asked by r4phi091
5:43pm Feb 15 from r4phi091
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6:07pm Feb 19 from fantasticvon58
Cardinals 0% Eagles 10% Broncos 30% other 60%
8:08pm Feb 18 from linkperez
  • #BullsOnParade
    TEXANS GONNA SACK EVERYONE 24/7!! It'll give our offense more chances at field goals ;D

    8:09pm Feb 18 from linkperez
8:05pm Feb 18 from linkperez
Absolutely 21% Maybe 11% Not yet 68%
  • As a Texans fan, I know the team well. I say absolutely!

    8:05pm Feb 18 from linkperez
  • as a Titans fan i just can say lol to this!

    2:10am Feb 19 from r4phi091
  • as a broncos fan nooo way.

    6:21pm Feb 19 from fantasticvon58
4:54pm Feb 18 from linkperez
Chiefs 6% Broncos 39% Texans 33% Other 22%
  • No matter what, as a Texans fan, I don't care. I want ABSOLUTELY no part in the old and fragile man that all Texans fans hate (because of rivalry).

    4:55pm Feb 18 from linkperez
8:51pm Feb 16 from fantasticvon58
8:36pm Feb 16 from fantasticvon58
yes 52% no 48%
6:28pm Feb 13 from joelcabrera99
texans 26% broncos 54% browns 6% 49ers 14%
4:02pm Feb 13 from lfredhawks12
9:48am Feb 13 from lfredhawks12
6:55am Feb 12 from titan2344
  • If you select A.P. or Cam Newton option and decide on 1 of them just comment which one

    6:56am Feb 12 from titan2344
  • D Murray no question

    8:56am Feb 13 from lfredhawks12
  • murray and robinson

    5:12am Feb 14 from wei99
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