asked by cyrandir
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:15pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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11:14am Jan 17 from packertimothy
  • Manning

    1:28pm Jan 17 from LavenderCas
  • Peyton

    2:59pm Jan 17 from 11111giants11111
6:29pm Jan 16 from bobbyswaggerer
  • Falcons vs. Steelers, Steelers win.

    1:28pm Jan 17 from LavenderCas
6:05pm Jan 16 from jonasjpate
  • Matt

    1:30pm Jan 17 from LavenderCas
6:02pm Jan 16 from jonasjpate
6:00pm Jan 16 from jonasjpate
Falcons 40% Packers 60%
  • Falcons

    1:29pm Jan 17 from LavenderCas
  • I'd go with Falcons, but when I vote my favorite team they always lose. But I gotta feeling Packs got this one

    10:43pm Jan 17 from M4rheeo
12:50pm Jan 16 from dag1222222222222
  • That's not how you spell Aaron

    1:57pm Jan 16 from drewisawesome1234
  • at least the question is relevant

    3:21pm Jan 16 from jgarner650
  • 1.) You should learn how to capitalize.
    2.) It's "which quarterback..." not "what quarterback...".
    3.) Rodgers' first name is spelled Aaron, not aron.

    6:32pm Jan 17 from lukewarmromania
10:21am Jan 16 from ovo6666
6:18am Jan 16 from dc3281
5:55am Jan 16 from ld2x1000
  • Bruh Cooks sideline catch might have been a great play but really Mason Crosbys kick was the greatest play it was clutch and I haven't seen in my time of watching football a kicker make both field goals.

    2:50pm Jan 16 from superbowl3jet
  • Deion Jones interception

    6:01pm Jan 16 from jonasjpate
  • The Falcons Safety lol XD

    6:30pm Jan 16 from bobbyswaggerer
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4:03pm Jan 15 from joejoebarbarino
Steelers 91% Chiefs 9%
2:44pm Jan 15 from joejoebarbarino
Steelers 34% Chiefs 9% Patriots 57%
  • Falcons

    3:21pm Jan 15 from purpleipod15
  • Packers

    8:14pm Jan 15 from RedCloud101
  • pack

    6:27am Jan 16 from samdunker23
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2:41pm Jan 15 from joejoebarbarino
Steelers 95% Chiefs 5%