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What QB should I start week 1?
8:49pm Aug 19 from kissthebaby27
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  • Luck vs the raiders. Brady is playing Buffalo and divisional match ups are always tough

    2:05pm Aug 21 from malique36

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More likely to make playoffs?
10:40pm Apr 18 from darius18
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era una chamarra steelers
9:53pm Apr 18 from betoqb95
  • Bush

    11:25pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • cowboys roar

    9:54pm Apr 18 from betoqb95
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Pick one
9:20pm Apr 18 from harrislemon
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who is better
9:11pm Apr 18 from falcons4life31cool
  • Green

    10:51pm Apr 18 from buckthehusky
  • Jones

    9:20pm Apr 18 from tvela
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Best Ben?
8:02pm Apr 18 from maddenfreek7
  • Roethlisberger

    9:20pm Apr 18 from tvela
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Who was the best QB drafted in 2004?
7:40pm Apr 18 from maddenfreek7
  • Rivers

    9:21pm Apr 18 from tvela
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best denver free agent sign
7:16pm Apr 18 from hobowitha5hotgun
  • Ward

    9:03pm Apr 18 from tvela
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Top 2 Jets signings
6:07pm Apr 18 from beastmode48000
  • vick, johnson

    6:42pm Apr 18 from chopr
  • Johnson & Vick

    9:01pm Apr 18 from tvela
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Best Jets signing
5:25pm Apr 18 from beastmode48000
  • vick

    6:41pm Apr 18 from chopr
  • CJ2K

    9:23pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • Vick. I hope people know that Decker is not a true WR1 and so cannot be the best signing. Smith threw TDs. He threw double the INTs. I bet nick foles could throw 50 INTs and still have a higher passer rating than that piece of shit. Every team needs a franchise quarterback, and Vick is one. He had a successful career with the Falcons and Eagles. He's gonna continue rolling here.

    5:56pm Apr 18 from tommanning69
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Better Leon
4:52pm Apr 18 from halloffame50years
  • Hall

    7:14pm Apr 18 from tvela
  • Leon Sandcastle

    4:53pm Apr 18 from halloffame50years
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best team Randy Moss played for
2:02pm Apr 18 from eaglevsjet
  • Minnesota

    4:09pm Apr 18 from tvela