asked by cyrandir
2:53pm Nov 4 from cyrandir
  • foles is really inconsistent but if i had to pick one id drop ryan

    3:15pm Nov 4 from westbrookistheman07

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8:53pm Sep 30 from jfburn28
yes 29% no 71%
8:34pm Sep 30 from feldhacker
8:20pm Sep 30 from oliverpickles
YES 33% NO 67%
  • WR... D thomas, Maclin, Decker, Quick, Fitzgerald

    8:21pm Sep 30 from oliverpickles
  • Laso only 7 adds left on the season so Prater will take care of the bye week

    8:24pm Sep 30 from oliverpickles
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8:06pm Sep 30 from wickyxwicky
Yes 67% No 33%
  • My other RBs, G. Bernard, L. Miller, B. Rainey, AP. Trade in the works to get A. Bradshaw.

    8:31pm Sep 30 from wickyxwicky
7:56pm Sep 30 from benhbelisle
7:49pm Sep 30 from seidways
7:39pm Sep 30 from bbradshaw4
  • dont get rid of jennings

    8:37pm Sep 30 from oliverpickles
  • yeah I don't think ill sell Jennings…

    I got Murray and Gio at RB1/2 and have been using Jennings as FLEX…

    Im trying to package Miller with another player (Garcon, Ben Tate, Pierre Thomas, or Pierce) and getting an upgrade (some one better than Garcon or Patterson) at WR to pair with Dez.

    8:47pm Sep 30 from bbradshaw4
7:27pm Sep 30 from jb7jag
Yes 33% No 67%
  • davis has been out a couple time with injuries already, he is now injury prone

    7:53pm Sep 30 from thodun3
7:01pm Sep 30 from bbradshaw4
6:58pm Sep 30 from s3xyb3ast
6:50pm Sep 30 from craiglandgraf