asked by wylieswoish
Best strategy
1:05pm Aug 16 from wylieswoish
  • dierre, none of them would be left.

    8:50pm Aug 16 from mrawesomexyz
  • Rb rb wr wr te rb/qb

    5:10pm Aug 16 from aaronfunderburk
  • 12 Team or less (standard) - RB/RB/RB/WR/WR/QB - you should be able to get Romo, Stafford, Luck, Wilson here.

    1:49pm Aug 16 from dierre15

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Is Percy Harvin worth the injury risk to draft as a starter?
2:03pm Jul 22 from broncsroxfan1837
Yes. 25% No. 75%
Should I Give Peyton Manning for LeSean Mccoy and Andrew Luck
1:47pm Jul 22 from steelerz24
Yes 91% No 9%
  • without a doubt no question dont hesitate

    2:14pm Jul 22 from carson3807
  • I'd do it,who are your other RB's?

    2:08pm Jul 22 from bhbaxter13
which side of this trade would you want.
1:13pm Jul 22 from spcanderson
who has the best fantasy football team
12:57pm Jul 22 from broncoboys101
me 14% me 43% me 14% me 29%
  • cmon seriously...?

    1:07pm Jul 22 from texandad1220
Better year Cordarrelle Patterson of Andre Johnson
12:40pm Jul 22 from doublejjs
Who should I keep, I already have Foster and Doug Martin. Should i keep...
12:14pm Jul 22 from turbocongo
Should I trade away Riley Cooper to get Justin Hunter
10:58am Jul 22 from hanboy3
Yes 33% No 67%
good or bad trade i get Matt forte and Jordan Cameron they get Julius Thomas Shane vereen and gore
9:18am Jul 22 from ravens5558
  • If they trade you 3 for 2 its never worth it!

    12:16pm Jul 22 from turbocongo
  • great for you.

    11:25am Jul 22 from rigor973
  • You robbed that guy.

    9:26am Jul 22 from megafikes
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Best COVER corner in the NFL? If you think it is someone not listed, comment. (@Grimes, Talib, etc.)
8:39am Jul 22 from patriotszach12
  • Pat Pete is best cover corner, but Sherm has slight edge on corner in general. Pat is a better cover corner though, better than Richard Sherman..

    8:49am Jul 22 from patriotszach12
  • sherman

    1:08pm Jul 22 from texandad1220
  • talib

    12:58pm Jul 22 from broncoboys101
Best COVER corner in the NFL? If you think it is someone not listed, comment. (Grimes, Talib, etc.)
8:37am Jul 22 from patriotszach12
Better Draft Pick for FFL PPR league in 2014?
8:16am Jul 22 from poppyd90
  • Charles considering he is pretty much there only option, especially with there QB controversy right now.

    12:18pm Jul 22 from turbocongo
  • Charles since Sproles and McCoy both on the Eagles

    11:32am Jul 22 from bigbro0905
Which is a better draft strategy?
6:50am Jul 22 from broncsroxfan1837
  • Drew Brees is every bit as good as Manning IMO if you can get him 2 rounds later do that

    7:02am Jul 22 from frostrosity
  • you should have this:

    peyton Manning 1st, Demaryius Thomas 2nd, Alshon Jeffery 3rd

    6:57am Jul 22 from mulletmanhaz
  • the second one but y ball???

    12:59pm Jul 22 from broncoboys101