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asked by adiosci
Should i drop Shane Vereen
2:21pm Aug 3 from adiosci
  • god No He's gonna Kick $%# this year

    5:40pm Aug 3 from karcher9
  • yes

    2:21pm Aug 3 from baltimoreravensrule
  • No, I really think he could emerge as a viable RB3 because NE will run the ball more with a questionable receiving corps, and he's gonna line-up at WR as well because of that
    Ridley is also probably on a short leash because of how he constantly fumbled late last year

    6:03pm Aug 3 from zgamer200
  • NO

    2:34pm Aug 3 from treynhtown
  • You know, when I a post like this, I immediately go look at the news section to see if the player broke a leg, or tore a hammy. So, OK, Vereen is still healthy, you just drafted him, I assume, within the last week or 2. No preseason games have been played. Why did you draft him in the first place? He's a viable RB4, you may as well just say "Should i drop my RB4 ?". I don't know, bro, do you want an RB4 on your team? DRAFT SMARTER, kids!

    3:14pm Aug 3 from fantasyfbaddict
  • Yes.

    2:27pm Aug 3 from footballmaster76
  • Only if you have to, or see somebody on the waiver wire you want more!

    11:39pm Aug 3 from legendx11
  • Shane vereen should be your W/R (Depending the rest of your roster) as he can do both well as you could tell in the Week 14 game against the Texans.

    6:28pm Aug 3 from mmalo
  • no

    6:57pm Aug 3 from steelersfan4369
  • yes

    3:48pm Aug 3 from 14rams
  • Depends on the rest of your roster, but, probably not.

    7:54pm Aug 3 from nileshellmers
  • yes

    2:23pm Aug 3 from adamferraino
  • Woodheads replacement.Looking good for him this year.I say keep

    2:24am Aug 5 from moneymike73333

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Do i trade Adrian Peterson for Calvin Johnson
11:26pm Jul 23 from gap551
  • If you get Peterson, yes, as Top RBs ALWAYS score more than Top WRs

    Since 2009, using the Standard Scoring System from, Top 5 RBs have avg'd 263.25 Fantasy Points per Year

    In that same time span, WRs have avg'd 207.9 Fantasy Points per Year

    12:37am Jul 24 from zgamer200
  • depends how bad you need a receiver.

    12:25am Jul 24 from chillrays
  • no

    12:28am Jul 24 from alcruz34
Grade My Team(A-F) Also any pointers or comments on how to improve my team(Team in comments section)
10:22pm Jul 23 from tito9305
  • C

    Really need better RBs. Getting Brady kinda screws you over, I mean why get Brady when you have Rodgers?

    11:18pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • B/B+ need better RB's,then u'll have an A- team

    10:51pm Jul 23 from kyaxl
  • Good overall but work on getting better rbs

    10:28pm Jul 23 from patsfan1120
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Any good QB sleepers to keep an eye on?
9:51pm Jul 23 from tito9305
  • Cutler, McCown, Eli

    11:02pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • Stafford, RG3, Romo, Rivers, Klapdick

    10:06pm Jul 23 from kylehale69
  • Kelvin Benjamin and Terrance west

    9:55pm Jul 23 from patsfan1120
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Thoughts on Tampa Bay Defense this year?
9:51pm Jul 23 from oo75
  • Top 10

    11:17pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • Do they deserve a roster spot on my team? I have broncos D

    9:59pm Jul 23 from oo75
  • Top 10 by the end of the year.

    9:52pm Jul 23 from chillrays
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Will Philip Rivers have a good year this season?
9:24pm Jul 23 from tito9305
  • Not as good as last year in terms of fantasy but still a solid starter

    9:29pm Jul 23 from darkness0036
  • there is a good chance but looking at his schedule he will not have a good second half of the season.

    9:34pm Jul 23 from rwbj2001
  • I think he'll be a serviceable starter, but a low-end one

    11:18pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
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Will Johnny manziel a Top 10 QB? in fantasy and real life
9:21pm Jul 23 from ignacio137
  • doubtful

    9:35pm Jul 23 from rwbj2001
  • nope

    11:02pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • You know what to answer CHILLRAYS, i Think like you bro

    9:26pm Jul 23 from ignacio137
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Who wins in a trade? I obtain Tom Brady and Roddy White I lose Cam Newton and Keenan Allen.
9:20pm Jul 23 from cruz4329
  • Brady is consistent (last year was unlucky) and so is white.

    newton and allen are inconsistent but have a chance of getting more points occasionally

    9:33pm Jul 23 from darkness0036
  • I like the Brady and White side slightly

    11:15pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • You

    10:17pm Jul 23 from kylehale69
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Should I trade Alshon Jeffery for Anquan Boldin and Bishop Sankey???
9:11pm Jul 23 from tito9305
  • depends on the rest of your team and what your needs are. At face value I would say no

    9:32pm Jul 23 from rwbj2001
  • bishop sankey is a unproven since he's a rookie/alot of upside though and boldin is ok but 49ers are loaded with receivers so i would decline

    9:12pm Jul 23 from rvelez91
  • NO

    11:15pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
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Name 3 overrated players.
9:11pm Jul 23 from bears123win
  • Fantasy: Manning, Sankey, Welker

    Reality: Sherman, Foles, Decker

    11:17pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • What chillrays said

    9:23pm Jul 23 from patsfan1120
  • Antonio Cromartie, wes welker, Eli Manning

    9:33pm Jul 23 from pats4thawin
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Who wins in a trade? I get Tom Brady and RoddyWhite I lose Newton and Keenan Allen.
8:47pm Jul 23 from cruz4329
  • Fair both ways, I think I'd slightly favor Brady and White though

    11:14pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • Pretty fair trade

    9:21pm Jul 23 from unbearlievable
  • I'm going to play it safe and say that it's even.

    8:50pm Jul 23 from chillrays
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Which trade would be better for me? Options in comments. It's a 12 team standard dynasty league
8:42pm Jul 23 from patsfan1120
  • I would go with trade B only because in a dynasty league draft picks are like gold. If you accept team B's offer you can then trade those picks this year for a player of equal or higher value than the player you traded away or you can hang onto those picks & dictate next year's draft since you would own 6 of the top 36 overall picks.

    9:36pm Jul 23 from purplevikin2
  • I like trade 1 better

    11:14pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • I get Antonio Brown, bush, and sanders for Dez, Ryan Mathews, and Hopkins
    I get RGIII, Campbell, 1st round, 2nd round, and 3rd round pick for Dez, 18th round, 19th round! and 20th round picks
    Which offer is better?

    8:44pm Jul 23 from patsfan1120
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Pick top 3 QB duo from the list in comments section below.
8:39pm Jul 23 from bears123win
  • 1. Rodgers and Rivers
    2. Brees and Cutler
    3. Brady and Romo

    11:15pm Jul 23 from zgamer200
  • Drew and jay and peyton with johnny football

    9:25pm Jul 23 from ignacio137
  • 1. Drew Brees / Jay Cutler
    2. Aaron Rodgers / Phillip Rivers
    3. Tom Brady / Tony Romo

    Luck / Dalton are very close to being third.

    8:47pm Jul 23 from chillrays
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