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asked by nfox580
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6:44pm Jul 16 from nfox580
  • I'm leaning towards no but he's made a pretty good case so far so I haven't answered the trade yet

    6:45pm Jul 16 from nfox580
  • Get Thomas man

    7:21pm Jul 16 from vikingfan301
  • I would want MT!!

    7:35pm Jul 16 from purpleipod15
  • no because he has already made a great name for himself and will soon be the face of the chiefs.

    8:02pm Jul 16 from redskinfan0009
  • i'd keep hill

    9:34pm Jul 16 from chopr
  • I would definetly accept that offer! With Brandin Cooks out of New Orleans, Thomas will be the main receiver. And I know people can make the same kind of argument about Tyreek since Maclin is gone, however New Orleans is more of a pass heavy offense than Kansas City. So I would without a doubt accept that trade!

    9:54pm Jul 16 from matthewtodd2121
  • I would take it. Hill is maybe the more intriguing option, but he's also a massive risk. He's a deep-threat/special teams guy being thrust into a WR1 role, while Thomas fills a need that Brees hasn't had since Marques Colston

    2:05pm Jul 17 from mozata
  • Accept! Stats show that hill wasn't actually that effective on offense. He became popular because of being a great return man.

    2:05pm Jul 17 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • i'd take MT, Hill is too big of a risk

    8:46pm Jul 17 from swagmoney123

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8:16pm Nov 17 from tvela
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8:05pm Nov 17 from saucedajr
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7:37pm Nov 17 from mrautomatik
  • nah...Jones, but its close...good luck

    8:23pm Nov 17 from tvela
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7:14pm Nov 17 from rsig20
  • Depends on what u need a RB or WR?

    8:26pm Nov 17 from tvela
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6:46pm Nov 17 from kep128
  • QB- Carr
    RB- Gordon
    RB- McKinnon
    WR- AJ Green
    WR- J. Jones
    FLEX- D. Bryant
    TE- Reed
    D/ST- Eagles
    K- Zeurlein
    Charles Clay
    D. Lewis
    L. Murray

    I'm giving more value but I prefer ravens and Olsen could be useful later

    6:46pm Nov 17 from kep128
  • no

    7:04pm Nov 17 from kjhref
  • no

    7:20pm Nov 17 from teamyles56
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6:32pm Nov 17 from stonecoldbrett
  • My other rbs are m gordon, a morris, a peterson, a collins and my wrs are aj green, d thomas, funchess and r woods

    6:33pm Nov 17 from stonecoldbrett
  • Jared Goff

    6:34pm Nov 17 from joeyatemylunch
  • Wentz

    6:58pm Nov 17 from kep128
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6:21pm Nov 17 from sambowman95
  • Np

    6:34pm Nov 17 from joeyatemylunch
  • Yes

    7:02pm Nov 17 from dcextreme2
  • yes

    7:24pm Nov 17 from teamyles56
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6:02pm Nov 17 from Giants2K18
  • Stafford

    6:35pm Nov 17 from joeyatemylunch
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5:56pm Nov 17 from spartangirl29
  • Crowell

    6:35pm Nov 17 from joeyatemylunch
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5:54pm Nov 17 from spartangirl29
  • McKinnion

    6:35pm Nov 17 from joeyatemylunch
  • I would go Coleman this week with Freeman out

    6:51pm Nov 17 from ne420
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5:00pm Nov 17 from nys11
  • TC and it's not close.

    5:06pm Nov 17 from pauldemoss
  • Ok cool

    5:09pm Nov 17 from nys11
  • Coleman

    5:54pm Nov 17 from spartangirl29
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4:17pm Nov 17 from browny44
  • TJ

    4:18pm Nov 17 from ne420
  • Yeldon

    6:36pm Nov 17 from joeyatemylunch