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asked by adiosci
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2:21pm Aug 3 from adiosci
  • yes

    2:21pm Aug 3 from baltimoreravensrule
  • yes

    2:23pm Aug 3 from adamferraino
  • Yes.

    2:27pm Aug 3 from footballmaster76
  • NO

    2:34pm Aug 3 from treynhtown
  • You know, when I a post like this, I immediately go look at the news section to see if the player broke a leg, or tore a hammy. So, OK, Vereen is still healthy, you just drafted him, I assume, within the last week or 2. No preseason games have been played. Why did you draft him in the first place? He's a viable RB4, you may as well just say "Should i drop my RB4 ?". I don't know, bro, do you want an RB4 on your team? DRAFT SMARTER, kids!

    3:14pm Aug 3 from fantasyfbaddict
  • yes

    3:48pm Aug 3 from 14rams
  • god No He's gonna Kick $%# this year

    5:40pm Aug 3 from karcher9
  • No, I really think he could emerge as a viable RB3 because NE will run the ball more with a questionable receiving corps, and he's gonna line-up at WR as well because of that
    Ridley is also probably on a short leash because of how he constantly fumbled late last year

    6:03pm Aug 3 from zgamer200
  • Shane vereen should be your W/R (Depending the rest of your roster) as he can do both well as you could tell in the Week 14 game against the Texans.

    6:28pm Aug 3 from mmalo
  • no

    6:57pm Aug 3 from steelersfan4369
  • Depends on the rest of your roster, but, probably not.

    7:54pm Aug 3 from nileshellmers
  • Only if you have to, or see somebody on the waiver wire you want more!

    11:39pm Aug 3 from legendx11
  • Woodheads replacement.Looking good for him this year.I say keep

    2:24am Aug 5 from moneymike73333

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1:45pm May 24 from beestonators
  • not for me

    1:53pm May 24 from chopr
  • I think top 10

    2:00pm May 24 from 3rdtrillest
  • not at all

    2:14pm May 24 from tvela
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12:30pm May 24 from tvela
  • maybe some I'm not sure how long he'll be out

    12:48pm May 24 from gator64
  • Depends on fast he can recover from it but he should be on of the top targets besides AJ Green on the team.

    1:06pm May 24 from vikings91599
  • If he 100% in 3 to 4 months then no.

    1:24pm May 24 from purpleipod15
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12:09pm May 24 from tvela
  • Either no or maybe a little bit. He seemed to have a very high ceiling last year when he was playing.

    12:26pm May 24 from purpleipod15
  • He did good filling in for Lynch I don't see why he wouldn't again this year and I think he's the lead man to get a majority of carries

    12:46pm May 24 from gator64
  • No idea and they want some depth since they no longer have Lynch. No one has really been talking about him so I don't think he is overrated yet. He will probably be a top 20 back for sure.

    1:10pm May 24 from vikings91599
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11:58am May 24 from tvela
  • To be honest i think mariota

    12:02pm May 24 from theshape24
  • agree^^

    12:05pm May 24 from chopr
  • Todd Gurley or David Johnson are others who could be high risk.

    12:25pm May 24 from purpleipod15
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11:07am May 24 from patsforthewin53
  • He'll probably drop some in the draft

    11:14am May 24 from gator64
  • a lot man... he will loose his seed for a QB pick and may stay un-drafted in a couple of leagues I suspect or many will jst bench him and pick after 12th round or so..

    11:20am May 24 from vkshar
  • It drops his value. I never valued him anyway!!!

    11:42am May 24 from purpleipod15
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9:42am May 24 from eh14
  • If he was a seventh rounder, they weren't counting on anything from him in the first place.

    9:50am May 24 from kitkatman27
  • I think Jags shd still be fine

    10:15am May 24 from vkshar
  • They said it works out for both sides he is a project that will take time to develop that the jags like he probably wouldn't make the final roster right now and would end up on the practice squad where another team could grab him so pretty much he has a team and we don't lose him to another team

    10:24am May 24 from gator64
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8:44am May 24 from tvela
  • Yes

    8:48am May 24 from purpleipod15
  • Yes. They need a backup plan if Matt Jones isn't ready to be the lead back yet.

    9:51am May 24 from kitkatman27
  • I don't see any harm in it. Good backup if Matt Jones isn't ready to be the workhorse, and there's a chance he goes back to being the best back in the league. Highly unlikely, but for the right price it wouldn't be a bad thing.

    10:06am May 24 from f1504x4
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8:27am May 24 from tvela
  • don't think so

    8:30am May 24 from chopr
  • No

    8:48am May 24 from purpleipod15
  • I wouldn't, but your guess is as good as mine as to how well a kicker is going to do.

    9:53am May 24 from kitkatman27
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7:24am May 24 from titan2344
  • Website:
    League ID: 1520541
    Password: psych
    Draft Date: 8/8/16 at 8:30 PM

    7:25am May 24 from titan2344
  • ok

    7:49am May 24 from chopr
  • ok

    7:57am May 24 from cr78
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6:28am May 24 from theshape24
  • Never played in one, but my understanding is you never redraft. You keep the same players on your team every year and you can only make changes to your team by add/drop through waivers and trades. I think there is a draft every year but it's only the rookies

    7:43am May 24 from tmanion11
  • kinda true but you only keep so many players and you draft the rest every year

    7:50am May 24 from chopr
  • I never played either but that sounds right to me.

    8:46am May 24 from purpleipod15
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5:36am May 24 from theshape24
  • yes

    6:01am May 24 from johnnyp57
  • I think so

    6:09am May 24 from vkshar
  • Maybe

    6:50am May 24 from purpleipod15
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7:16pm May 23 from deehenn13
  • no

    7:18pm May 23 from footballboy50
  • Not at all

    7:54pm May 23 from vkshar
  • nope

    8:01pm May 23 from chopr
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