Add or Drop

asked by belaC2001
Add Or Drop
6:28pm May 18 from belaC2001
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Add Or Drop
5:23pm May 25 from spmaher
  • the non cheater

    5:36pm May 25 from chopr
Add Or Drop
5:21pm May 25 from spmaher
  • honestly both of them

    5:36pm May 25 from chopr
  • why even get them in the first place?

    6:40pm May 25 from A55andT1TT1ES
Add Or Drop
3:41pm May 21 from maddenwillrise
  • Julio...

    8:29am May 22 from tvela
Add Or Drop
8:32am May 19 from 214141
  • Big Ben....

    4:15pm May 19 from tvela
Add Or Drop
12:20am May 19 from blades000
  • 12 team keeper league.

    12:26am May 19 from blades000
  • all of them

    7:44am May 19 from chopr
Add Or Drop
3:33pm May 18 from yarnell
  • Howard

    7:52pm May 18 from tvela
  • McCoy

    8:56pm May 18 from belaC2001
  • Howard

    4:11pm May 19 from dns1492
Add Or Drop
9:52am May 18 from belaC2001
  • Z. Jones isnt solid

    9:53am May 18 from sbeastmode
  • Freeman...

    7:51pm May 18 from tvela
Add Or Drop
4:35pm May 16 from 30JoshuaHorton
  • jordy nelson is getting older and i do nt think he going to be a power horse for much longert

    6:19am May 17 from superman101q
  • Landry...

    10:45am May 17 from tvela