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asked by tonycheesestix
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9:33am Aug 16 from tonycheesestix

    9:34am Aug 16 from troysgirl17
  • Trade 1. For a solid RB or top WR.

    9:35am Aug 16 from dierre15
  • Gonna sound "off" BUT trade Brady, he'll command a larger return based off name alone.

    9:39am Aug 16 from rmf85
  • keep them both till week 3 or 4 then trade one. If RG3 looks healthy and sharp trade Brady. There should be a decent sleeper QB on wire such as weeden, smith, tannehill, ponder, if your' starter gets hurt. At least one of the sleepers will pan out.

    9:39am Aug 16 from shabanga85
  • keep em both

    9:47am Aug 16 from theserpant1428
  • I already have V-Jax, Fitz, and Andre Johnson at WR... i really need RB... Jones-Drew, S-Jax, and Ivory r my RBs

    10:01am Aug 16 from tonycheesestix
  • You keep them and cruise to victory

    10:04am Aug 16 from jljinjaxfl
  • keep both until their value rises then trade one.

    10:21am Aug 16 from abbloom
  • trade Brady. His value is higher & he'll probably have a down year

    10:55am Aug 16 from nileshellmers
  • i'd save them both for now, start rg3 [way more upside] and see how ste-jax and mojo treat you if any big qb gets hurt this year you can easily get an rb2 and their prolly decent backup qb for brady

    12:16pm Aug 16 from skoat420
  • Trade RG3 - risk of injury is much higher

    2:34pm Aug 16 from joncuthbert
  • you get better trade value for brady, but he is a better qb

    3:33pm Aug 16 from mattb869
  • keep both for now

    4:19pm Aug 16 from moneymike73333

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10:09pm Aug 30 from praisethelord85
  • Gurly

    10:12pm Aug 30 from ravensrule62
  • Allen

    10:26pm Aug 30 from vikingfan187
  • Allen. Vereen isn't a starter and Gurley isn't 100% yet. Mason will start.

    10:36pm Aug 30 from jgarner650
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10:03pm Aug 30 from mynameisjeffff
  • Martellus

    10:04pm Aug 30 from ravensrule62
  • Bennett

    10:36pm Aug 30 from jgarner650
  • M Bennett

    11:11pm Aug 30 from praisethelord85
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9:44pm Aug 30 from closej75
  • what?

    9:48pm Aug 30 from rgboy247
  • it's how many points on average you give up; low is better...

    9:52pm Aug 30 from jgarner650
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9:35pm Aug 30 from sanfrancisco1010
  • Cuz Williams is starting the two games bell is suspended. Also Marshall was on my bench. Overall was it a good trade?

    9:35pm Aug 30 from sanfrancisco1010
  • do it

    9:49pm Aug 30 from rgboy247
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9:09pm Aug 30 from maleman
  • yes for u Murray at huge sleeper at RB again this year

    9:12pm Aug 30 from rgboy247
  • If you're offering it he'll never accept if you got that offered take it before he cancels the trade (assuming ur the one that owns Johnson)

    9:14pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • Yes I think you are getting the better deal

    9:57pm Aug 30 from marmudukey
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9:05pm Aug 30 from eclipse626
  • You could draft all Eagles players but you probably wouldn't do well. Imagine being matched up against an all-star team every week. No bueno.

    9:09pm Aug 30 from jgarner650
  • No you take players from every team like jgarner said you can draft only players from the Eagles but i wouldn't advise it if u wanna win the season

    9:13pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • agree^

    9:13pm Aug 30 from rgboy247
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8:56pm Aug 30 from giantpack93
  • Johnson because Edelman doesn't have Brady as Qb for 4 weeks that loses a lot of his value for the beginning of the season in my book but after Brady's back Edelman no question

    8:59pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • ^

    9:00pm Aug 30 from marmudukey
  • agree callofdutyghosts9891

    9:14pm Aug 30 from rgboy247
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8:55pm Aug 30 from relberts1625
  • Rivers all day

    8:57pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • Rivers

    9:01pm Aug 30 from marmudukey
  • Rivers

    9:14pm Aug 30 from rgboy247
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8:51pm Aug 30 from mrjmoneybags
  • I trust Forte more than McCoy Forte's a Rb1 where as McCoy i see him as a high end Rb2 i think Jeremy Hill edge him out of the low end Rb1 in my book (for a 10 team standard league)

    8:53pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • I personally like Forte better and don't think McCoy I'll do well with the team switch

    8:55pm Aug 30 from max0316
  • Forte because he has been with the team before @ he never had any off field issues with coaches, or teammates also the offense that he is around is known to be able to fit him.

    9:09pm Aug 30 from marmudukey
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8:45pm Aug 30 from juliog305
  • This is my team below:

    QB - Drew Brees
    RB - J. Randle
    RB - Jeremy Hill
    WR - J. Landry
    WR - Brandin Cooks
    TE - Travis Kelce
    FLEX - Keenan Allen
    DEF - Buffalo


    Tony Romo
    L. Bell
    Arian Foster
    Vincent Jackson
    Brandon Marshall
    Delanie Walker

    8:46pm Aug 30 from juliog305
  • It's an average trade i think you lose by a little bit but not too much but I would try to upgrade Landry and Allen Landry should be more of a flex and Allen should be on the bench imo

    8:49pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • do it

    9:14pm Aug 30 from rgboy247
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8:30pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • Qb Tony Romo
    Rb Cj Anderson & Justin Forsett
    Wr Dez Bryant & Emmanuel Sanders
    Te Jason Witten
    W/r Melvin Gordon
    K Mason Crosby
    Def Bengals
    Bench Cam Newton, Tj Yeldon, Ameer Abdullah, Davante Adams, Martavis Bryant, Allen Robinson

    8:30pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • you had a really solid draft, the depth that you have @ WR is great. The only thing I would look @ on the waiver wire would be the Defense.

    9:08pm Aug 30 from marmudukey
  • good imo

    9:14pm Aug 30 from rgboy247
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8:27pm Aug 30 from alecdhartman
  • Bridgewater

    8:35pm Aug 30 from callofdutyghosts9891
  • Bradford

    8:38pm Aug 30 from jdizzle45
  • Bridgewater

    9:09pm Aug 30 from marmudukey
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