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asked by dally11
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Who should I start week 1 at R/W/T?
11:12am Sep 2 from dally11

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My keeper draft is in 2wks& I'm at a crossroads of who to keep. Need input !
1:58am Jul 24 from bhbaxter13
  • Keep Lacy because Lynch is getting toward the end of his career.

    4:21am Jul 24 from grandpaitchy
  • Lacy is an absolute no-brainer. They both had fairly similar stats last year, but Lynch is getting close to 30 and will have Christine Michael taking carries away from him, whilst with a year as a pro under his belt, Lacy should have an even better season. IIRC, Lacy started last season with an injury, so a full offseason should really benefit him.

    2:52am Jul 24 from jalxsu
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Which one of these will have a bigger impact on their team's success?
1:18am Jul 24 from erubinas
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My league(PPR) is all set and the draft is in mid august im still deciding on whether i should draft Matt forte early or Antonio Brown early in the draft Reminder its a PPR league
11:37pm Jul 23 from jslush88
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who would you rather Have?
11:26pm Jul 23 from gap551
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Who will have more all purpose yards this season?
10:17pm Jul 23 from tatomonster123
  • Charles was like 33% of Chiefs off,he's got less competition than Shady.

    10:24pm Jul 23 from bhbaxter13
  • Charles

    10:24pm Jul 23 from tvela
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What two players should I keep between Montee Ball, Jordi Nelson and LeVeon Bell?
10:13pm Jul 23 from fabrication8
  • Bell n ball

    10:13pm Jul 23 from kylehale69
  • Bell Jordy

    10:24pm Jul 23 from bhbaxter13
  • Bell & Ball

    10:24pm Jul 23 from tvela
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Who will have the higher QB rating this season?
10:08pm Jul 23 from tatomonster123
  • Peyton

    10:25pm Jul 23 from tvela
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Who has the better D?
10:06pm Jul 23 from coleasice
  • Bengals

    10:28pm Jul 23 from tvela
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Best D
9:27pm Jul 23 from ignacio137
  • CIN

    10:40pm Jul 23 from bhbaxter13
  • Bengals

    10:01pm Jul 23 from tvela
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Best flex player? (Comments)
8:57pm Jul 23 from tvela
  • Harvin if he stays healthy, way better he can run well in trick plays and catch well in normal plays he can also return HARVIN all way

    9:28pm Jul 23 from ignacio137
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Pick 2 Quarterbacks
8:54pm Jul 23 from stanchera
  • RGIII & Ryan

    10:02pm Jul 23 from tvela