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Who should I start?
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  • KC's DEF is going down and they lost two of the best DEF players. I would go with SEA. I know they are playing against DREW, but he has throw PICK SIXES too, so they might get you few points than negative like KC.

    3:47pm Nov 30 from smsrinivas
  • Seattle at home... need you know more?

    11:24pm Nov 30 from theshadow999
  • seahawks are playing NO and chiefs are playing denver

    12:46pm Nov 26 from hflex12
  • seahawks vs. saints

    chiefs vs broncos

    saints... great offense .drew brees.

    broncos ..... good offense. peyton manning.

    your in trouble... if you have to put the seahawks in

    9:18am Nov 27 from icatchbass
  • Ok let's see here seahawksnsecondary no more and chiefs linebackers most likely no more. Both are at home.

    2:46pm Nov 27 from chiefcrush21
  • neither. LOL! both defenses will get negative points considering the offenses they are playing.

    8:06pm Nov 26 from skillznoluck
  • Yeah….. You are screwed

    12:04pm Nov 28 from vsoldier579
  • hey icatchbass u really think broncos are not great? id go seahawks all day look at all the injurys that the chiefs have on defense . i wouldnt touch them with a ten foot pole this week vs the best qb in fantasy this year.

    4:56pm Nov 29 from ratedrko72
  • Go with the Seahawks the Chiefs have lost 2 in a row

    11:24am Nov 26 from bearspackers5150
  • This is a nightmare. Pick up ANYONE off of waivers. BUF, WAS, CLE. All better picks than these two.

    5:53am Nov 27 from stisaloon
  • The seahawks will put up around 10 and the chiefs have lost their defensive play makers so they are basically worthless now

    1:04pm Nov 27 from sirclimaxalot
  • KC: has lost D players and have a bad Offense so manning will get more time to do his thing. Seahawks: have a healthy D and great secondary and to top it off a good offense that will take time off the board and give Brees less time to work his magic. Both: going against really good offense Answer: you got to go with Seahawks D

    9:16pm Nov 30 from grydell4
  • Seahawks play at home and have had the bye week...they will crush NO no problem

    7:00pm Nov 27 from docfrank18
  • I have this same problem. I picked up the Chiefs for the sole purpose of the Seahawks' bye week. They're a great defense but the one week I've had them to play they got me -3.00 points. I'm going with Seahawks because they've been super reliable before and they are a very consistent defense.

    3:55pm Nov 30 from kissarmy321

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