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asked by nanoyup
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11:46pm Nov 19 from nanoyup
  • Walker

    12:13am Nov 20 from robertwill
  • Walker.. i think haha..

    12:15am Nov 20 from moegoe
  • I'd go Walker...Fitzpatrick seems to like him right now and he's checking it down a lot

    12:42am Nov 20 from jamesswest32

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4:21pm Oct 31 from returnofthrsleeper
  • Bradshaw

    4:22pm Oct 31 from metal101
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4:17pm Oct 31 from dallen78
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4:09pm Oct 31 from returnofthrsleeper
  • welker, vs former team

    4:10pm Oct 31 from timmyh2007
  • Wes

    4:13pm Oct 31 from kgunandrun
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4:06pm Oct 31 from w3s1de
  • Baldwin

    4:11pm Oct 31 from sundayfunday777
  • beckham

    4:12pm Oct 31 from funnysid
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4:02pm Oct 31 from aoneent1
  • Big Ben easily. Not a close call at all.

    4:06pm Oct 31 from kgunandrun
  • Even vs Ravens?

    4:10pm Oct 31 from aoneent1
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4:00pm Oct 31 from zaatarpearl1
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3:59pm Oct 31 from w3s1de
  • Now before someone else picks him up

    4:04pm Oct 31 from strickerswag
  • now..

    4:21pm Oct 31 from funnysid
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3:51pm Oct 31 from riches1990
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3:51pm Oct 31 from dsciola
  • This is a "2-part" move since each receiver plays the D/ST here...hence, no reason to play John Brown and the Cowboys D/ST or Martavis Bryant and the Ravens D/ST...

    3:52pm Oct 31 from dsciola
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3:40pm Oct 31 from funnysid
  • I thought u said hill on my question lol but if I was u I would go wit desean

    3:54pm Oct 31 from riches1990
  • i was going to play hill. I want to know what everybody else thinks

    4:08pm Oct 31 from funnysid
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3:27pm Oct 31 from aoneent1
  • Fitz and LaFell

    3:45pm Oct 31 from vigdechico
  • Thx.

    3:47pm Oct 31 from aoneent1
  • fitz and lafell

    3:55pm Oct 31 from riches1990
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3:24pm Oct 31 from derpsalad
  • Stevie Johnson has been one of the more productive WRs for the 49ers. I'd feel good about starting him vs St.Louis.

    3:26pm Oct 31 from jgarner650
  • Tough one. Johnson is 3rd WR and Harvin is a 1st WR but I'd have to go with Johnson for matchup purposes.

    3:28pm Oct 31 from 1027madness
  • Stevie Johnson

    3:46pm Oct 31 from vigdechico
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