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asked by tvela
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6:31pm Nov 10 from tvela
  • ginn

    9:30pm Nov 10 from teamyles56
  • Jordys last chance for me

    10:27pm Nov 10 from bhbaxter13
  • I'd skip the last chance for Jordy and either trade or consider dropping (In fairness to that statement, I said and did the same as soon as ARod got hurt). Jordy literally needs AR to be good. I was convinced by an in depth look at the way Rodgers throws Jordy open. They are that good together that he knows where to put the ball for him. He's really great with AR throwing, he just creates no separation and Hundley isn't really looking his was. All that said, I'd go Parker. The young Car corners where getting killed by Atl last week. We just didn't want to catch anything and make them feel bad. My God Julio...

    1:17am Nov 11 from FreakinFalcons03

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8:58pm Oct 22 from rjfinfan
  • Straight up

    9:10pm Oct 22 from loncho666
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8:28pm Oct 22 from fydelcashflow
  • Yes

    8:28pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I wouldn't stress over a defense, you can always stream them week to week

    8:29pm Oct 22 from cowboytroy1996
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8:22pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I'm just venting. Lost by 4 points. I had Barkley, they were on the 1 hard line early and didn't just do a run up the middle. Then Eli with those QB sneaks, I know that was his own call.

    8:23pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I think manning called the plays towards the end there lol

    8:32pm Oct 22 from cowboytroy1996
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7:53pm Oct 22 from loggomyeggo
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7:35pm Oct 22 from footballguy8596
  • Kerryon

    7:40pm Oct 22 from hawksx75x
  • Who else do you have. Because both Kerryon and Lindsay would be good additions.

    8:24pm Oct 22 from 25kc
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7:05pm Oct 22 from canadawgpound
  • Mitch is looking at the Jets,,,,
    I do think Mitch vs the Jets could be better than Cam vs the Ravens - but I've been using both Cam and Rivers depending on matchups - not sure I fully trust Mitch to play the same role, but he's been lighting it up in fantasy lately

    7:08pm Oct 22 from canadawgpound
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5:09pm Oct 22 from nflfan0089
  • You better hope he gets back to the Steelers first

    5:37pm Oct 22 from cowboytroy1996
  • Not much

    6:28pm Oct 22 from gatorfansbriede
  • I wouldn't trade for him. So good luck trying to trade him away.

    8:25pm Oct 22 from 25kc
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4:19pm Oct 22 from kingofdabs
  • he’s too injury prone

    6:29pm Oct 22 from gatorfansbriede
  • Trade him if you can

    8:27pm Oct 22 from 25kc
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4:16pm Oct 22 from paulshrug2
  • Yes

    5:42pm Oct 22 from clarkebar1013
  • Yes

    6:30pm Oct 22 from gatorfansbriede
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4:01pm Oct 22 from jetfan1521
  • no

    4:03pm Oct 22 from shocker243
  • He might.

    4:08pm Oct 22 from kingofdabs
  • Doubt it

    4:32pm Oct 22 from tfortexas17
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3:53pm Oct 22 from Stephenredbull
  • Connor- Ingram

    4:07pm Oct 22 from jacksonpenner28
  • Connor , Mixon

    4:47pm Oct 22 from Goat12brasy
  • Connor, Mixon

    6:30pm Oct 22 from gatorfansbriede
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2:58pm Oct 22 from tfortexas17