asked by dkostroun96
9:54pm Nov 7 from dkostroun96
  • Welker & AJ.

    12:10am Nov 8 from moegoe
  • you have all good recievers, but go with welker and aj

    1:50pm Nov 8 from kpw2000

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6:41pm Sep 21 from eltigre54
Drop him 75% Keep him 25%
6:39pm Sep 21 from awo258
5:47pm Sep 21 from nflpicks1
Yes 56% No 44%
  • ya but u gotta pick it up, besides so many factors not given here it's impossible to tell if you specifically will make the playoffs

    5:51pm Sep 21 from nascarfan2414
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5:31pm Sep 21 from benallstars
5:23pm Sep 21 from ravensfan2145
  • Johnson is good n has good matchup this week

    5:29pm Sep 21 from sharkslax65
5:08pm Sep 21 from rydeman
Yes 0% No 100%
5:05pm Sep 21 from oakrai14
  • there's no guarantee that welker is going to be as big as he was last year plus sanders will still have value as a backup if welker becomes fav target for manning...ur in a good position either way

    5:53pm Sep 21 from nascarfan2414
4:34pm Sep 21 from captainchrisali
4:11pm Sep 21 from aljs
Very good 14% Decent 43% Average 21% Bad 21%
4:05pm Sep 21 from captainchrisali
  • seahawks fan

    4:14pm Sep 21 from captainchrisali
  • comment

    4:54pm Sep 21 from captainchrisali
  • plz

    4:54pm Sep 21 from captainchrisali
3:57pm Sep 21 from freshprincetk
3:48pm Sep 21 from mrparks124
  • I had the same question. he did have a rough first three weeks because he played tough run defenses. Now the schedule is lighter so he should do better.

    3:52pm Sep 21 from freshprincetk
  • i hope so, ive lost 2 straight games by 5-10 points cuz he hasnt preformed

    3:55pm Sep 21 from mrparks124
  • Luckily I had Rashad Jennings, Matt Ryan, and Julio to carry my team this week.

    3:59pm Sep 21 from freshprincetk
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