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asked by jgross12
Who will have the better Fantasy Season, Lamar Miller or Chris Ivory?
3:36pm Sep 1 from jgross12
  • Miller

    5:30pm Sep 1 from jakekch22
  • Miller

    4:37pm Sep 1 from dre018
  • Miller. Ivory stays injured and has no help for jets

    4:02pm Sep 1 from bigdrail93
  • Ivory

    3:46pm Sep 1 from doctorwhodat
  • miller will share carries with daniel thomas ivory has no other good rbs on his team so i would say ivory

    5:34pm Sep 1 from patsmonster80

    6:24pm Sep 1 from codym14

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Want to Trade Djax, Fitz & Dez who to seek? Megatron, AJGreen, D. Thomas, Nelson, A.Brown, K. Allen?
8:22pm Jul 22 from cruz4329
  • Keep Dez.

    8:24pm Jul 22 from oo75
  • I wouldnt let AJ green go neither Megatron so try with thomas and nelson

    8:32pm Jul 22 from ignacio137
  • keep dez.. maybe try to swing fitz and djax for brown or jordy. Something like that.

    8:28pm Jul 22 from chillrays
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10 team standard league. Tell me what you think, any advice is helpful. Team in comments.
8:16pm Jul 22 from herecomestheboom9
  • Well In first round pick a RB its diffivult to find later a Rb that can score huge points, the a QB i really like drew Brees if he is still on the board and try to build youre team with players you trust and know how do they play

    8:21pm Jul 22 from ignacio137
  • Well done

    8:27pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • Don't touch your starters. You are set, what a solid team. Work on your bench only. Get rid of Manning and Randle.

    8:26pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
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What pick is the best in a fantasy of ten people?
8:13pm Jul 22 from carlosrm2620
  • Depends of how do you want to build your team as people has tell me start picking the best RB on the board but i usally go for drew brees if he is availeble

    8:26pm Jul 22 from ignacio137
  • Jamaal Charles

    8:22pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • I don't like early picks. I prefer anywhere from 4-8. If you have 1-3, you have to wait forever.

    8:20pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
Just drafted this team in a 12 man league, surprising picks were made. Team in comments. Thoughts?
7:54pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
  • I like it. I would go S Johnson over Boldin though. QAnd maybe try to grab Rice over Moreno: Rice has better chances to play.
    Good luck anyway.

    8:01pm Jul 22 from rigor973
  • Cut dobsin (injured).. maybe pick up amendola if u want a new england reciever that bad. All around its a solid team, I'd try to upgrade ellington, you already know my thoughts on him. Solid team all round. Not bad.

    8:22pm Jul 22 from chillrays
  • QB: Colin Kaepernick (Trading for Stafford)
    RB: McCoy
    RB: Ellington
    WR: Julio Jones
    WR: Cruz
    TE: Rudolph
    Flex: Gerhart
    K: Steven Hauschka
    Defense: Cardinals
    Bench: Anquan Boldin
    Bench: Knowshon Moreno
    Bench: Kelvin Benjamin
    Bench: Jonathon Stewart
    Bench: LeGarrette Blount
    Bench: Aaron Dobson
    Not too crazy about my bench, but what do you think? Any advice is appericiated. Thanks

    7:55pm Jul 22 from megatron8153
should i drop terrance west to pick up chris ivory? I need a back up RB for bye week. chris or west?
7:52pm Jul 22 from rettrodgers
  • who do yall think would get to see more playin time and make me more points?

    7:53pm Jul 22 from rettrodgers
  • No man West is a young talent that can be a sleeper he may start sharing snaps with Tate then BAMM! West can become a very special player man

    8:25pm Jul 22 from ignacio137
  • I would.

    8:07pm Jul 22 from rigor973
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Which Rookies will make an impact in fantasy teams?why? recommend them?
7:42pm Jul 22 from ignacio137
  • Odell beckham on the giants because i think eli pulls out a bounce back year

    7:46pm Jul 22 from nsleischow
  • Sankey would.

    8:08pm Jul 22 from rigor973
  • I really like Mike Evans and Brandin Cooks this year. Don't sleep on A-S-J either...

    7:53pm Jul 22 from chillrays
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Who should be the starting W/R? Cordarrelle Patterson, Anquan Boldin, Darren Sproles, or Fred Jax.
7:38pm Jul 22 from bears123win
  • patterson

    7:41pm Jul 22 from nsleischow
  • Patt

    7:50pm Jul 22 from rigor973
  • Like I said in the last one Patterson.....

    7:40pm Jul 22 from patsfan1120
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Does anyone know of any deep sleepers that the media isn't really talking about?
7:29pm Jul 22 from nsleischow
  • terrance west RB cleveland

    7:54pm Jul 22 from rettrodgers
  • Charles clay

    8:22pm Jul 22 from ignacio137
  • Maybe Syeve Johnson

    7:56pm Jul 22 from rigor973
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Le'Veon Bell in the 4th round.... steal or nah?
7:25pm Jul 22 from ninjaeffie
  • nah

    7:32pm Jul 22 from nsleischow
  • Steal

    7:41pm Jul 22 from ralph20
  • Steal

    7:56pm Jul 22 from rigor973
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Who should I put in the W/R position? (Players in comments)
7:12pm Jul 22 from bears123win
  • Try with Sammy watkins and Danny woodhead both are speedster and risky picks but try them they are special weapons

    8:24pm Jul 22 from ignacio137
  • BPA

    8:16pm Jul 22 from rigor973
  • Patterson

    7:16pm Jul 22 from patsfan1120
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I get Torrey smith. I lose wes welker. Who wins?
7:00pm Jul 22 from patsfan1120
  • You win.

    8:26pm Jul 22 from oo75
  • I would take Torrey Smith because I think Flacco is under pressure to prove his contract

    7:34pm Jul 22 from nsleischow
  • you lose man you lose

    7:43pm Jul 22 from ignacio137
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Should I move any bench players to a starting role? Team in comments; any suggestion is appreciate.
6:46pm Jul 22 from bears123win
  • Start Kaep.

    8:17pm Jul 22 from rigor973
  • Gerhart and Fjax

    6:49pm Jul 22 from patsfan1120
  • start gerhart over jackson, but a really solid team!

    7:36pm Jul 22 from mustacheman99
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