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asked by nanoyup
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11:46pm Nov 19 from nanoyup
  • Walker

    12:13am Nov 20 from robertwill
  • Walker.. i think haha..

    12:15am Nov 20 from moegoe
  • I'd go Walker...Fitzpatrick seems to like him right now and he's checking it down a lot

    12:42am Nov 20 from jamesswest32

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6:34am Aug 4 from geauxsaintssanctify
  • What do you need

    6:41am Aug 4 from gator64
  • i need a running back to flex. i have Lynch and Gore, and a bunch of second string rookies. my other receivers are Megatron, Keenan Allen, Martavis Bryant, and Andre Johnson

    6:47am Aug 4 from geauxsaintssanctify
  • Maybe try for Gordon or L Murray and I'm not big fans of there's but Hyde, Miller, J-Stew or Ellington as well

    6:52am Aug 4 from gator64
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6:25am Aug 4 from johnsorenson10
  • he did great last year even with Brandon Marshall. now that he's gone he's the #1 guy. also, Bears have said Forte won't be passed to as much. so i expect a lot.

    6:38am Aug 4 from geauxsaintssanctify
  • Should do good I don't see why he wouldn't finish a top 10 receiver

    6:41am Aug 4 from gator64
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11:37pm Aug 3 from cagedcarrot09
  • later there is way better backs then him he will be a bust since it's still elite RB's from 10-20 fantasy RB's still on board

    12:15am Aug 4 from rgboy247
  • To rgboy247's point I'm avoiding Doug Martin in all of the leagues I'm in even though I got stuck with him in a dynasty league that I took over a team in.

    1:03am Aug 4 from cowboysrule1992
  • He's ok as bench depth. I wouldn't plan on drafting him anytime before round 8 or so

    2:51am Aug 4 from ralph20
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10:31pm Aug 3 from nassy3
  • Gurley

    10:35pm Aug 3 from austinmark005
  • way too early to tell

    10:38pm Aug 3 from jgarner650
  • I think Melvin Gordon will turn out to be just slightly better than Todd Gurley.

    10:41pm Aug 3 from cowboysrule1992
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9:52pm Aug 3 from fluff22
  • nice wr2

    10:00pm Aug 3 from erikbg7
  • bust needs a better QB in Houston and Tyler send me that trade about Murray and cobb i can take a WR in the first round

    10:02pm Aug 3 from rgboy247
  • Low end WR2, definite flex or WR3

    10:10pm Aug 3 from jgarner650
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9:35pm Aug 3 from fluff22
  • ?

    9:49pm Aug 3 from shaneanddave
  • Matt Ryan
    Latavius M
    Doug Martin
    Devin Hester. Return points.
    Bryant martavis
    Brandon Marshall

    Michael griffen Morgan Burnett charles Johnson Carolina
    Jamie Collins d'quell j. Liuget Jared Allen.

    CJ Mosley Miami available.


    9:51pm Aug 3 from fluff22
  • where's team

    9:52pm Aug 3 from rgboy247
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9:02pm Aug 3 from hollowborn
  • Yes and that is way to many bro

    9:03pm Aug 3 from 29pitches
  • Bruh

    9:08pm Aug 3 from griffdog03
  • depends who your WR are and who can u add for him

    9:10pm Aug 3 from rgboy247
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8:50pm Aug 3 from robabella
  • No. Forte will do just fine and Hilton can be a stud at flex

    8:53pm Aug 3 from shaneanddave
  • I have Cj Anderson as my flex for right now and foster as my other starting RB

    8:59pm Aug 3 from robabella
  • i do Forte for A.P. keep T.Y.

    9:11pm Aug 3 from rgboy247
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8:48pm Aug 3 from shaneanddave
  • WR2 isn't a WR1 yet

    9:12pm Aug 3 from rgboy247
  • decent since Graham got traded to Seattle and Kenny Stills went to join Miami him and Colston will do great they will get more targets Cooks,Colston and a sleeper TE Josh Hill

    9:13pm Aug 3 from rgboy247
  • WR2 with a lot of potential.

    10:20pm Aug 3 from jgarner650
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8:36pm Aug 3 from ceschenerlein
  • no

    8:39pm Aug 3 from 29pitches
  • no

    8:43pm Aug 3 from immaculatecollection
  • Probably not but its worth a shot

    8:43pm Aug 3 from shaneanddave
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8:29pm Aug 3 from robabella
  • I still like him, but he is getting a lot of hate, he will do well but not as good as last year

    8:31pm Aug 3 from vikingfan187
  • Highest scoring player on the highest scoring team in the league two years ago. I think he's a top 10 RB. good guy to build your team around

    8:34pm Aug 3 from immaculatecollection
  • 50/50 he will run the ball more under John Fox compare his catching to C.J. Anderson catching he will get more carries then catches

    8:34pm Aug 3 from rgboy247
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7:58pm Aug 3 from pjfisher18
  • I think I like 4 or the latter half.

    8:00pm Aug 3 from pjfisher18
  • 5 or 10-12

    8:13pm Aug 3 from shaneanddave
  • I like 9-12 especially when you can load the first 2 picks with Demarius/Dez or Gronk/Julio or if really lucky Brown/Julio. The RB pool much deeper than WR this year, following the NFL trend. I don't like watching 20 top picks go by after drafting 1-5. Especially because I'd feel obligated to draft one of the top 5 RBs knowing that the the 2 WR or Gronk will score way more than one RB. Even with a Demarco or Jamaal like big year

    8:17pm Aug 3 from slapdaddyslick
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