asked by cyrandir
Should I drop Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers for Nick Foles?
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
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  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:16pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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better defense to run
8:23pm Apr 15 from hobowitha5hotgun
4-3 67% 3-4 33%
  • 4-3

    9:34pm Apr 15 from tvela
  • It really depends on your personnel.

    8:45pm Apr 15 from jgarner650
Which position do the St. Louis Rams need more?
8:09pm Apr 15 from romochamp10
OL 50% WR 25% S 25%
  • Definitely OL

    9:14pm Apr 15 from jgarner650
Which position do the Houston Texans need more?
8:08pm Apr 15 from romochamp10
QB 78% OL 22% S 0%
  • Without a doubt its QB.

    8:22pm Apr 15 from chaddios
  • They absolutely need a QB.

    9:14pm Apr 15 from jgarner650
Who would win this game
7:38pm Apr 15 from hobowitha5hotgun
best QB out of the 2007 draft in the first round
6:47pm Apr 15 from eaglevsjet
  • Eh. Can I have another choice? Lol

    7:17pm Apr 15 from megatron8153
  • They both sucked.

    8:49pm Apr 15 from jgarner650
Best rookie QB?
5:30pm Apr 15 from dfbfootball
  • Bridgewater.

    6:13pm Apr 15 from megatron8153
  • Bortles

    9:11pm Apr 15 from tvela
  • QB Clemson Tahj Boyd

    8:50pm Apr 15 from chaddios
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are you a Philadelphia Eagles fan or a LAKERS OR
5:21pm Apr 15 from eaglevsjet
  • Not an Eagles or Lakers fan. Mariners and Seahawks. SuperSonics was one.

    5:24pm Apr 15 from megatron8153
  • Not me

    9:11pm Apr 15 from tvela
  • Shouldn't it be Eagles and 76ers?
    My teams are the 49ers and the Warriors.

    8:58pm Apr 15 from jgarner650
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Just who is the Greatest Niner of all time? (Comment for T.O, Willis or Other).
4:06pm Apr 15 from megatron8153
  • all of the above.

    4:19pm Apr 15 from jgarner650

    4:13pm Apr 15 from wilsonsucks69
What would you draft Percy Harvin as this year? Would you draft him at all?
3:46pm Apr 15 from megatron8153
WR1 17% WR2 44% WR3 17% WR4 22%
  • Strong WR2.

    6:16pm Apr 15 from megatron8153
  • wouldn't draft him

    7:28pm Apr 15 from chopr
  • wont even draft em

    4:49pm Apr 15 from matic04
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Best Patriots RB
1:32pm Apr 15 from rohithiyer
  • Ridley.

    3:05pm Apr 15 from megatron8153
  • ridley would be great if he held onto the ball

    7:32pm Apr 15 from chopr
  • Ridley

    3:57pm Apr 15 from tvela
Who is fatter?
1:30pm Apr 15 from rohithiyer
  • Raji is listed at 337 pounds, while Wilfork is listed at 327 lbs.

    3:24pm Apr 15 from megatron8153
  • your mom

    4:34pm Apr 15 from jgarner650