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asked by adiosci
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2:21pm Aug 3 from adiosci
  • yes

    2:21pm Aug 3 from baltimoreravensrule
  • yes

    2:23pm Aug 3 from adamferraino
  • Yes.

    2:27pm Aug 3 from footballmaster76
  • NO

    2:34pm Aug 3 from treynhtown
  • You know, when I a post like this, I immediately go look at the news section to see if the player broke a leg, or tore a hammy. So, OK, Vereen is still healthy, you just drafted him, I assume, within the last week or 2. No preseason games have been played. Why did you draft him in the first place? He's a viable RB4, you may as well just say "Should i drop my RB4 ?". I don't know, bro, do you want an RB4 on your team? DRAFT SMARTER, kids!

    3:14pm Aug 3 from fantasyfbaddict
  • yes

    3:48pm Aug 3 from 14rams
  • god No He's gonna Kick $%# this year

    5:40pm Aug 3 from karcher9
  • No, I really think he could emerge as a viable RB3 because NE will run the ball more with a questionable receiving corps, and he's gonna line-up at WR as well because of that
    Ridley is also probably on a short leash because of how he constantly fumbled late last year

    6:03pm Aug 3 from zgamer200
  • Shane vereen should be your W/R (Depending the rest of your roster) as he can do both well as you could tell in the Week 14 game against the Texans.

    6:28pm Aug 3 from mmalo
  • no

    6:57pm Aug 3 from steelersfan4369
  • Depends on the rest of your roster, but, probably not.

    7:54pm Aug 3 from nileshellmers
  • Only if you have to, or see somebody on the waiver wire you want more!

    11:39pm Aug 3 from legendx11
  • Woodheads replacement.Looking good for him this year.I say keep

    2:24am Aug 5 from moneymike73333

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5:54pm Jul 1 from bobfredjoe
Open Question
5:10pm Jul 1 from phminc
  • He is wrecking any likeness of equality in league and no one else is voting against these trades.Is this common?Can you do anything to stop it?

    5:11pm Jul 1 from phminc
  • what's your league name?

    5:12pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
  • Its an managed league.

    5:15pm Jul 1 from phminc
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4:54pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
  • QB:Cam Newton
    RB:DeMarco Murray
    RB:Shane Vereen
    WR:Sammy Watkins
    WR:Davante Adams
    TE:Jimmy Graham
    W/R:DeVante Parker
    Offense Bench:Jamies Winston,Le'Veon Bell,Victor Cruz,Terrance Williams,Jordan Cameron
    K:Justin Tucker
    DL:Muhammad Wilkerson
    DL:Rob Ninkovich
    LB:Luke Kuechly
    DB:Brent Grimes
    Defense Bench: Aaron Donald,Lavonte David,Earl Thomas, Denver Broncos

    5:02pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
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4:10pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
  • QB1: Peyton Manning
    QB2: Andrew Luck
    RB1: Shane Vereen
    RB2:Marshawn Lynch
    RB3: Melvin Gordon
    WR1:Jeremy Maclin
    WR2:Sammy Watkins
    WR3: Davante Adams
    WR4: Odell Beckham Jr.
    TE1:Greg Olsen
    TE2:Antonio Gates
    Offense Bench: Marcus Mariota,Tood Gurley,Steve Smith,Terrance Williams,Austin Seferian-Jenkins
    DEF1:New York Jets
    DEF2:Seattle Seahawks
    DL1:J.J. Watt
    DL2:Sheldon Richardson
    LB1:Connor Barwin
    LB2:Lavonte David
    LB3:Luke Kuechly
    LB4:Bobby Wagner
    DB1:Aqib Talib
    DB2:Kam Chancellor

    4:38pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
  • DB3:Joe Haden
    DB4:Richard Sherman
    Bench: Geno Atkins,Marcell Dareus,Kiko Alonso,James Laurinaitis,Julius Peppers,Tyrann Mathieu,Darrelle Revis,T.J. Ward,Eric Weddle,DEF Denver Broncos

    4:41pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
  • far*

    4:42pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
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3:59pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
  • if so comment email please

    4:00pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
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3:07pm Jul 1 from armchaircoachjack
  • He is still on the Jets acorrding to yahoo sports

    3:20pm Jul 1 from chrisdaileyiscool
  • he is a free agent

    3:50pm Jul 1 from rgboy247
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3:06pm Jul 1 from armchaircoachjack
  • He'll play with deeez nuts ha got eeeem

    3:07pm Jul 1 from patriotsfan11751
  • Ha, ha. Like most on here, I don't get offended. Keeping it cumming out of your mouth!

    3:14pm Jul 1 from armchaircoachjack
  • Well is career is basically over since what he dd to his wife. Also because he is a free agent that nobody will sing.

    3:19pm Jul 1 from chrisdaileyiscool
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Open Question
2:03pm Jul 1 from oakrai14
  • Imo I like Jackson the most I find it very hard to believe even with McCoy that he doesn't get into the game and get some points

    2:07pm Jul 1 from gator64
  • jackson

    3:00pm Jul 1 from chopr
  • keep johnson

    3:55pm Jul 1 from vikingfan187
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1:47pm Jul 1 from bluydlefty
  • I don't think Lacy will be there but if both are there then I'd take Lacy because he's younger and doesn't get as heavy of a box as lynch does

    1:51pm Jul 1 from shaneanddave
  • Lynch

    2:03pm Jul 1 from beestonators
  • Lynch is more proven and safer to me

    2:07pm Jul 1 from gator64
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1:46pm Jul 1 from rockout365
  • Matthews and Daniels are both on my bench... if i do the trade Allen, and White will be on my bench... so basically I'm lookin at it like Cam for Luck... is that the right way to view it or is this a no no... holla at me...

    1:48pm Jul 1 from rockout365
  • This is my full ros...
    QB Cam
    RB Peterson
    RB Hill
    WR Dez
    WR Cooks
    TE Bennett
    Flex J. Forsett
    K Tucker
    L. Murray
    M. Bryant
    J. Matthews
    O. Daniels

    1:53pm Jul 1 from rockout365
  • Yes! Even if they weren't on your bench I still would do it. Luck is a big upgrade from cam and Daniels and Matthews aren't gonna be that much better than White and Allen

    1:55pm Jul 1 from shaneanddave
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11:30am Jul 1 from thepinklucy
  • Aaron Rodgers

    11:40am Jul 1 from jgarner650
  • QB: Andrew Luck
    RB: Eddie Lacy
    WR: Antonio Brown
    TE: Greg Olsen
    K: Adam Vinitari
    DEF: Dolphins

    11:45am Jul 1 from 1027madness
  • QB-Luck, Rodgers, Brady
    RB-Lacy, Lynch
    WR-Brown, Nelson, T.Y. (Maybe)
    K-Vinatieri, Crosby
    Sorry if I'm wrong but these are my ideas of for-sure point-scorers

    11:49am Jul 1 from rahtchs2017
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11:15am Jul 1 from brianb36
  • My Team:
    QB: P.Manning
    RB: AP
    RB: D.Murray
    WR: OBJ
    WR: J.Matthews
    TE: T.Kelce
    W/R: P.Garcon
    K: A.Vinatieri
    DEF: Cardinals
    Bench: Cutler, R.Bush, C.Spiller, K.Allen, M.Crabtree, Charles Johnson

    Their Team:
    QB: E.Manning
    RB: M.Ingram
    RB: J.Forsett
    WR: D.Thomas
    TE: G.Olsen
    W/R: M.Gordon
    K: J.Tucker
    DEF: Panthers
    Bench: Cam Newton, J.Winston, L.Blount, T.Yeldon, J.Brown, T.Smith

    11:27am Jul 1 from brianb36
  • I would trade Odell Beckham and Adrian Peterson for Eli Manning. Maybe throw in Peyton too because OBJ and Ap might not be enough.

    11:39am Jul 1 from 1027madness
  • lol yeah I'll think about it madness

    11:41am Jul 1 from brianb36
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