asked by stillandre
Trade Matt Ryan for Tony Romo?
12:19pm Oct 10 from stillandre
Yes 72% No 28%

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In an 8 team league what draft order is the best ,?
11:04pm Jul 21 from realdeal87
pick 1 36% pick 2 18% pick 3 45%
better duel threat quarterback
10:46pm Jul 21 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Young was a much better runner/scrambler.

    11:25pm Jul 21 from jgarner650
Who wins trade?
7:49pm Jul 21 from trfrey
  • Ball & Marshall

    8:18pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
7:34pm Jul 21 from donke425
  • Packers, & if not NO

    8:19pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
Should I trade Tom Brady for Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall?
5:28pm Jul 21 from manu087
YES 74% NO 26%
  • It depend son who your other QB is, because I'm not sold on Cutler as a starting QB

    6:02pm Jul 21 from zgamer200
  • I definitely would.

    6:47pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
  • if your getting cutler

    6:18pm Jul 21 from chopr
Who should I drop in order to get a backup TE for Witten?
5:11pm Jul 21 from bonquishashamu
  • He is out for the season man.

    5:12pm Jul 21 from ignacio137
  • No not yet.

    5:13pm Jul 21 from bonquishashamu
  • But you need an extra RB or WR more than another TE

    6:50pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
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Should I pick Brandon Marshall or Julio Jones??
5:01pm Jul 21 from doublejjs
  • Jones

    6:48pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
Gronk/Brady for Manning/ Cameron good trade?
4:56pm Jul 21 from sethg4043
Yes 81% No 19%
  • Gronk could get hurt like last year

    5:01pm Jul 21 from truckerdok50
  • Manning is far better than Brady

    6:48pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
  • Manning is only better than Brady in FANTASY!!!

    9:28pm Jul 21 from feldhacker
Who is the top pro QB? lel
4:45pm Jul 21 from kidjuken
Eli Manning 30% RG3 47% LT 3% King James 20%
  • Are you smoking something?

    6:51pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
  • it's got the ELI cause everyone say's Brady is a top pro cause he has 3 rings Eli has 2 ooops that's right you can't judge a QB by the rings

    6:21pm Jul 21 from chopr
Trade Lynch, Murray, and Stacy when I have Jamaal and Ap for Shady to make WR/RB flex stong.
2:49pm Jul 21 from howboutdezcowboys88
Yes 47% No 25% Keep Players 28%
  • You'd be trading all you debt hat RB. You'll need it during the season fo byes, injuries, or poor performance. 4person league: very interesting

    3:51pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
  • keep them

    6:19pm Jul 21 from chopr
  • Ya!!!

    4:18pm Jul 21 from feldhacker
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What Do You Think Will Happen To A. Johnson?
2:25pm Jul 21 from howboutdezcowboys88
  • He's staying put

    4:30pm Jul 21 from zgamer200
  • stays in houston

    7:11pm Jul 21 from mustacheman99
  • i say the same with ander0341

    2:35pm Jul 21 from jsnoddy
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Trade Ben Tate, Charles Clay & Matt Ryan for Julius Thomas & Andrew Luck
12:25pm Jul 21 from harjapgarcha
Yes 88% No 13%
  • 1st group is better players & an additional RB.

    2:14pm Jul 21 from nileshellmers
  • Yes do it!

    2:43pm Jul 21 from chiefwolf1997