asked by wylieswoish
1:05pm Aug 16 from wylieswoish
  • 12 Team or less (standard) - RB/RB/RB/WR/WR/QB - you should be able to get Romo, Stafford, Luck, Wilson here.

    1:48pm Aug 16 from dierre15
  • Rb rb wr wr te rb/qb

    5:09pm Aug 16 from aaronfunderburk
  • dierre, none of them would be left.

    8:49pm Aug 16 from mrawesomexyz

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5:45pm Apr 25 from benallstars
  • they both have their good and bad points, i do like rodgers better

    7:19pm Apr 25 from chopr
  • rings...

    8:30pm Apr 25 from isaiahkickedyourass
6:01am Apr 25 from ibbuy
Yes 3% No 97%
  • don't see it happening

    7:43am Apr 25 from chopr
5:28am Apr 25 from zacharyossman
  • i think perriman

    7:46am Apr 25 from chopr
6:10pm Apr 24 from broncosrock4u
  • Rice

    6:16pm Apr 24 from nalalala101
  • Dan Marino or Deion Sanders

    6:20pm Apr 24 from finslover789
  • at QB montana
    at WR rice
    at RB walter payton and barry sanders

    7:39pm Apr 24 from chopr
6:09pm Apr 24 from broncosrock4u
  • Rice

    6:16pm Apr 24 from nalalala101
  • Sanders

    6:47pm Apr 24 from pker2000
  • it depends on what position

    7:39pm Apr 24 from chopr
11:05am Apr 24 from benallstars
  • Nah..... not this year..........

    11:40am Apr 24 from tvela
  • don't think so but funny things happen

    2:22pm Apr 24 from chopr
  • maybe 500 this year but no playoffs.. or Superbowl ever

    6:29pm Apr 24 from nalalala101
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10:51am Apr 24 from benallstars
Broncos 7% Packers 89% Tie 4%
  • If you don't know what "VIII" means it's the number 8 in Roman Numerals

    10:52am Apr 24 from benallstars
  • Packers

    11:40am Apr 24 from tvela
  • Packers r better

    1:29pm Apr 24 from eacino52
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10:47am Apr 24 from tmanion11
PPR 26% Standard 74%
  • PPR

    11:33am Apr 24 from tvela
  • i've done both standard if your new and PPR once you it and can enjoy it

    2:25pm Apr 24 from chopr
  • standard

    6:31pm Apr 24 from nalalala101
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8:26pm Apr 23 from benallstars
  • The Dallas-Green Bay game was 26-3 Dallas at the half, and the Packers were without Randall Cobb & Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn was the one who led'em to victory, they scored TDs on all 5 of their second half possessions, but Dallas could've-should've won, late in the game Dallas refused to run the ball, leading to 2 late INTs by Tony Romo (Sam Shields, Tramon Williams), which led to a victory for the Packers 37-36 despite a failed 2-point

    8:30pm Apr 23 from benallstars
  • Don't even mention the Dallas-Denver game o_O

    8:33pm Apr 23 from benallstars
  • The Green Bay-Chicago game I watched live, and I can tell you that was one good game, Aaron Rodgers & Randall Cobb both returned that game, Rodgers ended up finding Cobb twice for TDs, including one with 0:43 left on 4th & 8, Jordy Nelson had a good game as well, finishing with 100+ yards, Cobb finished with 2 Rec, 58 yards & 2 TD, Rodgers was good threw the air despite 2 early INTs. Good game overall with Green Bay winning 33-28 despite a failed 2-point.

    8:39pm Apr 23 from benallstars
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8:51am Apr 23 from nalalala101
Money 63% Pac Man 38%
  • It will be a very close fight, but I think it will be Mayweather the winner of the fight.....

    9:07am Apr 23 from tvela
  • Yes tvela, Mayweather will probably win that's why I was asking about the Vegas odds

    9:19am Apr 23 from nalalala101
  • my money is on money

    1:35pm Apr 23 from chopr
9:48pm Apr 22 from tvela
  • Rams/Cards/Seahawks are all contenders this year, whereas I think of the Steelers/Ravens as the only contenders out of the AFC North. I also think on any given sunday, any of those three teams out of the NFC West can beat those from the AFC North

    9:50pm Apr 22 from ltthree
  • west

    10:13pm Apr 22 from chopr
  • NFC West. You've got the Seahawks and Cardinals slugging it out for the division, and the Rams are going to explode anytime. And who knows which direction the 49ers are going. Yes, this is a better division.

    12:16am Apr 23 from armchaircoachjack
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4:41pm Apr 22 from mahdihasan
Redskins 2% Eagls 50% Giants 14% Cowboys 33%
  • eagles

    6:11pm Apr 22 from chopr
  • I want to say the Eagles, but not sure about the QB situation...

    6:51pm Apr 22 from tvela
  • Boys

    10:56am Apr 23 from jdizzle45
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