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asked by jgross12
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3:36pm Sep 1 from jgross12
  • Ivory

    3:46pm Sep 1 from doctorwhodat
  • Miller. Ivory stays injured and has no help for jets

    4:02pm Sep 1 from bigdrail93
  • Miller

    4:37pm Sep 1 from dre018
  • Miller

    5:30pm Sep 1 from jakekch22
  • miller will share carries with daniel thomas ivory has no other good rbs on his team so i would say ivory

    5:34pm Sep 1 from patsmonster80

    6:24pm Sep 1 from codym14

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10:20pm Oct 30 from minilanwin
  • Rainey. Davis is a great handcuff, but as long as Charles is healthy, he's not going be startable.

    10:21pm Oct 30 from thesamwithnoname
  • Current Rbs: L bell, J McKinnon, F Jackson, C Sims ( Std league)

    10:21pm Oct 30 from minilanwin
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10:19pm Oct 30 from shepardkorey
  • weeden,

    10:22pm Oct 30 from youngjz303
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10:13pm Oct 30 from teejbes34
  • Tannehill

    10:17pm Oct 30 from red20sox
  • No

    10:20pm Oct 30 from kllbjfamily
  • No, keep Tannehill

    10:23pm Oct 30 from thesamwithnoname
Are you the best Fantasy coach?
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10:11pm Oct 30 from dabearsdabears20
  • Morris and Tate

    10:21pm Oct 30 from kllbjfamily
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10:10pm Oct 30 from shepardkorey
  • Wtf why would he give u Cobb and why would you have to ask?

    10:11pm Oct 30 from jaystun00
  • He wants miles Austin because apparently somehow Cobb isn't doing as good as Austin and I don't know wether to accept it or deny it cause Cobb can catch and Austin isn't doing to bad

    10:14pm Oct 30 from shepardkorey
  • Yes of course. Cobb is one of the best.

    10:22pm Oct 30 from kllbjfamily
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10:02pm Oct 30 from adorch7878
  • Super deep at TB, but need a solid WR1

    10:03pm Oct 30 from adorch7878
  • RB*

    10:03pm Oct 30 from adorch7878
  • yes

    10:07pm Oct 30 from corybrown17
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10:02pm Oct 30 from vigdechico
  • Don't make the trade. Luck is far better than Stafford. Try to target someone else that's similar to Foster.

    10:07pm Oct 30 from dannyt087
  • accept it

    10:09pm Oct 30 from corybrown17
  • Don't make the trade

    10:12pm Oct 30 from shepardkorey
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10:00pm Oct 30 from teejbes34
  • No

    10:08pm Oct 30 from kllbjfamily
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10:00pm Oct 30 from shepardkorey
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9:56pm Oct 30 from tnbearcat
  • The raiders are my favorite team and the broncos will win the Super Bowl.

    9:58pm Oct 30 from kllbjfamily
  • My favorite Team is Redskins I think they can Make a super bowl but not likely I Really think Its going to be San Diego chargers vs Philadelphia eagles

    9:58pm Oct 30 from tnbearcat
  • Texans are my team and I think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl.

    10:01pm Oct 30 from dannyt087
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9:55pm Oct 30 from patelis1027
  • Nobody will know until probably Friday.

    10:04pm Oct 30 from dannyt087
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9:54pm Oct 30 from seahawks4life1988
  • And all of my RB's are Gio Bernard, Jamaal Charles, B. Oliver, Ronnie Hillman, Anthony Dixon, and Ryan Mathews.

    9:57pm Oct 30 from seahawks4life1988
  • Yes

    9:59pm Oct 30 from kllbjfamily
  • I wouldn't. I feel like you can get better than AJ for Gio. AJ's injury just scares me a lot. knowing he can re injure it

    10:01pm Oct 30 from mattmorales15
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