asked by wylieswoish
1:05pm Aug 16 from wylieswoish
  • 12 Team or less (standard) - RB/RB/RB/WR/WR/QB - you should be able to get Romo, Stafford, Luck, Wilson here.

    1:48pm Aug 16 from dierre15
  • Rb rb wr wr te rb/qb

    5:09pm Aug 16 from aaronfunderburk
  • dierre, none of them would be left.

    8:49pm Aug 16 from mrawesomexyz

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6:47pm Oct 20 from nascarfan2414
6:38pm Oct 20 from lazevnick
Ball 36% Mathews 9% Neither 45% Both 9%
  • Dixon/Brown from buffalo. Sorry

    6:39pm Oct 20 from lazevnick
  • My guess would be Ball ... I'm pretty sure Matthews'll be the man once he gets back for SD, and that's looking to happen fairly soon I think ... meanwhile Hillman's making a case for the Broncs not worrying about putting Ball back in anytime soon ... I have Ball in one league and am not too thrilled about him eating up a bench spot atm ...

    6:41pm Oct 20 from crazychristoph
6:24pm Oct 20 from ravensdude11
Are you the best NFL.com Fantasy coach?
6:14pm Oct 20 from eamon321
6:06pm Oct 20 from eamon321
yes 46% no 54%
6:02pm Oct 20 from mattrraider
yes 23% definitely 15% Duh 15% no 46%
  • The hell you just say?

    6:24pm Oct 20 from steeltownbeast
  • Huh???? Lol

    6:31pm Oct 20 from shaneanddave
5:59pm Oct 20 from recneps989
5:45pm Oct 20 from willvery
Yes 86% No 14%
  • I already have Andrew Luck and Joe Flacco

    5:46pm Oct 20 from willvery
5:17pm Oct 20 from guygeraci
They Win 50% I win 50%
  • thats a close call if johnson gets a TD which is possible you will lose

    5:30pm Oct 20 from patriots5587
5:12pm Oct 20 from guygeraci
5:09pm Oct 20 from jkstormers
60 yds 48% 75 yds 19% 90 yds 14% 100 + yds 19%
5:02pm Oct 20 from thesamwithnoname