asked by cyrandir
Should I drop Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers for Nick Foles?
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
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  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:15pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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Seahawks vs. 49ers
9:20pm Jul 28 from benedelhertz
  • Seahawks

    10:47pm Jul 28 from tvela
How far wil the Seahawks go this year?
9:17pm Jul 28 from benedelhertz
  • Repeat

    10:47pm Jul 28 from tvela
Johnny Manziel
9:07pm Jul 28 from benedelhertz
Bust 56% Average 22% Great 22%
  • Bust

    10:47pm Jul 28 from tvela
will the browns make the playoffs
8:48pm Jul 28 from seahawkempire
yes 7% almost 7% barely 21% no 64%
  • No

    10:48pm Jul 28 from tvela
how far will the seahawks go
8:46pm Jul 28 from seahawkempire
  • Repeat

    10:49pm Jul 28 from tvela
Who will win Packers or Seahawks
8:29pm Jul 28 from icemonkey11
Packers 46% Seahawks 54%
  • Seahawks

    10:49pm Jul 28 from tvela
team 1 gets colin kaepernick team 2 gets joe flacco and cecil shorts. who gets the better trade?
8:23pm Jul 28 from baen21
team 1 86% team 2 14%
  • Team 1

    10:50pm Jul 28 from tvela
is rusell wilson a top 5 qb
8:19pm Jul 28 from seahawkempire
yes 29% no 57% in one year 14%
  • No

    10:50pm Jul 28 from tvela
Keeper ? have to draft DEF in the round they were drafted and I'm drafting 5th in a 12 team PPR
7:40pm Jul 28 from dagodfatherxbox
  • Thanks guys.

    9:14pm Jul 28 from dagodfatherxbox
  • Lacy

    10:55pm Jul 28 from tvela
are you tired of hearing about johnny manzeil?
7:17pm Jul 28 from thodun1
  • geez, i want to hear about other people, there is a who;e ;ot going on, i hate it when the media fixates on one story and ignores everything else

    7:18pm Jul 28 from thodun1
  • Yes.......

    10:56pm Jul 28 from tvela
I have the first overall pick in the draft, who do I take?
6:44pm Jul 28 from cdazzzle
  • Charles

    10:56pm Jul 28 from tvela
Trade talk. Keep Michael Crabtree, or get Cordarelle Patterson?
6:40pm Jul 28 from thebigone510
  • Patterson will explode this year.

    6:42pm Jul 28 from felpaur
  • Patterson is going to be the "showcase" of the Vikes offense, along with AP, and he will flourish this year. Crabtree is more of the prototypical WR, but Patterson is the better player.

    6:54pm Jul 28 from 24zac24
  • Crabtree

    7:36pm Jul 28 from nfox580
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