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What QB should I start week 1?
8:49pm Aug 19 from kissthebaby27
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  • Luck vs the raiders. Brady is playing Buffalo and divisional match ups are always tough

    2:05pm Aug 21 from malique36

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Which will end up having the best career?
3:09pm Jul 23 from kyaxl
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Which veteran will have the better season
3:06pm Jul 23 from kyaxl
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Best future in the NFL
3:04pm Jul 23 from kyaxl
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Most efficient QB (most TDs,least INTs,highest completion %)
3:01pm Jul 23 from kyaxl
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2 most reliable RBs this season out of these 4
2:59pm Jul 23 from kyaxl
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Who has the most potential?
2:57pm Jul 23 from kyaxl
  • Green is so young and done so well,you don't realize that he's only been playing 4years. Gonna break some records!

    3:06pm Jul 23 from bhbaxter13
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Who is more likely to win division?
2:53pm Jul 23 from dmnsoccerstud15
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PPR league. Which 2 should I start?
2:43pm Jul 23 from dund0n
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I Can Draft One
2:26pm Jul 23 from granthanderson
  • charles

    2:27pm Jul 23 from texandad1220
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who should i have for my WR/RB slot?
1:49pm Jul 23 from rettrodgers
  • all good choices but Mike Wallace week 1 will be against Revis and he's no good in that island

    1:53pm Jul 23 from erikmendez
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Who has better weapons?
1:48pm Jul 23 from bhbaxter13
  • Cutler with Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett, Forte, and Wilson.

    2:00pm Jul 23 from jdizzle45