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asked by jgross12
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3:36pm Sep 1 from jgross12
  • Ivory

    3:46pm Sep 1 from doctorwhodat
  • Miller. Ivory stays injured and has no help for jets

    4:02pm Sep 1 from bigdrail93
  • Miller

    4:37pm Sep 1 from dre018
  • Miller

    5:30pm Sep 1 from jakekch22
  • miller will share carries with daniel thomas ivory has no other good rbs on his team so i would say ivory

    5:34pm Sep 1 from patsmonster80

    6:24pm Sep 1 from codym14

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5:26pm Jul 28 from jeffhoover1988
  • Available to trade….

    Alshon Jeffery
    Amari Cooper
    DeSean Jackson
    Joseph Randle
    Latavius Murray
    Isaiah Crowell
    Tevin Coleman
    Lagarrette Blount

    5:27pm Jul 28 from jeffhoover1988
  • Alshon is a top 10 receiver man keep him with fox the coach in Denver he could get better

    5:29pm Jul 28 from gator64
  • Jeffery and DeSean Jackson

    5:30pm Jul 28 from rgboy247
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5:23pm Jul 28 from falconsriseup1232
  • Not if there on your bench

    5:29pm Jul 28 from gator64
  • nope

    5:30pm Jul 28 from rgboy247
  • only people who start give you points

    5:31pm Jul 28 from cfiliault849
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5:20pm Jul 28 from phillyeaglesfan298
  • Even though no receivers in KC caught a TD he will break the curse and do well, yes he's risky but I wouldn't mind having him

    5:22pm Jul 28 from gator64
  • i don't trust him

    5:23pm Jul 28 from rgboy247
  • I drafted him. He is being devalued. Smith better QB than Sanchez. KC better running attack so he may see less CB's in coverage at times.

    5:26pm Jul 28 from purpleipod15
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5:19pm Jul 28 from phillyeaglesfan298
  • I think there's a chance he gets more looks with Gate's suspended but I think he's overrated

    5:23pm Jul 28 from gator64
  • agree^

    5:31pm Jul 28 from rgboy247
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5:19pm Jul 28 from phillyeaglesfan298
  • He finally has a great QB could do good things

    5:30pm Jul 28 from gator64
  • will be a top 15-20 Fantasy WR this year

    5:31pm Jul 28 from rgboy247
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5:07pm Jul 28 from jjtt26
  • HC Hurley ÀÇL injury. mason is very good… Could remain starter much of season. Get Blue only if you have another spot. Foster gets injured a lot, Blue is pretty good but raw.

    5:15pm Jul 28 from purpleipod15
  • Definitely Foster w/ Blue.

    5:15pm Jul 28 from jgarner650
  • Gurley and foster

    5:16pm Jul 28 from gator64
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Open Question
4:49pm Jul 28 from kylehelton21
  • Gore

    4:52pm Jul 28 from bucsfan0897
  • Gore, Carlos Hyde is not a proven talent he had a couple of ok runs last year, while gore is a consistent back even at his old age

    4:57pm Jul 28 from jammaman11
  • Gore cuz he is on the colts

    5:03pm Jul 28 from theraybird
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4:40pm Jul 28 from eh14
  • Lol

    4:56pm Jul 28 from nfox580
  • He has at&t

    5:18pm Jul 28 from gator64
  • idk

    5:31pm Jul 28 from rgboy247
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4:07pm Jul 28 from alecosborne2605
  • Best available running back good one's are scarce

    4:08pm Jul 28 from gator64
  • Lynch

    4:16pm Jul 28 from bferguson1979
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3:52pm Jul 28 from oakrai14
  • yes

    3:54pm Jul 28 from erikbg7
  • but better go for brees

    3:54pm Jul 28 from erikbg7
  • no bad idea

    3:59pm Jul 28 from mikey09leach
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3:44pm Jul 28 from fantasypro221171
  • Forsett

    3:46pm Jul 28 from pats1120fan
  • Forster! Ray rice will barley have any playing time at all some forsett will be running the ball a lot. And Lamar Miller will have the ball in his hands very often because of Ryan tannihiel. And by the way I'm 12

    3:50pm Jul 28 from rwilliams1010
  • Forsett

    3:51pm Jul 28 from erikbg7
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3:40pm Jul 28 from oakrai14
  • Depends on team needs.

    3:41pm Jul 28 from pats1120fan
  • trade both for Brees maybe

    3:45pm Jul 28 from erikbg7
  • Play matchup there both good QBs with good recievers! I'm 12 by the way

    3:52pm Jul 28 from rwilliams1010
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