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asked by nanoyup
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11:46pm Nov 19 from nanoyup
  • Walker

    12:13am Nov 20 from robertwill
  • Walker.. i think haha..

    12:15am Nov 20 from moegoe
  • I'd go Walker...Fitzpatrick seems to like him right now and he's checking it down a lot

    12:42am Nov 20 from jamesswest32

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8:00am Oct 23 from w3s1de
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7:59am Oct 23 from fozzie525
  • go with Mark at home

    8:04am Oct 23 from taricoppp
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7:57am Oct 23 from feldhacker
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7:51am Oct 23 from brianmorefield
  • no

    7:52am Oct 23 from wware84
  • no, they will be gone before you get them back

    7:53am Oct 23 from obamadidladin
  • I wouldn't wanna drop the 2nd best fantasy

    8:01am Oct 23 from jonswink
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7:48am Oct 23 from markstark
  • Romo

    7:53am Oct 23 from freshprincetk
  • Rivers

    8:00am Oct 23 from adric75
  • Rivers

    8:01am Oct 23 from w3s1de
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7:48am Oct 23 from tnwheels
  • who are you starting instead ? Floyd has been a pretty consistent 10pt per game

    8:01am Oct 23 from adric75
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7:43am Oct 23 from pkubat1230
  • Yes

    7:43am Oct 23 from tatackon
  • who is your starter?

    7:44am Oct 23 from philmartire
  • josh Gordon might be likely to come back but the chances of him being an outbreak player right out of a suspension is very low

    7:45am Oct 23 from mikeandrew34
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7:41am Oct 23 from kempjesse
  • Benjamin he should do pretty good against Seahawks I'm expecting 17-20 outta him this week

    7:43am Oct 23 from spadoinkal
  • Ben he's great

    7:45am Oct 23 from tatackon
  • Kelvin Benjamin. Dixon will be in a timeshare with Bryce Brown. Benjamin is one of the few targets in Carolina

    7:45am Oct 23 from thebeast5389
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7:40am Oct 23 from spadoinkal
  • Nah. Branden Olivers value will go down a bit when Mathews returns. Tom Brady isnt much of an upgrade from Cutler either

    7:48am Oct 23 from thebeast5389
  • yes, oliver has been on a hot streaks these past weeks and tom brady has been very good, i wouldn't get rid of them

    8:04am Oct 23 from wware84
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7:38am Oct 23 from benhbelisle
  • My Team:
    RB: Bradshaw, Ellington, McKinnon, Tate, and Martin
    WR: Julio, Maclin, Tate, Benjamin, and Gordon

    His Team:
    RB: Murray, Foster, McCoy, Vereen, and Richardson
    WR: T. Williams, Roddy, and A.Johnson

    7:38am Oct 23 from benhbelisle
  • Specifically what trade would you make?

    7:39am Oct 23 from benhbelisle
  • package Ellington & Benjamin or Gordon try to get Murray

    7:42am Oct 23 from spadoinkal
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7:37am Oct 23 from oneill128
  • Bernard has more trade value but he's also a great player to have on your team depends who you're looking to get but if your looking for a high #2 or low #1 at any spot i'd go for Miller

    7:38am Oct 23 from spadoinkal
  • I owned Gio and Miller and just traded Gio for Hilton. Very pleased with it

    7:39am Oct 23 from thetazers
  • Miller

    7:49am Oct 23 from tatackon
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7:34am Oct 23 from freshprincetk
  • Okay maybe

    7:35am Oct 23 from tatackon
  • #1 in the league.

    7:39am Oct 23 from coachenriquez
  • Not a big difference

    7:57am Oct 23 from bleedorangeblue58