asked by cyrandir
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:15pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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7:38am Mar 28 from kidbreath
no 43% yes 48% maybe 10%
  • I think they do

    11:03am Mar 28 from chopr
  • NO WAY

    11:08am Mar 28 from tenntiders
7:27am Mar 28 from titan2344
  • nelson

    11:05am Mar 28 from chopr
9:14am Mar 27 from alistairgreyjoy
1 3% 2 67% 3 17% 4 14%
  • maybe 2

    10:22am Mar 27 from tvela
  • Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston

    11:09am Mar 27 from ultimateramsfan14
  • Winston & Mariota. I doubt that anyone will pick anyone of the rest in the first round...

    1:33pm Mar 27 from traintes
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5:23pm Mar 26 from jamaalisswag
  • Tebow

    11:16pm Mar 26 from kllbjfamily
  • Freeman

    4:22am Mar 27 from harryvan
  • Tebow

    5:15am Mar 27 from cjcamero
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5:03pm Mar 26 from kllbjfamily
  • Leo Williams

    5:08pm Mar 26 from kllbjfamily
  • williams

    5:49pm Mar 26 from chopr
  • Mariota

    10:33pm Mar 26 from tvela
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3:05pm Mar 26 from nicholasjj12
  • Just over 1000 yards

    3:22pm Mar 26 from kllbjfamily
  • maybe 1,100

    5:51pm Mar 26 from chopr
  • Over 1000

    10:40pm Mar 26 from tvela
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1:04pm Mar 26 from jamaalisswag
Yes 71% No 29%
  • I think so

    1:05pm Mar 26 from chopr
  • Yes.....

    1:39pm Mar 26 from tvela
  • No...They are building their offense around him. They want him to have fun...They want him to win games by himself.

    2:59pm Mar 26 from kllbjfamily
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10:43am Mar 26 from tvela
WR 74% Outside LB 0% Safety 18% Other 9%
  • 1st round they should target Landon Collins
    2nd Round they should target a WR

    12:08pm Mar 26 from feldhacker
  • either a safety or WR

    1:04pm Mar 26 from chopr
  • Corner

    2:30pm Mar 26 from jdizzle45
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9:25am Mar 26 from tvela
  • John Schneider by far,
    Sherman 5th rd
    Chancellor 4th rd
    Maxwell 6th rd
    Wagner 2nd rd
    Wilson 3rd rd

    10:09am Mar 26 from feldhacker

    12:42pm Mar 26 from jamaalisswag
  • whaley

    1:08pm Mar 26 from chopr
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2:03pm Mar 25 from tvela
  • WR

    2:38pm Mar 25 from kllbjfamily
  • WR

    4:36pm Mar 25 from chopr
  • They do need improvement on the DL, but that can wait. OL has always seemed to have been an issue for them so I think thats where they need to focus the most. They traded for Jimmy Graham. Thats essentially getting a WR. He'll be able to open things up for their current WRs.

    5:46pm Mar 25 from jdizzle45
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1:46pm Mar 25 from tvela
QB 35% Defense 49% Offense 16%
  • QB and offense

    1:51pm Mar 25 from chopr
  • Defense

    2:38pm Mar 25 from kllbjfamily
  • Defense

    5:51am Mar 26 from cjcamero
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9:30am Mar 25 from letsgofins1972
  • who?

    10:01am Mar 25 from feldhacker
  • try to get along

    1:55pm Mar 25 from chopr
  • Not interested in responding to these type of questions....

    1:58pm Mar 25 from tvela
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