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asked by tonycheesestix
I have Tom Brady and RGIII on my team, do I trade one of them away or keep them both?!
9:33am Aug 16 from tonycheesestix
  • i'd save them both for now, start rg3 [way more upside] and see how ste-jax and mojo treat you if any big qb gets hurt this year you can easily get an rb2 and their prolly decent backup qb for brady

    12:16pm Aug 16 from skoat420
  • keep both until their value rises then trade one.

    10:21am Aug 16 from abbloom
  • Gonna sound "off" BUT trade Brady, he'll command a larger return based off name alone.

    9:39am Aug 16 from rmf85
  • keep them both till week 3 or 4 then trade one. If RG3 looks healthy and sharp trade Brady. There should be a decent sleeper QB on wire such as weeden, smith, tannehill, ponder, if your' starter gets hurt. At least one of the sleepers will pan out.

    9:39am Aug 16 from shabanga85
  • Trade RG3 - risk of injury is much higher

    2:34pm Aug 16 from joncuthbert
  • You keep them and cruise to victory

    10:04am Aug 16 from jljinjaxfl
  • you get better trade value for brady, but he is a better qb

    3:33pm Aug 16 from mattb869
  • trade Brady. His value is higher & he'll probably have a down year

    10:55am Aug 16 from nileshellmers
  • I already have V-Jax, Fitz, and Andre Johnson at WR... i really need RB... Jones-Drew, S-Jax, and Ivory r my RBs

    10:01am Aug 16 from tonycheesestix
  • Trade 1. For a solid RB or top WR.

    9:35am Aug 16 from dierre15
  • keep both for now

    4:19pm Aug 16 from moneymike73333
  • keep em both

    9:47am Aug 16 from theserpant1428

    9:34am Aug 16 from troysgirl17

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Which rookie are excited most to see play this coming year?
7:23pm Apr 18 from chaddios
  • Watkins or Manziel

    7:38pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • Hyde, Watkins,

    8:15pm Apr 18 from chopr
  • Bortles

    9:22pm Apr 18 from tvela
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you have the 2013 seahawks defense but your qb is mark sanchez can u win a super bowl
6:35pm Apr 18 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Possible

    7:39pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • no

    6:40pm Apr 18 from chopr
  • Anything is possible

    9:02pm Apr 18 from tvela
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tommanning 69 why are you saying bad words plz stop i am 20 year old just trying to help people okay
6:30pm Apr 18 from eaglevsjet
  • K

    6:33pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • keep it clean, it's a bash free zone

    6:41pm Apr 18 from chopr
  • Yes, it is a public site

    7:41pm Apr 18 from tvela
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How much better will the Jets offense be with the signings of Decker, Vick and Chris Johnson?
5:21pm Apr 18 from beastmode48000
  • Good

    6:14pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • A lot

    7:42pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • very good

    6:43pm Apr 18 from chopr
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Did you see the movie draft day? What did you think?
5:10pm Apr 18 from beastmode48000
  • No I want to but I live in canada and can't find it

    6:14pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • No but I want to

    5:14pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • no

    6:43pm Apr 18 from chopr
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Panthers coach Ron Rivera (Comments)
3:37pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • Good

    6:14pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • Agreed

    5:19pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • good coach

    4:24pm Apr 18 from chopr
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Your newest top 10 mock draft is...
3:16pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • Idk

    6:14pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • 7:42pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • ask the days before the draft not now, to many changes

    4:25pm Apr 18 from chopr
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Who is your favorite Chiefs player? (Active or retired.)
1:01pm Apr 18 from dfbfootball
  • Charles

    6:15pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • Jammal Charles

    1:13pm Apr 18 from apgame
  • Derrick Thomas

    2:18pm Apr 18 from chopr
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Is Jacksonville getting better? If so, what is the best possible finnish for them?
10:22am Apr 18 from dfbfootball
  • 500 at best

    12:24pm Apr 18 from immaculatecollection
  • Yea 8-8

    12:23pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • 7-9. Only team they'll likely beat in that division is the titans.

    2:04pm Apr 18 from jdizzle45
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Doug Baldwin 2014 (Comments)
9:19am Apr 18 from tvela
  • Will see more production than last year with Tate gone. Even with Percy Harvin in the offense, because Harvin is so injury prone.

    10:13am Apr 18 from centurylinkdynasty
  • WR2

    12:24pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • Probably a WR3 again with Sidney Rice back.

    2:06pm Apr 18 from jdizzle45
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Rolando McClain is reinstated by the Ravens after a poor training session (Comments)
8:15am Apr 18 from tvela
  • K

    12:24pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • K

    2:06pm Apr 18 from jdizzle45
  • Idk but he is a waste of talent

    9:48am Apr 18 from apgame
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I hate John Elway because he ruined Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow has to take all this criticism because him
5:38am Apr 18 from juanrcool
  • Elway didn't ''ruin'' Tebow, Tebow turned himself into a bust. The inablity to be a starting QB in the NFL is what he struggled with. Some guys are made out to be a star QB coming out of college, and they just don't have it.

    6:09am Apr 18 from megatron8153
  • I was disappointed that Elway traded Tebow, but the Jets were the ones who sabotaged his career.

    10:14am Apr 18 from centurylinkdynasty
  • Both suck

    12:29pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
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