asked by wylieswoish
1:05pm Aug 16 from wylieswoish
  • 12 Team or less (standard) - RB/RB/RB/WR/WR/QB - you should be able to get Romo, Stafford, Luck, Wilson here.

    1:48pm Aug 16 from dierre15
  • Rb rb wr wr te rb/qb

    5:09pm Aug 16 from aaronfunderburk
  • dierre, none of them would be left.

    8:49pm Aug 16 from mrawesomexyz

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10:04pm Oct 31 from adeln
Yes ! 8% No ! 92%
8:06pm Oct 31 from deadheadchemistry
  • I'm having trouble understanding why nearly every single "expert" I hear says to sit Crabtree this week. I mean his projection for this week is over 13 fantasy points, which is more (even if just by a point or two in some cases) than any other receiver on my roster. I also have Reggie Wayne, but ran out of options. (Or I'm too drunk to figure out how to have asked this question differently). Thanks anyways for any input.

    8:10pm Oct 31 from deadheadchemistry
  • I think whether A.J. starts this week or not, Sanu's going to see a decent number of targets this week, especially with Gio declared out this week. And if A.J. DOES start, which is looking likely, I actually expect Sanu to get open & targetted even more. Here's hoping, anyway ...

    10:25pm Oct 31 from crazychristoph
7:11pm Oct 31 from alaverdman13
  • My other RB is Ryan Mathews who I will use for bye weeks at 11 and 12 for murray and leveon bell. And currently I own Denver D but weeks 14-16 aren't too promising other than against buffalo. Thoughts?

    7:11pm Oct 31 from alaverdman13
  • Well in my league, I just saw someone drop him for the TE Travis Kelce, so ....

    And I just can't muster the enthusiasm to try picking him up off the WW, though I'm sure someone will.

    10:27pm Oct 31 from crazychristoph
6:31pm Oct 31 from gridironkohn
No. 68% Yes. 32%
6:29pm Oct 31 from markmaiderz
6:19pm Oct 31 from klatcd
4:59pm Oct 31 from dylan3315
Yes 26% NO 74%
  • Are you serious?

    5:16pm Oct 31 from freshprincetk
  • Lol I wanted to see the responses

    5:36pm Oct 31 from dylan3315
4:38pm Oct 31 from rtojhngatoe1
3:59pm Oct 31 from 12thmanap
2:42pm Oct 31 from seidways
YES 86% NO 14%
  • Eric eskers blowing up?

    6:14pm Oct 31 from bradynix
2:02pm Oct 31 from billsfan4ever31
Steelers 30% Dolphins 35% other 35%
  • Try chiefs or bengals

    2:57pm Oct 31 from andrew602
  • Try poop

    6:15pm Oct 31 from bradynix
  • chiefs and bengals r taken i might try getting colts d vs giants ?

    10:23pm Oct 31 from billsfan4ever31
2:02pm Oct 31 from tblightningbolt82