asked by chalupamaster
2:42pm May 19 from chalupamaster
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4:02am Dec 18 from smedeiros64
Yes 67% No 33%
1:54am Dec 18 from simone211190
1:52am Dec 18 from simone211190
You 40% The other guy 60%
8:59pm Dec 17 from wavy300
Yes 50% No 50%
8:48pm Dec 17 from Profanic94
Yes 78% No 22%
8:16pm Dec 17 from Creez300
Yes 77% No 23%
7:30pm Dec 17 from AxelX17
Sanu 44% Julio Jones 56%
  • comment who do you think is the SAFE play

    7:36pm Dec 17 from AxelX17
  • I would have to say sanu. Julio is going to be double covered against a team playing for nothing

    7:45pm Dec 17 from cdavis1216
  • there is no way Tampa Bay is going to allow Julio to go for 250 again. They will absolutely double him on every snap so Sanu should get more targets

    7:47pm Dec 17 from freshprincetk
5:32pm Dec 17 from 466758
yes 75% no 25%
  • No, all the fans that didn’t show up because it was raining were though. Fair weather fans LOL!

    5:36pm Dec 17 from ne420
  • the Steelers should of won with the touchdown and it was such a touchdown but the refs overturned it and it turned into a interception. I was screaming in happiness when the Steelers scored I was super duper happy. but when it was overturned i was yelling when it was overturned. then i said "they have one more chance to win slash tie the game to go to overtime but Ben Roethlisberger through an interception and it was done. At least we're still in the playoffs but we're not first seed.

    5:43pm Dec 17 from 466758
4:15pm Dec 17 from RamenRemund
3:54pm Dec 17 from AxelX17
Sanu 30% Julio Jones 70%
2:00pm Dec 17 from bigjake06
yes 50% definitly 25% absolutley 17% for sure 8%
  • LOL, and they will be playing against the colts

    2:30pm Dec 17 from teamyles56