asked by fantasygenius2013
2:00pm Dec 16 from fantasygenius2013
  • how can Moreno be considered a comeback? he's never been a good fantasy player until this year.

    2:49pm Dec 16 from dcsnipers5
  • Phillip Rivers just

    5:38pm Dec 16 from gokansas2234
  • I have to go with Philip because I knew LeSean would do good, but I was NOT expecting philip rivers to be a top fantasy qb

    9:49pm Dec 16 from garbonzobean2000
  • i dont see how McCoy is a comeback. He has always been good

    7:11am Dec 17 from megatron8153
  • Moreno is back from 09 just last year a late season help and not drafted a lot because of montee ball. McCoy just hurt last year no surprise and rivers give credit for helping fantasy owners with qb problems like th3. Still Moreno is my pick.

    9:38am Dec 17 from steel1802
  • Knowshon was relevant the end of last year other than gettig less carries because of a small injury. He's not a comeback, he's a surprise!

    12:00pm Dec 17 from champm02
  • McCoy, Moreno wasn't relevant until this year

    12:02pm Dec 17 from elimanning48
  • McCoy was never bad...

    1:20pm Dec 17 from noahes
  • Moreno was the #1 running back for like the last 3 weeks of the year in 2012.

    1:37pm Dec 17 from packersfan61396

    5:44pm Dec 17 from dmwilkins
  • I want to vote for Alex Smith

    11:49pm Dec 17 from matt247
  • Moreno has been same exact way for two or three years now, check the stats! Rivers took a rookie/trash team and made them better!

    4:36am Dec 19 from griego74
  • It Should Be Rivers. He Started Out Good, Got A Little Sloppy, Band Then Got Do Playing Great Football. It Rivers.

    9:58am Dec 19 from jrsaulmartinez82
  • Rivers

    4:47pm Dec 19 from ryans10
  • LeSean McCoy was good the whole year, Moreno wasn't and now he is 2nd goes to Rivers.

    5:50pm Dec 19 from patriotszach12
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1:31pm Mar 21 from koulahslappytexans
  • The Texans needs a powerful RB after50/50 resigned chance with Alfred Blue

    1:32pm Mar 21 from koulahslappytexans
5:28am Mar 19 from dantew1013
Yes 29% No 71%
9:06am Mar 18 from Seahawkcole
  • OL, OL & more OL

    9:35am Mar 18 from linkprez
4:10pm Mar 14 from koulahslappytexans
DT 18% FS 29% RB 47% LB 6%
  • Safety needed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than the other 3. In fact, we shouldn't get any DTs or LBs. And I'd rather draft a RB late

    4:35pm Mar 14 from linkperez
  • #WeAreTitans

    9:32am Mar 15 from linkperes
10:16am Mar 14 from linkperez
0-2 10% 3 20% 4 50% 5 20%
  • Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson

    10:17am Mar 14 from linkperez
  • Darnold- Browns
    Rosen- Bills
    Baker- Bengals
    Allen- Cards
    Lamar Jackson- Ravens

    Possibly even 6th, Mason Rudolph to the Saints (as a future pick to learn under Brees and eventually become the starter)

    12:55pm Mar 14 from risadav
  • #WeAreTitans

    9:32am Mar 15 from linkperes
11:04pm Mar 13 from linkperez
  • This is a test of whether or not you a**holes STILL overhype the Titans/STILL ignore and disrespect my Texans

    11:04pm Mar 13 from linkperez
  • #wearetitans

    9:36am Mar 14 from linkperes
  • f*** you. who in the living f*** are you?

    10:18am Mar 14 from linkperez
7:13pm Mar 11 from linkperez
  • How are the Peckers favored? They suck & Rodgers is a playoff choke artist

    7:38pm Mar 11 from n1ggak1lla
7:12pm Mar 11 from linkperez
  • #WeAreTexans

    7:14pm Mar 11 from linkperez
  • Ok that's f***ing awesome. KEEP SLEEPING ON US!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIIIIDDDDDIIIIIOOOOOTTTTTSSSSS

    11:48am Mar 13 from linkperez
6:46pm Mar 11 from linkperez
6:43pm Mar 11 from linkperez
  • Tyrod was genius, a safe, cheap vet QB that allows them the freedom to pick ANYONE at 1

    3:41am Mar 12 from bhbaxter13
  • ^ Trading the first pick in the 3’rd round for Taylor was WAY too much. & they will still pick a QB at #1

    9:54am Mar 12 from Carnivalclown