asked by fantasticvon58
8:51pm Feb 16 from fantasticvon58
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8:56am Mar 29 from lfredhawks12
5 years 27% 12 years 18% 18 years 18% 25 years 36%
11:23am Mar 28 from lfredhawks12
8:54am Mar 27 from lfredhawks12
  • Anybody but the Cheatriots!!!!

    9:23am Mar 27 from purpleipod15
  • haha dont worry after the Brady and Bill era. The Cheatriots will go through a 20 year drought. Just watch.

    8:53am Mar 29 from lfredhawks12
3:04pm Mar 26 from risadav
  • DJ will go first no matter what.

    8:58am Mar 29 from lfredhawks12
8:25am Mar 25 from babygooch11
yes 31% no 69%
  • Tom will have his worst year and will retire in 2018. Leading the Pats to a 25 year drought .

    9:07am Mar 29 from lfredhawks12
10:08am Mar 24 from MidgetVerse
Taco Bell 15% McDonalds 15% Other 67% Kfc 4%
10:01am Mar 24 from MidgetVerse
5:55am Mar 24 from tylerandplybon13
  • M

    7:23am Mar 24 from purpleipod15
  • you love michigan

    8:11am Mar 24 from tylerandplybon13
  • i love Ohio state

    9:16am Mar 24 from markand13
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6:11pm Mar 18 from zacharyjudy
  • Warner!

    7:16pm Mar 18 from purpleipod15
  • montana

    9:00am Mar 19 from chopr
  • a-rod!!

    9:03am Mar 19 from retrospace111
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9:06am Mar 17 from eamonpower
  • There are several others missing. Sorry but I do not think Brady or Elway should be in the top 4.

    9:14am Mar 17 from purpleipod15
  • @purpleipod15 you are an absolute brick if you don't think Brady is in the top4 greatest QB's of all time. He is the G.O.A.T.

    1:10pm Mar 17 from avirox13
  • Brady is THE GOAT

    3:01pm Mar 17 from eliklipskar1
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2:10am Mar 17 from tails77
  • jacksonvile

    8:41am Mar 17 from eamonpower
  • texans

    1:11pm Mar 17 from avirox13
  • don't really care

    11:33pm Mar 17 from chopr
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7:50pm Mar 14 from Misererie
  • It's "They're Decent" or "They're Amazing" not "there amazing"
    They're are because it's they are

    10:53am Mar 16 from newyorkfanone
  • ya

    1:12pm Mar 17 from avirox13
  • there amazing they have Ezekiel eliott and dak prescott and dez bryant

    8:28am Mar 25 from babygooch11
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