asked by cyrandir
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:15pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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12:30pm Apr 27 from ultimateramsfan14
Seahawks 60% Rams 40%
  • Seahawks

    12:44pm Apr 27 from tvela
12:28pm Apr 27 from ultimateramsfan14
titans 40% bucs 60%
8:50am Apr 27 from nalalala101
yes 18% no 82%
  • not to me

    8:52am Apr 27 from chopr
  • Nope....

    9:01am Apr 27 from tvela
  • Nooooooo

    12:18pm Apr 27 from eh14
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5:50am Apr 27 from steelerfan900
Yes 56% No 11% Maybe 33%
  • yes

    8:56am Apr 27 from nalalala101
  • they need a pass rusher

    9:04am Apr 27 from chopr
10:49am Apr 26 from mahdihasan
  • beckham/cruz

    5:55pm Apr 26 from chopr
5:45pm Apr 25 from benallstars
  • they both have their good and bad points, i do like rodgers better

    7:19pm Apr 25 from chopr
  • rings...

    8:30pm Apr 25 from isaiahkickedyourass
  • Favre

    7:19am Apr 26 from finslover789
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6:01am Apr 25 from ibbuy
Yes 5% No 95%
  • don't see it happening

    7:43am Apr 25 from chopr
5:28am Apr 25 from zacharyossman
  • i think perriman

    7:46am Apr 25 from chopr
  • Wide Reciever (perriman?)

    12:26pm Apr 27 from tvela
11:05am Apr 24 from benallstars
  • Nah..... not this year..........

    11:40am Apr 24 from tvela
  • don't think so but funny things happen

    2:22pm Apr 24 from chopr
  • maybe 500 this year but no playoffs.. or Superbowl ever

    6:29pm Apr 24 from nalalala101
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10:51am Apr 24 from benallstars
Broncos 9% Packers 88% Tie 3%
  • If you don't know what "VIII" means it's the number 8 in Roman Numerals

    10:52am Apr 24 from benallstars
  • Packers

    11:40am Apr 24 from tvela
  • Packers r better

    1:29pm Apr 24 from eacino52
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10:47am Apr 24 from tmanion11
PPR 28% Standard 72%
  • PPR

    11:33am Apr 24 from tvela
  • i've done both standard if your new and PPR once you it and can enjoy it

    2:25pm Apr 24 from chopr
  • standard

    6:31pm Apr 24 from nalalala101
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8:26pm Apr 23 from benallstars
  • The Dallas-Green Bay game was 26-3 Dallas at the half, and the Packers were without Randall Cobb & Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn was the one who led'em to victory, they scored TDs on all 5 of their second half possessions, but Dallas could've-should've won, late in the game Dallas refused to run the ball, leading to 2 late INTs by Tony Romo (Sam Shields, Tramon Williams), which led to a victory for the Packers 37-36 despite a failed 2-point

    8:30pm Apr 23 from benallstars
  • Don't even mention the Dallas-Denver game o_O

    8:33pm Apr 23 from benallstars
  • The Green Bay-Chicago game I watched live, and I can tell you that was one good game, Aaron Rodgers & Randall Cobb both returned that game, Rodgers ended up finding Cobb twice for TDs, including one with 0:43 left on 4th & 8, Jordy Nelson had a good game as well, finishing with 100+ yards, Cobb finished with 2 Rec, 58 yards & 2 TD, Rodgers was good threw the air despite 2 early INTs. Good game overall with Green Bay winning 33-28 despite a failed 2-point.

    8:39pm Apr 23 from benallstars
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