asked by dkostroun96
I Can play 2 of these 4 players which one should I play
9:54pm Nov 7 from dkostroun96
  • you have all good recievers, but go with welker and aj

    1:50pm Nov 8 from kpw2000
  • Welker & AJ.

    12:11am Nov 8 from moegoe

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are you looking at the playoffs the nba playoffs
3:30pm Apr 19 from eaglevsjet
Who will win the next Super Bowl?
2:07pm Apr 19 from blazerbman
Seahawks 37% 49ers 11% Broncos 32% Patriots 21%
  • Bears

    4:12pm Apr 19 from immaculatecollection
  • way to early to think of that

    2:34pm Apr 19 from chopr
  • Seahawks

    2:23pm Apr 19 from tvela
If the bucs add mike Evans on top of all there other signings this offseason.Will they make playoffs
11:38am Apr 19 from bucsfan0897
Yes 29% No 71%
  • They have a really good team but its a tough division

    5:19pm Apr 19 from chaddios
Bucs did great this offseason! Throw in mike Evans and whats there record in 2014?
11:35am Apr 19 from bucsfan0897
  • 10 - 6. They escaped the Josh Freeman curse so they will be better.

    4:54pm Apr 19 from dfbfootball
  • I'd say 9-7

    4:25pm Apr 19 from dokhidamo
  • i say 8 - 8

    4:58pm Apr 19 from eaglevsjet
will jets make playoffs with decker, vick and CJ2K
7:50am Apr 19 from oscar0011
yes 50% no 50%
  • Very possible, they still have needs to fill, so will know more after draft

    9:54am Apr 19 from tvela
  • Miami will make it before them.

    4:56pm Apr 19 from dfbfootball
  • Need another WR and help in their secondary. Good run d tho. It will be close

    5:42pm Apr 19 from chaddios
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who is better
12:35am Apr 19 from naten2000
  • they both suck dick

    8:05am Apr 19 from oscar0011
  • Kaepernick

    8:03am Apr 19 from cricketmaster0071000
  • Kaepernick

    7:09am Apr 19 from tvela
In dynasty should I trade my @Montee Ball and C.Michael for his D.Murray straight up?
11:09pm Apr 18 from j7nam
  • Do it

    5:33pm Apr 19 from buckthehusky
  • Trade

    8:06am Apr 19 from apgame
  • I would stay with Ball

    11:23pm Apr 18 from tvela
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best draft
3:52pm Apr 18 from eaglevsjet
  • 2011 Newton

    4:03pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • how exiding was the 1984 NFL draft

    4:51pm Apr 18 from halloffame50years
Who is the best Chicago Bear? Comment if other..
2:45pm Apr 18 from jdizzle45
  • duh peyton all the way bro

    8:05am Apr 19 from oscar0011
  • Payton

    4:03pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • Wish I could pick more than one

    9:47am Apr 19 from isaiahwill21nola
Who is the best?
2:26pm Apr 18 from dfbfootball
  • Sandcastle

    4:07pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • Leon Sandcastle

    4:51pm Apr 18 from halloffame50years
Most overRated QB who has won a SB
12:10pm Apr 18 from juanrcool
  • peyton manning just has good wr sorry its true ;(

    8:07am Apr 19 from oscar0011
  • brady

    12:20pm Apr 18 from chopr
  • Lol @ Russell Wilson haters

    5:57pm Apr 18 from chaddios
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Which AFC division is the most competitive?
10:02am Apr 18 from ed1254
  • west

    12:22pm Apr 18 from chopr
  • West

    2:27pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • West had 3 teams make the playoffs last year.

    5:49pm Apr 19 from dokhidamo
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