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2:42pm May 19 from chalupamaster
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10:49am Aug 16 from bmac1212
  • Like last 5 rounds

    1:14pm Aug 16 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • I think he will be legit when he returns week 4

    1:26pm Aug 16 from neewollah
10:34am Aug 16 from aemcwilliams
Yes 63% No 38%
  • It's possible but OBJ will be getting a lot of targets still

    1:15pm Aug 16 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
10:02am Aug 16 from ajg229
9:44am Aug 16 from mets55
  • It's actually weeks 1-7 because the cowgirls have a bye week 6

    1:23pm Aug 16 from neewollah
7:29am Aug 16 from purpleipod15
Grade A 6% Grade B+ 38% Grade B 38% Grade C+ 19%
  • I also have Jordan Matthews, Maclin, AZ, Vinateri, but 15th pick was Wentz and dropped for Rob Kelley.

    7:31am Aug 16 from purpleipod15
  • B

    8:33am Aug 16 from tvela
5:17am Aug 16 from sportster04
  • after u send in a question don't close the page open an additional nfl. com at the top of browser and refresh your question page? that's the best I can tell you

    5:27am Aug 16 from BringYourOwnTuchdwns
9:38pm Aug 15 from timjohnson87
  • K, K, K, K, QB

    9:59pm Aug 15 from neewollah
  • RB, WR, RB, WR, RB but depends what pick I have

    10:12pm Aug 15 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
9:37pm Aug 15 from purpleipod15
A. 43% B. 36% Even, cannot decide. 21%
  • I'd want the David Johnson side

    10:13pm Aug 15 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
7:04pm Aug 15 from timjohnson87
Pick 1 19% Pick 2 8% Pick 3 12% Pick 4 62%
  • 5 or 6

    7:23pm Aug 15 from segrueman34
  • Round 4 after you draft 3 kickers. You can never have enough kickers

    8:51pm Aug 15 from neewollah
  • I normally pick QB in 5 or 6

    10:13pm Aug 15 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
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7:01pm Aug 15 from gehmwinner07
6:38pm Aug 15 from esoaresjr
L.Bell 71% M. Gordon 29%
5:58pm Aug 15 from bigboyric
Yes 71% No 29%
  • Prob not

    6:29pm Aug 15 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx