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asked by purpleipod15
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12:56pm May 19 from purpleipod15
  • I was so looking forward to the May 20th Point Fest Concert by 105.7 The Point radio station. I will reluctantly be getting my money back. The 9 total band concert was cancelled.

    12:59pm May 19 from purpleipod15
  • 1991 Bad Motor Finger, 1994 Super Unknown, 1996 Down on the Upside are 3 fantastic albums!!!

    1:01pm May 19 from purpleipod15
  • Black Hole Sun is already getting too much radio time. It's going to be a nightmare for a while. And I say this as a person who enjoys that song...

    3:52pm May 19 from LavenderCas
  • True That....RIP

    4:13pm May 19 from tvela
  • another great loss

    10:50pm May 19 from chopr
  • agreed. sad.

    7:15am May 24 from jgarner650

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4:22pm May 24 from Thongs
  • read up and watch the stats, all the sport shows are talking about the big names, have to see who's there when it's your turn to pick do your homework

    5:19pm May 24 from chopr
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4:15pm May 24 from newyorkfanone
  • why

    5:17pm May 24 from chopr
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4:13pm May 24 from newyorkfanone
  • not sure

    5:19pm May 24 from chopr
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8:12am May 24 from propayn760
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7:08am May 24 from propayn760
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5:19am May 24 from maddenwillrise
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10:28am May 22 from padraighk
  • Carr

    10:30am May 22 from jacobochampaugh
  • And crowder

    10:30am May 22 from jacobochampaugh
  • Carr

    10:33am May 22 from chopr
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6:20am May 22 from ojan
  • big ben
    cam newton
    tyreek hill
    terrelle pryor
    pierre garcon
    baltimore D
    hunter henry
    todd gurley
    sterling sheppard
    thomas rawls
    cameron brate
    isaiah crowell
    jeremy hill
    chris hogan
    adam vinatieri
    james stark

    i'm leaning on big ben, cam newton, terrelle pryor, and tyreek hill

    6:22am May 22 from ojan
  • IMO- T. Hill, T Gurley, J Hill, S Shepard

    8:00am May 22 from felpaur
  • Big Ben

    8:27am May 22 from tvela
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4:04pm May 19 from romanh5

    8:15pm May 19 from shawnmowers
  • mccaff

    9:24pm May 19 from mets55
  • McCaffery

    10:49pm May 19 from chopr
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2:26pm May 19 from vikingfan301
  • Hopkins, at least he has a chance to bounce back.
    Gronk will just end up hurt.

    2:43pm May 19 from chalupamaster
  • Hop

    3:50pm May 19 from LavenderCas
  • Hopkins, Gronk will still be available in the fourth

    7:42pm May 19 from EsteemedAtom
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2:25pm May 19 from vikingfan301
  • Russel if it's a standard scoring league without any changes.
    Brees if it's the 6-4 scoring system.
    Rodgers if it's higher than that, but you could argue he would also be viable in the 6-4 system as a 3rd round pick.

    2:39pm May 19 from chalupamaster
  • I would be happy with Rus in the seventh

    3:50pm May 19 from LavenderCas
  • Luck(5-6)

    4:11pm May 19 from tvela
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