asked by dkostroun96
I Can play 2 of these 4 players which one should I play
9:54pm Nov 7 from dkostroun96
  • Welker & AJ.

    12:10am Nov 8 from moegoe
  • you have all good recievers, but go with welker and aj

    1:50pm Nov 8 from kpw2000

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I have two kickers and two defense. Should I drop one of each and pick up a WR and TE?
7:30pm Jul 24 from athul127
Yes 83% No 17%
In the pre-season Redskins vs. Patriots. Who will win?
6:59pm Jul 24 from zion7
Redskins 31% Patroits 69%
  • Pats, not that it really matters

    7:11pm Jul 24 from zgamer200
Who wins the trade?
6:25pm Jul 24 from tomeronen
What do you think of the latest version of NFL.com's Fantasy Football Mobile App?
4:55pm Jul 24 from hebertespinosa
Who is better, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
4:50pm Jul 24 from rainbowboa7
Should I trade Haloti Ngata or Terrance Knighton for Robert Quinn?
4:25pm Jul 24 from sethmunn3011
Who wins trade team 1 or team 2?
4:03pm Jul 24 from saleem2051015
  • Team 2 gets two elite reciecers

    4:15pm Jul 24 from nfox580
Whose a better keeper pick?
3:31pm Jul 24 from krazykaiser
should i trade p.manning for m.lynch and d.brees
3:18pm Jul 24 from pizzaspotzdotcom
yes 87% no 13%
  • They'll say no, but yes.

    6:21pm Jul 24 from basketballguy
Who wins this trade?
2:53pm Jul 24 from detriotpride1234
Which round 1-2 combo is the best?
2:42pm Jul 24 from kingkd17
  • Depends on ur draft spot.

    2:43pm Jul 24 from detriotpride1234
  • I like McCoy

    2:49pm Jul 24 from rigor973
Was offered Megatron and Moreno for Forte. I have L Bell and D Murray. What should I do?
1:30pm Jul 24 from carteraw
  • Moreno is close to worthless. He may not even make the team this year. The offer should include Megatron + another decent player with reasonable fantasy value.

    2:13pm Jul 24 from grandpaitchy
  • As grandpaitchy said Moreno will most likely not make the team.

    Take the trade, then drop Moreno or sell him to a noob.

    6:24pm Jul 24 from basketballguy