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asked by uallknowme
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7:37pm May 16 from uallknowme
  • read up on players, ask any questions you may have, learn what type of league you like and have fun

    7:24am May 17 from chopr
  • The most important thing is of course drafting the right players to win your championship. But really ffb is all a crap shoot. Youre not psychic. The best why to draft is pick the best player of the position you want. Round 1 and 2 this year and perhaps round 3 I would draft Running backs (with different bye weeks) Reason being is there isnt a lot of 3 down running back in the league this year. So I would draft like this. 1RB 2RB 3RB 1WR 2WR QB TE 3WR 4RB 4WR D K TE 5RB 5WR.

    8:41am May 17 from lfredhawks12
  • Join a league, then check league setting to see how the scoring is in your league and make sure you know your Drafting date... Research the players and teams to get ready for you fantasy draft...Good Luck!

    10:44am May 17 from tvela
  • it's addictive, and a waste of time, but I can't stop...

    7:28am May 18 from jgarner650

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8:00am Sep 22 from mimybabu210
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7:56am Sep 22 from unclejohn1
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7:44am Sep 22 from wbajackson
  • you succop

    7:53am Sep 22 from rmcdannell511
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7:01am Sep 22 from phoenixeq
  • Goff is done already and with the choices you have iOS go with mariota and hope for the best I can't see any of the others doing better .....cutler would be a good option if he's available?

    7:06am Sep 22 from jayw55
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7:00am Sep 22 from clarkebar1013
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6:47am Sep 22 from frankbouch
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6:45am Sep 22 from kk133837
  • QB Winston Rivers
    RB Bell, Hunt, Carson, Cohen, Mixon
    WR Baldwin, D Thomas, Diggs, Landry
    TE Henry, Eifert
    K Lutz
    D Carolina

    6:47am Sep 22 from kk133837
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6:42am Sep 22 from mrk6t4
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6:41am Sep 22 from kk133837
  • No

    6:43am Sep 22 from rojones82
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6:41am Sep 22 from segrueman34
  • Yes.

    6:45am Sep 22 from brucethemaster
  • If you need depth, yes. Luck may not even come back this season.

    6:46am Sep 22 from kennyp91
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6:33am Sep 22 from segrueman34
  • If PPR I would take Sproles, otherwise I'd hold on to him.

    6:45am Sep 22 from kennyp91
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6:30am Sep 22 from iceman127
  • yes

    6:33am Sep 22 from radschrattlesnakes
  • yes

    6:58am Sep 22 from lukedenniston12