asked by yid420
12:23pm Apr 19 from yid420
Chargers 28% Jaguars 17% Rams 7% Eagles 48%
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3:20am Jun 27 from aaronpitman
Yes 100% No 0% Possibly 0%
1:06am Jun 27 from thomasvetter
1:00pm Jun 25 from weilian
11:56am Jun 25 from gkhillan
12:47pm Jun 24 from steelers7redsox26
  • everyone knows that Brady is a cheater. Belicheck is only annoying but he is at least truly talented. Brady is being called GOAT and he wouldn't have become anything if it weren't for Belicheck. Not to mention Brady is a disgrace to football they way he gets upset with his receivers when HE throws off targer and the way he complains when he gets tackled like a 5 year old crying "Mommy he hit me"

    1:02pm Jun 24 from 14rams
  • Good point

    1:23pm Jun 24 from steelers7redsox26
  • If Brady played in the 80s against Lawrence Taylor there would be no more Brady RIP and Ronnie Lott would've instilled terror into his receivers lol those two should've played on the same team

    2:38pm Jun 24 from vickisabeest
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9:40pm Jun 23 from GEORGEGAMINGHD
  • Super Bowl 52
    Oakland Raiders Vs. Green Bay Packers

    12:52pm Jun 25 from weilian
  • Raiders Seahawks

    11:19am Jun 26 from ncarthum
7:02pm Jun 23 from catcat56
  • NO

    1:52am Jun 25 from osnabrueck
  • No

    2:54pm Jun 26 from avi1164
5:51pm Jun 23 from innoent
1:29pm Jun 23 from sonicpatrick2000
Yes 79% Yes 21%
12:24pm Jun 23 from kavehnaini21
QB/WR/RB/TE 25% All 33% QB/WR/RB 17% WR/RB 25%
  • All. You should never a spot empty come bye weeks.

    12:51pm Jun 25 from weilian
6:07am Jun 23 from udid
  • Aaron Rodgers.

    12:53pm Jun 25 from weilian
  • How is Zeke still avalible 10th pick???

    11:23am Jun 26 from ncarthum
8:07pm Jun 22 from broncosfifty
yes 17% no 83%
  • no not at all

    11:58pm Jun 23 from chopr
  • hella weak. your commissioner won't stop there.

    12:01am Jun 25 from jgarner650