asked by cyrandir
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:15pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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1:03am Oct 23 from michaelheide
yes 67% no 33%
12:58am Oct 23 from synetos
Yes 100% No 0%
12:21am Oct 23 from sweet13detroit
  • Time to get off the New Orleans roulette. Try for more, but a handcuff wouldn't be so bad.

    12:42am Oct 23 from sundale
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12:17am Oct 23 from dmarshall91
Yes 58% No! 42%
12:03am Oct 23 from russjacob
yes 92% no 8%
  • Tate will be hard to predict, while Jeffery should be very reliable. Make the trade.

    12:06am Oct 23 from sundale
  • just accepted it.

    12:18am Oct 23 from russjacob
10:50pm Oct 22 from youngjz303
Drop 80% Keep 20%
  • Need for week 9.

    10:50pm Oct 22 from youngjz303
10:48pm Oct 22 from crazychristoph
  • As awesome as Lynch is, he's not worth those three. Not quite. Vereen is now the starter and will see most of the work. Sanu will remain relevant in the Bengal's offense. McKinnon got 100 yards against a decent Bills defense, and he's now the starter. As good as Lynch is, you're better off holding onto the RB's you have.

    12:11am Oct 23 from sundale
  • Thanks sundale - I should mention that I have DeMarco and Gore as well right now, though ... also have Jordy, Calvin, Baldwin, and Terrance Williams in the WR dept. Can't start all these people on any given week, lol ... was hoping to simplify my situation and add one more solid RB to compliment DeMarco.

    12:23am Oct 23 from crazychristoph
10:37pm Oct 22 from crazychristoph
  • Not sure I'm reading this right, so let me say, I wouldn't make this trade. Even when A.J. comes back, Sanu will likely have a role to play. Vereen is now THE guy in New England. Get more out of the trade.

    12:08am Oct 23 from sundale
10:23pm Oct 22 from crazychristoph
  • Good trade, if your other RB are also good, or good enough. You each get what you need.

    12:09am Oct 23 from sundale
10:16pm Oct 22 from zgosche
yes 73% no 27%
  • Would need to see your other RB's. Bradshaw may not be flashy, but he gets A LOT of red-zone passes. He's actually quite good, and I worry about AJ Green's long term health. Of course if you're packing guys like Murray and McCoy, then yeah, make the trade.

    12:44am Oct 23 from sundale
9:55pm Oct 22 from zgosche
  • I have Chales, Lacy, Elington, and Bradshaw. I want to trade Bradshaw but am afraid to trade him since the guy who picked up Knile Davis wants a RB 2 for him.... So that's not gonna happen.. So do I risk injury and trade Bradshaw? or drop my other handcuffs and pick up some other trade bait?

    9:58pm Oct 22 from zgosche
  • If he'll take Lacy, that might be the trade to go for, then drop Starks to fill a hold you have elsewhere. Lacy has been VERY up and down, and some sneaky steals are likely out there (I.E. Jerrick McKinnon, Louis Murphy). Mind you I'd keep a close eye on Charles as I just read something about him going through concussion protocol.

    12:15am Oct 23 from sundale