asked by stillandre
12:19pm Oct 10 from stillandre
Yes 72% No 28%

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12:11pm Mar 6 from kevinphedrick
Cowboys 56% Packers 44%
  • Packers, Boys were 4-4 at home last year

    12:25pm Mar 6 from 467bklo786
10:57am Mar 6 from seahawkchief
Bills 13% Bears 87%
  • Bears

    1:29pm Mar 6 from kllbjfamily
8:02am Mar 6 from jgarner650
  • he should have no problem

    8:07am Mar 6 from chopr
  • Possibly

    8:29am Mar 6 from kllbjfamily
  • Anything is possible.....

    8:57am Mar 6 from tvela
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8:00am Mar 6 from jgarner650
  • Yes

    8:29am Mar 6 from kllbjfamily
  • Yes, most definitely....

    8:33am Mar 6 from tvela
  • Yes

    11:10am Mar 6 from pker2000
9:22pm Mar 5 from tvela
Cutler 50% Winston 50%
  • Cutler

    11:36pm Mar 5 from kllbjfamily
  • Winston

    3:52am Mar 6 from 467bklo786
  • gimme the Vandy product

    6:02am Mar 6 from harryvan
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3:48pm Mar 5 from bossrickross23
yes 74% no 11% maybe 15%
  • yes

    4:29pm Mar 5 from pker2000
  • Yes....

    4:33pm Mar 5 from tvela
  • yes

    5:20pm Mar 5 from chopr
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1:41pm Mar 5 from pker2000
  • none of the above......

    1:42pm Mar 5 from tvela
  • hundley out of the group, but really none of them are ready

    2:30pm Mar 5 from chopr
  • Petty

    11:47pm Mar 5 from kllbjfamily
1:13pm Mar 5 from pker2000
  • I like Mariota more, but the Bucs will draft Winston.

    1:15pm Mar 5 from feldhacker
  • mariota

    2:32pm Mar 5 from chopr
  • Bucs need a good QB

    3:35pm Mar 5 from seahawks4life4
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11:39am Mar 5 from harryvan
  • Williams......

    12:45pm Mar 5 from tvela
  • Williams

    12:46pm Mar 5 from pker2000
  • neither
    but out of the 2 williams

    2:34pm Mar 5 from chopr
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10:09am Mar 5 from rickyboy10
  • Murray, Maxwell, McCourty, Suh

    11:07am Mar 5 from 467bklo786
  • McCourty

    11:30am Mar 5 from tvela
  • Murray

    12:03pm Mar 5 from harryvan
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8:20am Mar 5 from jgarner650
  • "Bold move, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off"

    10:42am Mar 5 from jdizzle45
  • Good move

    11:07am Mar 5 from 467bklo786
  • Good move.... another rotational rusher w/ an upside for an already strong defensive front seven

    11:07am Mar 5 from tvela
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5:48pm Mar 4 from kllbjfamily
  • McCoy

    5:58pm Mar 4 from chopr
  • McCoy. Jackson only had good years recently because Spiller kept getting hurt. McCoy doesnt have a history of injuries as far as Im aware so Jacksons production should see a drop off.

    6:12pm Mar 4 from jdizzle45
  • McCoy

    6:18pm Mar 4 from crazyviks
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