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asked by adiosci
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2:21pm Aug 3 from adiosci
  • yes

    2:21pm Aug 3 from baltimoreravensrule
  • yes

    2:23pm Aug 3 from adamferraino
  • Yes.

    2:27pm Aug 3 from footballmaster76
  • NO

    2:34pm Aug 3 from treynhtown
  • You know, when I a post like this, I immediately go look at the news section to see if the player broke a leg, or tore a hammy. So, OK, Vereen is still healthy, you just drafted him, I assume, within the last week or 2. No preseason games have been played. Why did you draft him in the first place? He's a viable RB4, you may as well just say "Should i drop my RB4 ?". I don't know, bro, do you want an RB4 on your team? DRAFT SMARTER, kids!

    3:14pm Aug 3 from fantasyfbaddict
  • yes

    3:48pm Aug 3 from 14rams
  • god No He's gonna Kick $%# this year

    5:40pm Aug 3 from karcher9
  • No, I really think he could emerge as a viable RB3 because NE will run the ball more with a questionable receiving corps, and he's gonna line-up at WR as well because of that
    Ridley is also probably on a short leash because of how he constantly fumbled late last year

    6:03pm Aug 3 from zgamer200
  • Shane vereen should be your W/R (Depending the rest of your roster) as he can do both well as you could tell in the Week 14 game against the Texans.

    6:28pm Aug 3 from mmalo
  • no

    6:57pm Aug 3 from steelersfan4369
  • Depends on the rest of your roster, but, probably not.

    7:54pm Aug 3 from nileshellmers
  • Only if you have to, or see somebody on the waiver wire you want more!

    11:39pm Aug 3 from legendx11
  • Woodheads replacement.Looking good for him this year.I say keep

    2:24am Aug 5 from moneymike73333

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2:52pm Dec 17 from bluxssie
Open Question
2:44pm Dec 17 from jblaaze91
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2:37pm Dec 17 from jblaaze91
  • I meant to say Denver's kicker. Connor Barth.

    2:37pm Dec 17 from jblaaze91
  • if its the final wk just drop whoever

    2:41pm Dec 17 from lshadowolf
  • You know what you are right. Russel has been benched for almost 4 weeks now.

    2:45pm Dec 17 from jblaaze91
Open Question
2:35pm Dec 17 from w3s1de
Open Question
2:35pm Dec 17 from w3s1de
  • Barth has done well for me

    2:35pm Dec 17 from dedeyewin
Open Question
2:30pm Dec 17 from fsosa13
  • ya start him

    2:39pm Dec 17 from beefcake100
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2:29pm Dec 17 from mikeandike519
  • team 1
    Matthew Stafford vs. CHI
    Jamaal Charles/Knile Davis vs. PIT
    CJ Anderson vs. CIN
    Julio Jones vs. NO
    Calvin Johnson vs. CHI
    Antonio Gates vs. SF
    Mike Evans vs. GB
    Vinatieri vs. DAL
    Ravens vs. Houston

    team 2
    Ben Roethlisberger vs. KC
    Leveon Bell vs. KC
    Matt Forte vs. DET
    Emmanuel Sanders vs. CIN
    Eric Decker vs. NE
    Rob Gronkowski vs. NYJ
    Arian Foster vs. BAL
    Crosby vs. TB
    Bills vs. OAK

    2:30pm Dec 17 from mikeandike519
  • team 1

    2:31pm Dec 17 from shaeoetken
  • 2

    2:33pm Dec 17 from fsosa13
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Open Question
2:29pm Dec 17 from w3s1de
  • No I think that Sanchez is not that great of a QB he just has good wide receivers, Russel Wilson is a quality QB and is YOU best bet to put in

    2:31pm Dec 17 from 2002redskinfan
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2:14pm Dec 17 from shaunhodgson
  • Draft

    2:17pm Dec 17 from holdentuma
Open Question
1:58pm Dec 17 from lordwinston
  • DJax

    2:17pm Dec 17 from holdentuma
Open Question
1:38pm Dec 17 from dragonrage58
  • AJ, and Antonio

    1:47pm Dec 17 from detroitcincinnatifan
  • Green and Brown

    2:01pm Dec 17 from feldhacker
  • Green and Brown

    2:04pm Dec 17 from jimmyb182
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1:37pm Dec 17 from dragonrage58
  • I have justin Forsett, Ingram, and C.J anderson as my other backs

    1:37pm Dec 17 from dragonrage58
  • I would start lynch.

    1:44pm Dec 17 from meldave
  • Start CJ. Ingram has a good matchup too

    2:35pm Dec 17 from fsosa13