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asked by bryson1318
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9:47am Apr 20 from bryson1318
  • brady
    any QB for the browns
    that's about it

    10:16am Apr 20 from chopr
  • The depends but I stay away from RB by committee. Like Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard. Im a Seahawks fan and I will stay away from Rawls and Lacy this season. Only way I would draft one of them is to sub in when one of my RB1s is on a bye week.

    10:52am Apr 20 from lfredhawks12
  • TB and pretty much any Patriot!!!

    11:16am Apr 20 from purpleipod15
  • Players that are from the browns

    11:42am Apr 20 from jacobochampaugh
  • Brady and Rodgers and any other Packer unless I some how like them.

    12:37pm Apr 20 from vikings91599
  • Browns QB, Jared Goff, Brock Oswiler and Jonny Manziel

    6:02pm Apr 20 from felipe2003
  • any cowboy

    7:13pm Apr 23 from jgarner650
  • I always have stayed away from Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, and RG3

    8:31pm Apr 23 from emeraldcityfan32
  • Any Patriot RB

    8:20pm Apr 25 from tvela

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5:18pm Sep 19 from jr9396
  • hyde

    5:19pm Sep 19 from glharrisoniv
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5:10pm Sep 19 from sangkook19
  • Tavechhio from the Raiders if he is still open

    5:11pm Sep 19 from austinm921
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5:02pm Sep 19 from Stephenredbull
  • No. Denver held Zeke to two points.

    5:04pm Sep 19 from nfox580
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4:53pm Sep 19 from shourya
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4:45pm Sep 19 from nflbeast108
  • My team is



    DeVante Parker
    Corey Davis


    4:47pm Sep 19 from nflbeast108
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4:45pm Sep 19 from nfox580
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4:37pm Sep 19 from nflbeast108
  • no

    4:42pm Sep 19 from nfllover1810
  • no

    4:43pm Sep 19 from joeyveiga
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4:36pm Sep 19 from MSUproB17
  • all 3

    4:44pm Sep 19 from joeyveiga
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4:29pm Sep 19 from trailerguy1266
  • 50 in two leagues! SMH lol

    4:41pm Sep 19 from 49her
  • I will claim this one on behalf of my bud...85 POINTS! ;0

    4:42pm Sep 19 from trailerguy1266
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4:27pm Sep 19 from trailerguy1266
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4:26pm Sep 19 from abogey92
  • if your WRs are crap then yes

    4:38pm Sep 19 from nfox580
  • My WR Jeffery, Allen, Hopkins, Parker, Thielen

    5:00pm Sep 19 from abogey92
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4:25pm Sep 19 from nfox580