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11:37am Nov 10 from bgobahtheking
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6:56pm Jul 20 from teamyles56
5:30pm Jul 20 from rgboy247
Yes 25% Maybe 75%
  • Draft unknown right now

    5:31pm Jul 20 from rgboy247
  • where is the no button?

    6:47pm Jul 20 from teamyles56
9:32am Jul 20 from kproper
9:30am Jul 20 from kproper
6:57am Jul 20 from casey19
  • Melvin all the way

    7:13am Jul 20 from patsnation1215
  • KC has an unproven QB, which will focus most teams to play tight up front. KC QB has the arm, but not the knowledge of Alex Smith. Melvin Gordon has a veteran at QB.

    7:38am Jul 20 from daddy1124
6:48am Jul 20 from aldanelli
  • I would go with Bell. He is worth losing the first round pick, Hunt is a risk. Also its PPR so it raises each players value. I would keep Bell if you are drafting out of the 2-12 spot

    12:33pm Jul 20 from billyg15
11:40am Jul 19 from bengalboy500
yes 24% no 76%
  • who ia roddy amderson?

    3:40pm Jul 20 from teamyles56
3:26pm Jul 18 from billyg15
A 41% B 41% Even 18%
3:05pm Jul 17 from senny19
4:39am Jul 17 from hagenvoort
Yes 64% No 36%
5:04pm Jul 16 from och005
yes 48% no 52%
  • He will still be doing his best this year even though he will not be a steeler next year

    10:40am Jul 17 from HaveMtnDew
  • I think he should still go top 3 or 4, I would personally take Gurley #1

    3:05pm Jul 18 from billyg15
  • this year idk who i would take number 1 because the issues with bell david johnson coming off an injury leasean mccoy might not be able to play

    4:49pm Jul 18 from teamyles56
11:37am Jul 16 from chjones10