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asked by micalakap
  • I disagree. Losing Deshaun Watson may have cost me the Championship.
    Marcus Mariota is a BIG drop off from production of Watson.

    I have Kelce, and don't carry a backup TE.
    I did pick up Hunter Henry as a one week streamer.

    6:00pm Nov 10 from jhmcgrogan
  • I wanted a None of the Above option as well, thanks for weighing in.

    6:06pm Nov 10 from micalakap

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6:42am Mar 20 from ketter3
  • Dude, you can’t even spell ‘dynasty’?!? Tard.

    7:33am Mar 20 from linkprez
  • Appreciate your help ;) Swiss-German is my first language...

    10:32am Mar 20 from ketter3
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5:30am Mar 19 from dantew1013
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4:51pm Mar 14 from linkperez
  • Allen Robinson - Chicago Bears
    Taylor Gabriel - Chicago Bears
    Paul Richardson - Washington Redskins
    Sammy Watkins - Los Angeles Rams
    Albert Wilson - Miami Dolphins
    Danny Amendola - Miami Dolphins

    4:52pm Mar 14 from linkperez
  • #WeAreTitans

    9:31am Mar 15 from linkperes
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4:46pm Mar 14 from linkperez
  • Aqib Talib - Los Angeles Rams
    Marcus Peters - Los Angeles Rams
    Richard Sherman - San Francisco 49ers
    Malcolm Butler - Tennessee Titans
    Trumaine Johnson - New York Jets
    Patrick Robinson - New Orleans Saints

    4:48pm Mar 14 from linkperez
  • #WeAreTitans

    9:31am Mar 15 from linkperes
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4:41pm Mar 14 from linkperez
  • Kirk Cousins - Minnesota Vikings
    A.J. McCarron - Buffalo Bills
    Alex Smith - Washington Redskins
    Case Keenum - Denver Broncos
    Sam Bradford - Arizona Cardinals
    Teddy Bridgewater - New York Jets

    4:43pm Mar 14 from linkperez
  • #WeAreTitans

    9:32am Mar 15 from linkperes
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10:22pm Mar 13 from Seahawkcole
  • O line

    3:01pm Mar 14 from bhbaxter13
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11:18pm Mar 11 from Seahawkcole
  • The person that actually won it deserves it.

    7:53pm Mar 12 from Carnivalclown
  • I think this question is 1 year and 1 week too late

    8:39am Mar 14 from linkperez
  • none on this list

    12:40pm Mar 14 from chopr
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11:43am Mar 8 from Lavo12
  • This dated very, very, very fast

    12:34pm Mar 11 from linkperez