asked by cyrandir
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:15pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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12:32pm Jul 7 from chrisdaileyiscool
  • He's not the best receiver in the NFL but he's the best in fantasy imo

    12:33pm Jul 7 from gator64
  • he's one of the best wr's right now

    1:03pm Jul 7 from chopr
11:12am Jul 7 from finatic01
  • Bills

    11:46am Jul 7 from jgarner650
  • Dolphins and the bills are going to be last

    12:32pm Jul 7 from chrisdaileyiscool
  • I like the dolphins and think they'll clinch a wildcard imo and the bills have everything going right but a good QB and that will hold them back but still think the pats win the division

    12:34pm Jul 7 from gator64
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9:12am Jul 7 from anthonypizl
1-500 0% 501-1000 76% 1001-1500 24% 1501+ 0%
  • 850

    10:28am Jul 7 from jgarner650
  • 930

    1:04pm Jul 7 from chopr
  • 700 5 TD

    1:54pm Jul 7 from erikbg7
8:50pm Jul 6 from kbarta1228
  • 2Pac i like both

    10:17pm Jul 6 from rgboy247
  • tupac

    8:55am Jul 7 from jgarner650
  • pac

    9:10am Jul 7 from chopr
6:46pm Jul 6 from yacov12345
  • it depends

    7:10pm Jul 6 from jgarner650
  • click on your waiver and it will say cancel, very easy.. you can do this right up to the last hour..

    7:54pm Jul 6 from texandad1220
  • Agree^^

    9:11am Jul 7 from chopr
5:58pm Jul 6 from zacharyjudy
  • Keep Ben and see what you can get for the rest. I'd start with Flacco; he's the most valuable after Ben.

    7:12pm Jul 6 from jgarner650
  • winston

    9:11am Jul 7 from chopr
12:57pm Jul 6 from eithan1230
  • top 10 I'm really high on him this season

    2:20pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • top ten

    7:12pm Jul 6 from jgarner650
  • 10-15

    9:10am Jul 7 from chopr
12:37pm Jul 6 from dameanmachine1998
  • I'd try to trade Allen and DJax Djax has no QB and will be a fantasy bust imo as for the others I'd keep them for sure but would consider the right trade if it was proposed

    12:58pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • keep Julio, Jonhson and Beljamin and trade the others for a solid RB

    1:51pm Jul 6 from erikbg7
  • keep them unless you need RB's

    7:13pm Jul 6 from jgarner650
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12:16pm Jul 6 from ben10629
  • I wouldn't do it Peyton's getting older and I don't think Charles is worth all them picks

    1:00pm Jul 6 from gator64
  • your giving up way to much in each trade

    9:13am Jul 7 from chopr
11:07am Jul 6 from randyr123
  • packers

    11:29am Jul 6 from gator64
  • Seahawks

    11:56am Jul 6 from rgboy247
  • Where are the Eagles?

    12:47pm Jul 6 from bobfredjoe
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10:38am Jul 6 from gopatsyadav6
  • Ellington but I don't trust either for the long run

    11:29am Jul 6 from gator64
  • Bell

    7:12pm Jul 6 from jgarner650
  • bell

    9:13am Jul 7 from chopr
9:50am Jul 6 from ttgrund2
steelers 57% bengals 20% ravens 20% browns 3%
  • Steelers but I think there's a good chance of the ravens and/or the Bengal's being a wildcard

    10:17am Jul 6 from gator64
  • steelers

    9:14am Jul 7 from chopr