10 wr/jimmy graham wr rb rb

    9:13am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound

    9:35am Jul 29 from megatron8153
I have a league and it says you have a draft at 10:30 but when it's 10:30 nothing happens
9:02am Jul 29 from gavinjohnson72
  • there might not be enough people in your league yet.

    9:11am Jul 29 from ultimateramsfan14
  • Might not be full.

    9:35am Jul 29 from megatron8153
Top 5 best teams in order
9:01am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound
  • broncos seahawks pats saints 49ers

    9:02am Jul 29 from 72321
  • seahawks broncos patriots 49ers panthers

    9:03am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound
  • seahawks,broncos,49'ers,pats,saints

    9:26am Jul 29 from johndob23
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Who do you think the most underrated QB in the NFL is
8:58am Jul 29 from johndob23
  • Eli manning
    2 super championships
    1 bad season

    9:04am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound
  • Eli Manning or Matt Ryan

    9:15am Jul 29 from arturo509
  • Romo.

    9:36am Jul 29 from megatron8153
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Should i draft Stafford and Calvin first or Jamaal and Gore first ?
8:51am Jul 29 from gmike135
  • stafford and calvin

    8:53am Jul 29 from 72321
  • Jamaal and Gore

    8:53am Jul 29 from thebeezknees33
  • when is Stafford going in the first or second round of anything

    8:53am Jul 29 from thebeezknees33
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Ryan Mathews was dropped, should I pick him up? Im planning on dropping G. Olsen. I have D. Pitta
8:35am Jul 29 from jpborunda
  • Pick him up but try to drop someone else, like an extra defense if you have more than one

    8:38am Jul 29 from ralph20
  • Im in an 8 team league. This is my roster:
    QB: M. Stafford, Matt Ryan.
    RB: M. Forte, M. Ball, CJ Spiller, Gio Bernard.
    WR: Jordy Nelson, Demarius Thomas, Andre Jonhson, Larry Fitzyerald, Emmanuel Sanders.
    TE: Dennis Pitta, Greg Olsen
    K: Dan Bailey
    DEF: Broncos

    I dont know who to drop for him. I know these guys will kill themselves over a RB as the season goes

    8:47am Jul 29 from jpborunda
  • olsen is going to do better than pitta this year because he is cams only elite receiver.

    8:50am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound
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