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asked by nflbeast108
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7:01pm Jul 16 from nflbeast108
  • Martin-he'll be back to his 2015 form

    7:22pm Jul 16 from cgw1948
  • I'd grab cook

    7:30pm Jul 16 from vikingfan301
  • Doug martin all the way

    7:53pm Jul 16 from redskinfan0009
  • Cook

    9:01pm Jul 16 from nfox580
  • cook

    9:33pm Jul 16 from chopr
  • DM

    10:44am Jul 17 from purpleipod15
  • I really don't like any of them fantasy-wise, but probably Cook

    12:06pm Jul 18 from mozata
  • Abdullah.

    4:26pm Jul 18 from jdizzle45
  • cook is a high upside rb 2

    12:59pm Jul 21 from megatronward

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1:02am Sep 23 from jtz123
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11:58pm Sep 22 from mimybabu210
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11:53pm Sep 22 from jimmyHur
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11:36pm Sep 22 from mimybabu210
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11:04pm Sep 22 from mimybabu210
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11:03pm Sep 22 from arnek4
  • If you think Ajayi has more upside and can stay healthier, why not

    11:22pm Sep 22 from shel78
  • No...good luck sport ;)

    12:09am Sep 23 from trailerguy1266
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10:43pm Sep 22 from trailerguy1266
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10:42pm Sep 22 from mimybabu210
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10:26pm Sep 22 from mimybabu210
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9:58pm Sep 22 from niknakk89
  • Evans, Thielen

    10:26pm Sep 22 from troy1108
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7:59pm Sep 22 from kep128
  • RBs are Gordon crowell jaquizz gore blount
    WRs are green Alshon crowder Snead moncrief

    8:02pm Sep 22 from kep128
  • No. Tbh I wouldn't. You team looks fine how it is.

    8:12pm Sep 22 from ghost360141
  • Nah dog

    9:24pm Sep 22 from nfox580
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6:56pm Sep 22 from browny44
  • Cook

    7:05pm Sep 22 from hollowborn
  • Should I start Aaron Rodgers or Ben rothlesberger in week 3

    7:16pm Sep 22 from IshanRaiders
  • cook

    8:13pm Sep 22 from shane114
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