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asked by jgross12
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3:36pm Sep 1 from jgross12
  • Ivory

    3:46pm Sep 1 from doctorwhodat
  • Miller. Ivory stays injured and has no help for jets

    4:02pm Sep 1 from bigdrail93
  • Miller

    4:37pm Sep 1 from dre018
  • Miller

    5:30pm Sep 1 from jakekch22
  • miller will share carries with daniel thomas ivory has no other good rbs on his team so i would say ivory

    5:34pm Sep 1 from patsmonster80

    6:24pm Sep 1 from codym14

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5:16pm Oct 25 from jackaaron
Open Question
5:10pm Oct 25 from originalobj
  • Walker

    5:11pm Oct 25 from dennypam
  • Oh Walker baby in a heart beat!

    5:13pm Oct 25 from trailerguy1266
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5:08pm Oct 25 from originalobj
  • Benjamin because Marshall's qbs are trash

    5:10pm Oct 25 from joshuavikes84
  • ditto + KB's a fairly reliable start week over week.

    5:14pm Oct 25 from trailerguy1266
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5:07pm Oct 25 from originalobj
  • Ware

    5:07pm Oct 25 from WesH23
  • Miller

    5:08pm Oct 25 from joshuavikes84
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5:05pm Oct 25 from originalobj
  • Ryan

    5:06pm Oct 25 from joshuavikes84
  • Ryan against Green Bay

    5:06pm Oct 25 from WesH23
  • Matt Ryan has best receiver in the nfl.

    5:09pm Oct 25 from dp4321tiki
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5:01pm Oct 25 from segrueman34
  • Lambo

    5:02pm Oct 25 from clarkebar1013
  • Sturgis, Lambo is a good second choice

    5:09pm Oct 25 from charles52000
  • Jonkowski ;)

    5:15pm Oct 25 from trailerguy1266
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4:59pm Oct 25 from dsizzle85
Open Question
4:55pm Oct 25 from browny44
  • I would keep Mckinnion and try a counter offer of just Brown and Jones

    5:11pm Oct 25 from charles52000
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4:47pm Oct 25 from JFlocka
Open Question
4:46pm Oct 25 from bauman715
Open Question
4:40pm Oct 25 from ptinnon
  • I got Jack Doyle. He's Lucks 2nd favorite target.

    5:16pm Oct 25 from trailerguy1266
Open Question
4:24pm Oct 25 from willaby06
  • no

    4:25pm Oct 25 from wolfebro
  • Should I drop Matt Jones for Chris Thompson?

    4:36pm Oct 25 from willaby06
  • yeah

    4:47pm Oct 25 from bauman715