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asked by jgross12
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3:36pm Sep 1 from jgross12
  • Ivory

    3:46pm Sep 1 from doctorwhodat
  • Miller. Ivory stays injured and has no help for jets

    4:02pm Sep 1 from bigdrail93
  • Miller

    4:37pm Sep 1 from dre018
  • Miller

    5:30pm Sep 1 from jakekch22
  • miller will share carries with daniel thomas ivory has no other good rbs on his team so i would say ivory

    5:34pm Sep 1 from patsmonster80

    6:24pm Sep 1 from codym14

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2:13pm Aug 27 from ashjones10
Open Question
2:11pm Aug 27 from tnwheels
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1:49pm Aug 27 from adz2892
  • If you're receiving Woodhead, yes.

    1:51pm Aug 27 from tito9305
  • yes i am - thought he was mad sending it to me!

    1:52pm Aug 27 from adz2892
  • yes

    1:53pm Aug 27 from placrick
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1:36pm Aug 27 from mattygice23
  • you wouldn't get that cause its too one sided

    1:40pm Aug 27 from scottredskins117
  • depends on how weak you are at wideout and how deep you are at running back. If you have 2 solid rb2's and only 1 solid wr1 i would take it.

    1:40pm Aug 27 from carr22
  • No

    1:42pm Aug 27 from renwells44
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1:31pm Aug 27 from bdw4
  • The Cake is a lie

    1:36pm Aug 27 from thommac
  • beer

    1:54pm Aug 27 from placrick
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1:29pm Aug 27 from waalalicious

    1:30pm Aug 27 from waalalicious
  • Josh Gordon's drug test was based on two samples, one of which was negative & the other one had barely any trace of THC which is consistent with his second hand smoke theory. OHIO STATE LAW states that if sample A OR B is negative then WHOLE TEST is. This state law, which itself would OVERRULE NFL CBA rules, is typically for state employees BUT also for any private sector employees whose employers require drug tests. So J.G. might still beat this in court. WAIT A WEEK BEFORE DROPPING HIM!

    1:35pm Aug 27 from waalalicious
  • I've heard this before. Don't listen to him

    1:45pm Aug 27 from bdw4
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1:28pm Aug 27 from adiosci
  • I think Its 10 for

    1:32pm Aug 27 from bdw4
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1:23pm Aug 27 from peterpokalsky
  • Not a bad idea... Just be careful and don't have too many players with a bye that week

    1:24pm Aug 27 from stebron23
  • Great idea! Man you're a genius!!! LOL

    1:26pm Aug 27 from alecbot12
  • Good as long as you can adjust during the bye weeks. If your top qb/rb are at a bye and so are some/your best benchers, you may be screwed.

    1:36pm Aug 27 from happymouse
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1:21pm Aug 27 from cvws216
  • Pick 2 from the list above I should offer for D. Thomas without pissing the other guy off.

    1:22pm Aug 27 from cvws216
  • I honestly wouldn't trade any of these guys for DT, but if I had to chose it would be Smith and Moreno! !

    1:48pm Aug 27 from howard02
  • Quite frankly I wouldn't take any of those guys for Thomas. You need to give a more fair trade offer than those guys.

    2:11pm Aug 27 from tito9305
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1:20pm Aug 27 from bdw4
  • THIS guy

    1:22pm Aug 27 from cvws216
  • I'm not a guy dumbo

    1:23pm Aug 27 from bdw4
  • I'm not delighted by the suspension. However, I don't feel sorry for Gordon. He should of known to put a stop in getting high. It is not worth it.

    1:58pm Aug 27 from tito9305
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1:18pm Aug 27 from bdw4
  • Super Bowl Bound

    1:28pm Aug 27 from bdw4
  • Capital Kings

    1:28pm Aug 27 from bdw4
  • Peyton's Place

    1:29pm Aug 27 from bdw4
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1:12pm Aug 27 from ashjones10
  • yes

    1:15pm Aug 27 from wh0aitsjoe
  • Yes

    1:22pm Aug 27 from cvws216
  • No

    1:48pm Aug 27 from gamefreak24442
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