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asked by nanoyup
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11:46pm Nov 19 from nanoyup
  • Walker

    12:13am Nov 20 from robertwill
  • Walker.. i think haha..

    12:15am Nov 20 from moegoe
  • I'd go Walker...Fitzpatrick seems to like him right now and he's checking it down a lot

    12:42am Nov 20 from jamesswest32

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11:49pm Dec 19 from jmeee83
  • Stafford

    12:12am Dec 20 from kllbjfamily
  • Romo at home.

    12:14am Dec 20 from jgarner650
  • Stafford vs Bears awful secondary.

    12:36am Dec 20 from kgunandrun
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10:25pm Dec 19 from miss43
  • Lynch. He's listed as probable.

    10:41pm Dec 19 from jgarner650
  • Lynch

    11:49pm Dec 19 from kgunandrun
  • Lynch

    12:03am Dec 20 from kllbjfamily
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10:07pm Dec 19 from tanishtheballer
  • D-jax is having an off year and RG3 isn't helping. Go with Evans.

    10:22pm Dec 19 from jgarner650
  • Start Djax

    10:27pm Dec 19 from kllbjfamily
  • Evans should put up good numbers, especially in garbage time. GB secondary is allowing the 4th most fantasy points to WRs since week 9. DJax is only being targeted on 13% of his routes with RG3 at QB.

    11:40pm Dec 19 from kgunandrun
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9:17pm Dec 19 from tanya0719
  • QBs-T.Romo, M.Sanchez
    RBs-M.Lynch, L.McCoy, C.J.Anderson
    WRs-D.Bryant, J.Maclin, O.Beckham

    9:19pm Dec 19 from tanya0719
  • Don't start Sanchez or Maclin...n play cj for your WR

    9:24pm Dec 19 from messygteam
  • Start- Romo, C.J, Lynch, Dez, Beckham, Gates, Parkey and Eagles and Maclin as FLEX, if not, Bench Maclin
    Bench- McCoy, Sanchez

    10:09pm Dec 19 from tanishtheballer
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9:12pm Dec 19 from fantasyaddict0306
  • QBs-T.Romo, M.Sanchez
    RBs-Murray, Charles, Anderson, Ingram
    WRs-Maclin, Brown, Thomas, Tate

    9:14pm Dec 19 from fantasyaddict0306
  • Romo
    Charles, Anderson, and Murray In flex if he plays.
    Maclin, Brown

    9:23pm Dec 19 from jgrooms11
  • This question is about the running backs, its obvious u beach Sanchez Maclin, n Tate. So u need too beach one more RB...i would go Ingram

    9:29pm Dec 19 from messygteam
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9:11pm Dec 19 from fantasyaddict0306
  • If Marry is in the game then start him

    9:30pm Dec 19 from messygteam
  • Maclin

    9:57pm Dec 19 from crazyviks
  • Maclin

    10:05pm Dec 19 from jgarner650
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8:40pm Dec 19 from lostrasteados
  • New England All you gotta do is look at their numbers all season. The offense may be questionable at best but their defense has been big all season. Arizona is on fire and the seahawks you never know what your gonna get.

    8:52pm Dec 19 from bsev7217
  • Patriots

    8:53pm Dec 19 from jgarner650
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8:28pm Dec 19 from btryl14
  • Yes

    8:28pm Dec 19 from jgarner650
  • Harry

    8:28pm Dec 19 from nfl462
  • Harry Douglas

    8:44pm Dec 19 from lostrasteados
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8:07pm Dec 19 from marcthehammer123
  • Randle.

    8:07pm Dec 19 from chgojaxfan
  • J.R

    8:08pm Dec 19 from samaaron25
  • Randle

    8:11pm Dec 19 from astropene
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8:05pm Dec 19 from mrautomatik
  • Play odell, no doubts

    8:12pm Dec 19 from astropene
  • Why would anyone pick up eli manning he plays fhe rams

    8:18pm Dec 19 from nfl462
  • play your guy regardless

    8:29pm Dec 19 from jgarner650
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7:36pm Dec 19 from jmackbutler
  • Hill

    7:37pm Dec 19 from odyseus1960
  • Elderman

    7:38pm Dec 19 from golf4life99
  • Edelman

    7:56pm Dec 19 from mrautomatik
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7:29pm Dec 19 from torkrench2000
  • Tate

    7:30pm Dec 19 from golf4life99
  • Smith

    7:46pm Dec 19 from odyseus1960
  • Tate.

    8:15pm Dec 19 from chgojaxfan
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