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asked by nanoyup
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11:46pm Nov 19 from nanoyup
  • Walker

    12:13am Nov 20 from robertwill
  • Walker.. i think haha..

    12:15am Nov 20 from moegoe
  • I'd go Walker...Fitzpatrick seems to like him right now and he's checking it down a lot

    12:42am Nov 20 from jamesswest32

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1:32pm Oct 25 from stocktown
  • No

    1:35pm Oct 25 from dbanese
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1:27pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • QB: Luck
    RB: Forte, Tate, Gore, Oliver,
    WR:Dez, Alshon, Watkins, T.Y. Hilton, Wallace
    TE: Antonio Gates
    K: Dan Bailey
    D: Seahawks

    1:28pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • And I have 49ers D too. Not sure if I should drop them or not. I'm 3-4 right now and in 6th place. I feel like i need to improve my team somehow

    1:30pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • Better d like Detroit or Houston.

    1:31pm Oct 25 from clay22ton
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1:25pm Oct 25 from miles13242
  • Sanu or Benj

    1:31pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • Rule out Holmes, he's a distant 3rd option in a ppr. Sanu edges out KB this week.

    1:33pm Oct 25 from kgunandrun
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1:23pm Oct 25 from townsdig
  • Id look to see if a Ertz is on the wire or Kelce or Allen, if not play graham. I havent looked at grahams weekly report yet so not sure if he's a probable or not.

    1:32pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • Possibly even Jordan Reed. He led the team in receptions last week in his first week back. so he's definitely getting the looks

    1:33pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
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1:22pm Oct 25 from tanishtheballer
  • He's been great and hes healthy so i say at least 10 -15

    1:23pm Oct 25 from giants1524
  • 13 points

    1:24pm Oct 25 from myfalcons2013
  • More than 15

    1:24pm Oct 25 from patriotsman96
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1:19pm Oct 25 from billyspano
  • No

    1:21pm Oct 25 from patriotsman96
  • no

    1:21pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • Unless montee ball will be the 2nd string when he comes back

    1:22pm Oct 25 from patriotsman96
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1:16pm Oct 25 from tnwheels
  • yes. i would play mason over stewart. If Carolina falls behind in the game they will abandon the running game just like last week.

    1:22pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • ok thanks matt im going put mason

    1:28pm Oct 25 from tnwheels
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1:14pm Oct 25 from ggamez12
  • awful trade thats y u r getting shit gordon comes back in week 12 and plays for a worse offense and quarterback

    1:22pm Oct 25 from koop22
  • Well, Gordan hasn't even played a game yet. And who knows if he will jump right into being a star receiver again. So it was a big chance you took with trading Graham for Gordan

    1:23pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • Eh, I don't think it was a bad trade. Then again, I don't think it was beneficial either. Graham's health isn't too much of a concern, but I don't think he's going to bounce back and perform at the level we're used to seeing from him. Gordon has been out of football for some time now. You have to look at it from a physical and psychological perspective. Where's his mind at? How's his physical endurance? Will he perform well when he returns week 12? I would've kept Graham. Just my two cents.

    1:27pm Oct 25 from tito9305
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1:13pm Oct 25 from feazel
  • PPR league

    1:13pm Oct 25 from feazel
  • i have sanu hes done great 2 out of the last 3 weeks

    1:16pm Oct 25 from tnwheels
  • I would.

    1:22pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
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1:12pm Oct 25 from koop22
  • Yeeeeees

    1:14pm Oct 25 from bradynix
  • I would hang on to him

    1:16pm Oct 25 from kllbjfamily
  • have sanu as handcuff but was offered jimmy graham already have jordan reed

    1:20pm Oct 25 from koop22
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1:12pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
  • TY- Steelers CB's are struggling
    Jeffery- Better Qb and Pats D-line/ Def is struggling now, Cutler should have more time to throw

    1:16pm Oct 25 from gmen2235
  • Hilton

    1:16pm Oct 25 from kllbjfamily
  • Hilton all the, hope you do well...

    1:22pm Oct 25 from brownsbabe8
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1:04pm Oct 25 from miamibuccs
  • VJax if he plays

    1:07pm Oct 25 from fantakim
  • Go with Jackson, fa sho.

    1:10pm Oct 25 from scottyblv
  • play jax

    1:12pm Oct 25 from mattmorales15
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