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asked by sportdesh
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11:41pm Aug 12 from sportdesh

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7:30pm Aug 17 from kep128
  • QB-Luck
    RB- bell
    WR-D. Bryant
    WR-K. Allen
    Eddie lacy
    Mike gillislee
    Donte moncrief
    Willie Snead
    Doug Martin
    Phillip rivers
    James Conner

    7:30pm Aug 17 from kep128
  • If other guy accepts hell yes

    7:32pm Aug 17 from neewollah
  • Why do you have conner on your team?

    7:33pm Aug 17 from neewollah
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7:14pm Aug 17 from neewollah
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5:57pm Aug 17 from billyg15
  • trade

    5:58pm Aug 17 from starsofma
  • Kind of ran out of room in the question. But not sure if I should drop Doyle and get somebody off the waivers. But if I do trade do I get a backup TE or try to get more RB/WR depth. Thanks

    5:58pm Aug 17 from billyg15
  • u suk

    6:18pm Aug 17 from doubleravens2013
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5:38pm Aug 17 from avalanche268
  • No drop them immediately

    5:40pm Aug 17 from neewollah
  • Yes. Three elite players. Ignore neewollah

    5:53pm Aug 17 from billyg15
  • yes

    6:51pm Aug 17 from chopr
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4:26pm Aug 17 from 11111giants11111
  • keeping OBJ TY and Blount

    4:26pm Aug 17 from 11111giants11111
  • baldwin

    4:33pm Aug 17 from chopr
  • Depends on what the rest of your roster looks like, but QB is the easiest position to fill a void.

    4:48pm Aug 17 from borgnabunch
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Open Question
4:22pm Aug 17 from nyjfuel
  • second

    4:22pm Aug 17 from neilsoreilly
  • Do I draft him? As League rule Allow injured players from waivers or free agents to be added directly to IR is NO

    4:23pm Aug 17 from nyjfuel
  • 3-5

    4:33pm Aug 17 from chopr
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Open Question
4:18pm Aug 17 from jdizzle45
  • Must be ACTIVE. Will email whoever is interested the teams available and you can pick from there. Looking to draft asap!

    4:19pm Aug 17 from jdizzle45
  • Still open?

    4:50pm Aug 17 from borgnabunch
  • @borgnabunch Yep. Leave me your email address if you're interested and I'll give you more information

    5:27pm Aug 17 from jdizzle45
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3:05pm Aug 17 from nfoltzy
  • JA

    4:34pm Aug 17 from chopr
  • No

    4:35pm Aug 17 from neewollah
  • absolutely not. Howard all day long, followed by Murray. I would consider the gamble over Ajayi.

    4:51pm Aug 17 from borgnabunch
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2:19pm Aug 17 from blockbuster75
  • I get DJ and hid 1st round pick and he gets OBJ & Freeman plus my 2nd round pick and my 4th round pick which I have two 4th round picks. 1/2 point PPR league 10 team. Please HELP!!!!

    2:21pm Aug 17 from blockbuster75
  • Try keepong OBJ. Give him Freeman and 2nd for DJ.

    2:30pm Aug 17 from brooksy49ers
  • no

    2:37pm Aug 17 from tonye0923
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1:47pm Aug 17 from joshdavidson04
  • Maybe $40

    1:48pm Aug 17 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • Bell/Johnson worth $55-60 from there $40ish on tier 2 rb.

    4:51pm Aug 17 from borgnabunch
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1:45pm Aug 17 from howard02
  • All day

    1:47pm Aug 17 from shaneanddave
  • Yes

    1:49pm Aug 17 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
  • yes

    4:35pm Aug 17 from chopr
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12:24pm Aug 17 from Rexasaurus300
  • QB- Rodegers
    HB- Miller
    HB- Montgomery
    WR- G. Tate
    WR- Cooper
    TE- Brate
    W/R- Mccafrey

    E. Sanders

    12:26pm Aug 17 from Rexasaurus300
  • Rodgers miller & cooper possibly

    12:33pm Aug 17 from neewollah
  • ^

    1:31pm Aug 17 from xxxseahawksfan12xxx
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