asked by dkostroun96
9:54pm Nov 7 from dkostroun96
  • Welker & AJ.

    12:10am Nov 8 from moegoe
  • you have all good recievers, but go with welker and aj

    1:50pm Nov 8 from kpw2000

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9:36pm Oct 20 from gryspiess
9:20pm Oct 20 from adeln
  • my back up d is dolphins

    9:21pm Oct 20 from adeln
9:03pm Oct 20 from gilli032
8:45pm Oct 20 from tomskillz28
  • QB: M. Ryan, Flacco
    RB: Murray, Bradshaw, Lynch, Sproles
    WR: Green, Brown, Maclin, Welker
    TE: V. Davis, Cameron
    K: Vinatieri
    DEF: Eagles, Packers

    8:47pm Oct 20 from tomskillz28
8:44pm Oct 20 from mkm0329
  • Cincy plays a stingy Baltimore defense. The way they played against the Colts makes me a little wary of that offense

    9:11pm Oct 20 from freshprincetk
8:38pm Oct 20 from teameagles360
8:31pm Oct 20 from teameagles360
7:55pm Oct 20 from jmhr15
  • trade him

    8:00pm Oct 20 from fgts
  • get bridgewater

    8:01pm Oct 20 from realtitans
  • Nah hold onto him. Megatron will be back in a week or 2, and he's still throwing for a good amt of yards

    8:09pm Oct 20 from jb0380
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7:21pm Oct 20 from joshgirodat
Yes 94% No 6%
7:10pm Oct 20 from joshgirodat
Yes 80% No 20%
6:47pm Oct 20 from nascarfan2414
6:38pm Oct 20 from lazevnick
Ball 43% Mathews 10% Neither 38% Both 10%
  • Dixon/Brown from buffalo. Sorry

    6:39pm Oct 20 from lazevnick
  • My guess would be Ball ... I'm pretty sure Matthews'll be the man once he gets back for SD, and that's looking to happen fairly soon I think ... meanwhile Hillman's making a case for the Broncs not worrying about putting Ball back in anytime soon ... I have Ball in one league and am not too thrilled about him eating up a bench spot atm ...

    6:41pm Oct 20 from crazychristoph