asked by cyrandir
Should I drop Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers for Nick Foles?
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
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  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:15pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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Would you accept this trade: You receive Shane Vereen and give up Montee Ball.
3:53pm Jul 25 from winofomoh
Yes 25% No 75%
Which defense is the worst?
2:46pm Jul 25 from basketballguy
Who will be known as the best all-around (rushing and receiving) RB of all-time?For other,comment...
2:29pm Jul 25 from kyaxl
  • LT is the true all-around; rushing, receiving, and passing.

    2:35pm Jul 25 from basketballguy
who wins
2:21pm Jul 25 from mattcutler
  • The other guy gets an amazing QB, a BEAST RB, Stills as a good keeper, and Patterson as a BEAST.

    2:37pm Jul 25 from basketballguy
Who is a better trade?
2:15pm Jul 25 from 1eagles448
Should I trade away Riley Cooper for Cecil Shorts
2:07pm Jul 25 from hanboy3
Yes 33% No 67%
Who will get the MVP this year?
11:09am Jul 25 from djnfl123
  • Jamal Charles

    12:18pm Jul 25 from eaglesforlife9
  • Aaron Rodgers

    3:59pm Jul 25 from bengalsfan19960
Who should I keep? Keep in mind Skittles is getting old and holding out this training camp.
10:37am Jul 25 from bwalker96
Who should I drop?
9:18am Jul 25 from athul127
  • Drop Texans D

    9:33am Jul 25 from tvela
  • TEXANS will be Top 5. JJ WATT , Cushings Healthy and addition Clowney...

    11:00am Jul 25 from texandad1220
Who should I drop?
9:17am Jul 25 from athul127
  • under greg williams the rams defense is going to be a top five defense.their d-line is going to be unstoppable.

    9:24am Jul 25 from ultimateramsfan14
  • Keep Rams

    9:34am Jul 25 from tvela
Who should I drop?
9:16am Jul 25 from athul127
  • I just saw your other question about Matt Bryant and Prater...tell me you have Vinatieri also as a third kicker...

    9:27am Jul 25 from antonelli28
  • Keep Prater

    9:35am Jul 25 from tvela
  • Prater is big pts. high potent offense

    11:01am Jul 25 from texandad1220
What can we draft Chris Johnson as?
9:13am Jul 25 from jjwhawk1
RB 2 25% RB 3/ Flex 75%
  • RB3/Flex

    9:39am Jul 25 from tvela