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asked by purpleipod15
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12:56pm May 19 from purpleipod15
  • I was so looking forward to the May 20th Point Fest Concert by 105.7 The Point radio station. I will reluctantly be getting my money back. The 9 total band concert was cancelled.

    12:59pm May 19 from purpleipod15
  • 1991 Bad Motor Finger, 1994 Super Unknown, 1996 Down on the Upside are 3 fantastic albums!!!

    1:01pm May 19 from purpleipod15
  • Black Hole Sun is already getting too much radio time. It's going to be a nightmare for a while. And I say this as a person who enjoys that song...

    3:52pm May 19 from LavenderCas
  • True That....RIP

    4:13pm May 19 from tvela
  • another great loss

    10:50pm May 19 from chopr
  • agreed. sad.

    7:15am May 24 from jgarner650

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5:52am Dec 18 from cdavis1216
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5:29am Dec 18 from joshcope90
  • Going to be super close with TB doubling Julio all game

    5:52am Dec 18 from cdavis1216
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11:33pm Dec 17 from xseahawksfan12x
  • Pretty good. I only need 38 out of him. I think we can chalk up the wins already.

    12:21am Dec 18 from bucks9009
  • He'll get 71

    5:33am Dec 18 from freshprincetk
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10:38pm Dec 17 from justinbraga
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8:52pm Dec 17 from slinkbc89
  • yeah

    9:01pm Dec 17 from mets55
  • Possible yes, gotta hope for a shootout and a long td. Anything can happen...especially on MNF GOOD LUCK.

    9:25pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
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8:37pm Dec 17 from ne420
  • Losers never win! LOL!

    8:43pm Dec 17 from ne420
  • That sounds like bs, are you sure? How can an entire league be ok w that??? How can you not draft a team you like in one try? Idk

    9:30pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
  • I didn't force it. Neewollah was the only one who disagreed with it and was the only one who left. I did not force 3 redrafts. We (as a league besides Neewollah) settled for one redraft. The part that neewollah didn't talk about in his rants about me is that he had two accounts in the same league and traded all his good players to one team so he would obviously win. This was my first league being commish of so I didn't know how to work the settings.

    11:37pm Dec 17 from xseahawksfan12x
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6:42pm Dec 17 from mrautomatik
  • It’s Possible.

    7:26pm Dec 17 from eljayyyy
  • Tuff to say.. good news tho, TB will be wo Lavonte David

    7:42pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
  • If it was PPR I would guarantee it. But that’s tough. I say 4 catches for 32 yards

    7:54pm Dec 17 from cdavis1216
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5:49pm Dec 17 from perrymaster3
  • M. Wallace vs Colts
    C. Kupp @ Tenn
    J. Nelson vs Min
    N. Agholor vs Oak
    T. Williams @ Jets
    K. Wright vs Cle

    Thanks in advance!

    5:53pm Dec 17 from perrymaster3
  • Agholor or Kupp

    6:27pm Dec 17 from andrewvb1
  • Jordy Nelson

    7:26pm Dec 17 from eljayyyy
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5:02pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
  • Noice

    5:34am Dec 18 from dcrosen
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4:41pm Dec 17 from ttrusaw
  • Nope

    4:49pm Dec 17 from ne420
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3:39pm Dec 17 from xseahawksfan12x
  • Gurley's got 42 and the 4th quarter just started lol

    3:39pm Dec 17 from xseahawksfan12x
  • 61

    4:09pm Dec 17 from tvela
  • Would you start Alfred Morris or Rod Smith

    4:14pm Dec 17 from jeep68
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1:49pm Dec 17 from bigjake06
  • who wins i meant but i ran out of characters

    1:56pm Dec 17 from bigjake06
  • Should be close but I say loss

    3:00pm Dec 17 from ethanle120
  • Burk and brien went out too yikes

    4:40pm Dec 17 from cdavis1216
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