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asked by adiosci
Should i drop Shane Vereen
2:21pm Aug 3 from adiosci
  • yes

    2:21pm Aug 3 from baltimoreravensrule
  • yes

    2:23pm Aug 3 from adamferraino
  • Yes.

    2:27pm Aug 3 from footballmaster76
  • NO

    2:34pm Aug 3 from treynhtown
  • You know, when I a post like this, I immediately go look at the news section to see if the player broke a leg, or tore a hammy. So, OK, Vereen is still healthy, you just drafted him, I assume, within the last week or 2. No preseason games have been played. Why did you draft him in the first place? He's a viable RB4, you may as well just say "Should i drop my RB4 ?". I don't know, bro, do you want an RB4 on your team? DRAFT SMARTER, kids!

    3:14pm Aug 3 from fantasyfbaddict
  • yes

    3:48pm Aug 3 from 14rams
  • god No He's gonna Kick $%# this year

    5:40pm Aug 3 from karcher9
  • No, I really think he could emerge as a viable RB3 because NE will run the ball more with a questionable receiving corps, and he's gonna line-up at WR as well because of that
    Ridley is also probably on a short leash because of how he constantly fumbled late last year

    6:03pm Aug 3 from zgamer200
  • Shane vereen should be your W/R (Depending the rest of your roster) as he can do both well as you could tell in the Week 14 game against the Texans.

    6:28pm Aug 3 from mmalo
  • no

    6:57pm Aug 3 from steelersfan4369
  • Depends on the rest of your roster, but, probably not.

    7:54pm Aug 3 from nileshellmers
  • Only if you have to, or see somebody on the waiver wire you want more!

    11:39pm Aug 3 from legendx11
  • Woodheads replacement.Looking good for him this year.I say keep

    2:24am Aug 5 from moneymike73333

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I just dropped AaronD for JoeF. I now have 3 WRs on the bench and 1 QB on the bench. Good move???
11:47am Jul 29 from alecbot12
  • Russel Wilson is my starter and joe flacco is on the bench. Good decision to add him and drop Dobson?

    11:48am Jul 29 from alecbot12
Can you do a online draft on on an iPad? Please help
11:38am Jul 29 from hall72
  • download the app

    11:42am Jul 29 from joeltolley
Will the Raiders be a very better team?
11:32am Jul 29 from holdentuma
  • yes with mat schaub

    11:34am Jul 29 from ultimateramsfan14
  • they got the potential to be but I think it's not gonna change that much

    11:34am Jul 29 from pumpernickel9891
  • 2 games better... If that.

    11:35am Jul 29 from chiefshot
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Would he accept this trade if not what can I do to get those players
11:26am Jul 29 from pumpernickel9891
  • I lose Colin Kaepernick, Rg3, Montee Ball, and Keenan Allen for Matt Forte, Calvin Johnson, Aaron Rodgers
    My team
    Qb Tom Brady
    Rb Alfred Morris & Montee Ball
    Wr Jordy Nelson & Michael Crabtree
    Te Charles Clay
    W/r Shane Vereen
    K Stephen Gostkowski
    Def Seahawks
    Bench Rg3, Colin Kaepernick, Keenan Allen, DeSean Jackson, Cordarrelle Patterson, Martellus Bennett

    Their team
    Qb Aaron Rodgers
    Rb Matt Forte & Knowshon Moreno
    Wr Calvin Johnson & Pierre Garcon
    Te Greg Olsen
    W/r Eric Decker
    K Matt Prater

    11:31am Jul 29 from pumpernickel9891
  • Def Rams
    Bench Jay Cutler, Darren McFadden, DeAngelo Williams, Danny Woodhead, Rueben Randle, Reggie Wayne

    11:31am Jul 29 from pumpernickel9891
  • I wouldn't accept that trade, but I guess you'll never know if you don't try.

    11:40am Jul 29 from chiefshot
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Could the chargers go for santonio Holmes clary took a 3 million dollar pay cut and we have the room
11:19am Jul 29 from supercharles100
  • yes

    11:21am Jul 29 from brolle96
is it best to have more wide receivers then Runing Backs or the other way around?
10:52am Jul 29 from eh14
  • Wide Receivers

    10:55am Jul 29 from nflpro74
  • other way around

    10:55am Jul 29 from awwwpickles
  • When you get towards the bottom of the draft, you need to pick up the people who you feel offer the most potential. It does not matter what position they play.
    Most of them will end up back on the waiver wire to make room for better prospects as the season goes on.

    11:02am Jul 29 from grandpaitchy
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Where do you have Jordy Nelson ranked this year?
10:50am Jul 29 from dund0n
  • 3rd best wr

    10:55am Jul 29 from awwwpickles
  • Top 12 WR

    11:03am Jul 29 from grandpaitchy
  • top 10

    11:04am Jul 29 from thebeezknees33
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If top 15 rbs are gone & I have Megatron should I draft a RB, J. Graham, or B.Marshall in the 2nd rd
10:49am Jul 29 from beveret
  • jimmy graham's gonna be gone in the first round I'd draft a rb after megatron

    10:56am Jul 29 from awwwpickles
  • Grab the top WR or Graham.
    P.S. This is why it's better to grab a top-level RB in the first round rather than Megatron.

    11:05am Jul 29 from grandpaitchy
  • jimmy graham

    11:05am Jul 29 from thebeezknees33
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Who should I choose first in the draft? (I have the first draft pick)
10:37am Jul 29 from baad09
  • Peyton Manning.

    10:38am Jul 29 from freehi
  • Adrian Peterson All Day Every Day Every time All the Time

    10:43am Jul 29 from thebeezknees33
  • Jamaal Charles

    10:57am Jul 29 from awwwpickles
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Pick 2 keepers from: Ball, Lynch, Bernard, Bryant, Green, and Foster.
10:32am Jul 29 from norse
  • Bernard and Bryant.

    10:34am Jul 29 from cncampos2892
  • Bryant and Ball

    10:52am Jul 29 from dund0n
  • lynch and green

    10:55am Jul 29 from awwwpickles
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Which player should I keep in my keeper league...........Julius Thomas or Montee Ball?
10:27am Jul 29 from ninertiltheendoftime
  • Ball

    10:31am Jul 29 from jdizzle45
  • Ball

    10:37am Jul 29 from dund0n
  • ball

    10:54am Jul 29 from secboyz
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Any strategies for drafting idp?
10:18am Jul 29 from tolbert35pound
  • Focus mainly on offense first. Round 8 is when the top IDPs go (Watt, Quinn, Kuechly, etc.) but you could still wait. DL depth is thin, LB and DB depth is much better. So get your DLs early

    10:21am Jul 29 from jdizzle45