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asked by nanoyup
Should I start Delanie Walker, Charles Clay or Garrett Graham?
11:46pm Nov 19 from nanoyup
  • Walker.. i think haha..

    12:15am Nov 20 from moegoe
  • Walker

    12:13am Nov 20 from robertwill
  • I'd go Walker...Fitzpatrick seems to like him right now and he's checking it down a lot

    12:42am Nov 20 from jamesswest32

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i not leaveing genuis i am done with fantasy genius it to hard
7:14pm Apr 24 from eaglevsjet
  • huh?

    7:15pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • How

    7:34pm Apr 24 from buckthehusky
  • Okay

    7:24pm Apr 24 from tvela
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Who will earn the 2014 Comeback Player of the Year award? (Comments)
6:34pm Apr 24 from tvela
  • Champ Bailey?

    6:52pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • Agree with RG3.

    7:05pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Cj spiller

    7:42pm Apr 24 from mattgern99
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In Brian Baldinger's Mock Draft, he has Johnny Manziel dropping to 26th overall. Any chance?
4:47pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • I think the best fit for him would be in Houston(because of Bill O'Brian) but, I don't think he's worth the first pick though.

    4:53pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • He has Manziel dropping to 26th overall to Cleveland. There is no way he makes it out of the Top 5. Houston could and should take him at No.1.

    4:49pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • No

    5:10pm Apr 24 from buckthehusky
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should they flex the patriots and broncos game to primetime
3:38pm Apr 24 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Not possible

    5:55pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • It should already have been in Prime Time. But they can't flex it because that game is in Week 9 and you can only Flex games from Weeks 11-17.

    3:47pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Yea

    5:10pm Apr 24 from buckthehusky
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Thoughts on Adam Schein's article about the Seahawks not repeating as SB champs?
3:30pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • @megatron8153 Yep!

    5:57pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • He basically said they have a tough road to the top, and that they have a hard schedule and that is why they won't repeat.

    3:32pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Idk

    5:11pm Apr 24 from buckthehusky
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Who is the first pick in fantasy Jamaal Charles or not
2:40pm Apr 24 from joseph2000
  • Not I'd go McCoy but u can't go wrong with him

    3:01pm Apr 24 from bushthe1
  • Lynch

    4:11pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • Jamaal Charles. He is the main weapon in that Chiefs offense. He is the most consistent RB in the NFL. Kansas City has no other lethal weapons, so Charles is the main man.

    3:26pm Apr 24 from megatron8153
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I can keep 2 of the following:Forte,Megatron, Lacy and Peyton. Who should I keep?(PPR)
1:03pm Apr 24 from turner996
  • Peyton and Megatron.

    3:21pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • MegaTron and Payton

    3:09pm Apr 24 from saintsfan969
  • megatron always gets good points
    lacy cuz the packers don't have much in the backfield and hes a beast

    5:42pm Apr 24 from fatboydc8787
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Suprise team of the year? What do they accomplish?
11:18am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Browns win their division

    12:54pm Apr 24 from bushthe1
  • Bills win their division.

    3:20pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • Detroit Lions win the NFC North.

    11:19am Apr 24 from megatron8153
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Herschel Walker: I could still play in the NFL - at age 52. Thoughts?
11:10am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • LOL

    4:12pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • Obviously he is done in the NFL, but that would be sweet to see. Confidence is key.

    11:17am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • No

    3:03pm Apr 24 from buckthehusky
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Favorite team and Game your most looking forward to this season?
7:21am Apr 24 from megatron8153
  • Bills or Niners
    49ers vs Seahawks

    4:50pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • Manchester United and against Liverpool or Arsenal.

    8:14am Apr 24 from joseph2000
  • Thanksgiving
    Seahawks @ Niners

    7:22am Apr 24 from megatron8153
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With the 2014 schedule out what is your season win/loss predictions for your team? Comments
6:54am Apr 24 from tvela
  • 11-5

    4:11pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • Titans will win the Super Bowl

    8:19am Apr 24 from joseph2000
  • Broncos 16-0

    7:52am Apr 24 from dachicagobears1996
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will the packers be able to avenge that loss against the seahawks
8:27pm Apr 23 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • I think it will be a close game but I see the seahawks coming away with the win.

    1:27am Apr 24 from bengals1216
  • probably not

    4:49pm Apr 24 from buffalobeaters
  • yes

    9:20pm Apr 23 from texanscrazyfan
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