asked by cyrandir
Should I drop Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers for Nick Foles?
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
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  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:16pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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Best RB tandem in the NFL? (Comment for Other).
2:39pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • I know they don't split carries but knile Davis is 4real so him an Charles

    3:10pm Apr 24 from bushthe1
  • Ball-Hillman

    3:09pm Apr 24 from saintsfan969
  • Reggie Bush and Joqiue Bell.

    3:27pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
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ok who is THE BEST trade.(any it does not have to be the players I give you)
1:18pm Apr 24 from ferrel310
  • Vick and Jones- Drew were not trades, they were Free Agents.

    1:47pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • I'm not sure, it depends on who I have & what I need

    1:31pm Apr 24 from tvela
Who will buy the Buffalo Bills?
12:44pm Apr 24 from eastsidekickers
  • Bon Jovi!

    3:11pm Apr 24 from saintsfan969
  • Hopefully, they stay in Buffalo. Trump let everyone know it he was ''taking into serious consideration''.

    1:03pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • trump won't buy anything

    1:10pm Apr 24 from chopr
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Toughest Game for the Ravens this year.
12:31pm Apr 24 from raven2k3
Chargers 11% Colts 17% Bengals 17% Saints 56%
  • Saints are Boss

    3:07pm Apr 24 from saintsfan969
  • New Orleans.

    12:41pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Saints

    12:54pm Apr 24 from tvela
Jeremy Maclin ''fully recovered from his ACL injury''. Fantasy value this season?
11:13am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • I would be cautious about drafting Maclin, potential WR2/3. May be a Waiver Wire and be picked up in the middle of the season if performing well.

    11:32am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • W/ Djax gone he should be able to take over.

    12:07pm Apr 24 from tvela
Start a backfield around.. (Comment for Other).
6:50pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • They are all to old to start a backfield around them.

    5:39am Apr 24 from placrick
  • Beast mode.

    7:27am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • AP

    7:00pm Apr 23 from buckthehusky
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Start a franchise around..
6:47pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • Wilson.

    6:48pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • luck

    8:05pm Apr 23 from chopr
  • Wilson

    7:21pm Apr 23 from tvela
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Who is better HB
6:44pm Apr 23 from mrangel2u

    1:19pm Apr 24 from ferrel310

    6:44pm Apr 23 from mrangel2u
  • Sanders and Payton is tough.

    6:47pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
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who is more complete
6:42pm Apr 23 from mrangel2u
  • Adrian Peterson.

    6:43pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • AP

    7:03pm Apr 23 from buckthehusky
  • ap

    8:05pm Apr 23 from chopr
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manziel going to browns or vikings
3:14pm Apr 23 from cnj2002
vikings 12% browns 56% neither 32%
  • Houston.

    5:13pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • Neither

    3:49pm Apr 23 from tvela
  • idk

    9:12am Apr 24 from jgarner650
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Best 2014 Match up (Comments) I couldn't add more if other comment
11:17am Apr 23 from tvela
  • Niners vs. Seahawks

    5:13pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • Seahawks vs 49ers

    1:12pm Apr 23 from tvela
  • Niner-Seahawks

    2:43pm Apr 23 from jgarner650
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Grade the trade for the Seahawks picking up Pryor?(Comments)
10:48am Apr 23 from tvela
A 11% B 48% C 20% F 20%

    1:20pm Apr 24 from ferrel310
  • B

    5:13pm Apr 23 from megatron8153
  • B

    1:14pm Apr 23 from tvela
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