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asked by joecmata00
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8:32pm Nov 10 from joecmata00
  • Steelers

    8:51pm Nov 10 from kwiat07
  • lions

    9:28pm Nov 10 from teamyles56
  • Tigers and bears, oh my! Lol I had to put that in there. I'd pick the lions.

    9:49pm Nov 10 from xseahawksfan12x
  • hey, I've got both too. Ha. I picked Pit off waivers as number 10 in the order fulling expecting one of the other def needy teams to get it. I didn't even really want it, but now I'm trying to package them and Carr for Brees which may or may not be a good idea. ANYWAY. I'd prob say Lions. Pit is prob the better real life def but Det has those big play guys. With pretty soft schedules for both, you really can't go wrong with either.

    12:31am Nov 11 from FreakinFalcons03
  • Lions

    8:12am Nov 11 from ikickedyourbutt
  • Lions

    9:23am Nov 11 from billyg15

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1:11pm Jul 20 from hasenali
Open Question
1:11pm Jul 20 from hasenali
Open Question
12:28pm Jul 20 from cindy1213
  • 1) Go to My Team.
    2) Go to Edit Settings
    3) Upload a Logo
    4) Submit
    *This only works for one team at a time. Not all of them

    12:31pm Jul 20 from billyg15
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12:25pm Jul 20 from hasenali
Open Question
7:58am Jul 20 from VickyKay
  • 12... weeks 5 to 17... no appeal, no court trial... he just accepted why should there be any more repercussions?

    8:02am Jul 20 from tomfromgermany
  • Don't forget his injury history...

    8:55am Jul 20 from alklock
  • 12

    10:02am Jul 20 from vikingfan301
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3:59am Jul 20 from kingjam03
  • Justin Tucker

    5:40am Jul 20 from titans3034
  • jj watt

    5:57am Jul 20 from cadobunnell1398
  • Tim tebow

    8:19am Jul 20 from jp6394
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Open Question
1:26pm Jul 19 from zuzema
  • I had troubles with the browser.... maybe that is the issue as well...

    7:47am Jul 20 from tomfromgermany
Open Question
11:45am Jul 19 from tomfromgermany
  • just confirm, if it is com, org, net or an other ending after gmail... for the invitation tool I added com... and sent the invite without WIZ as I still have not got his email sent again... Wiz, if you read this, please add your email once more.... I need it to send an invitation... german friend Eddie who's team owner 6 joined ... so he got the invitation... sorry everyone for the inconvenience...

    11:48am Jul 19 from tomfromgermany
  • Gmail is all . C o m

    1:14pm Jul 19 from nfox580
  • nfox n cards...btw do you already know each other?

    1:16pm Jul 19 from tomfromgermany
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Open Question
11:20am Jul 19 from jbrandonhawk
Open Question
11:19am Jul 19 from oldjiveturkey
  • Depends on your other options and your draft spot

    11:20am Jul 19 from billyg15
  • ^

    1:15pm Jul 19 from nfox580
  • yes

    10:03am Jul 20 from vikingfan301
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Open Question
10:15pm Jul 18 from keonae1
Open Question
9:34pm Jul 18 from tomfromgermany
  • still need your email, you deleted the post on the other open question, before I had written it down... or let us know, if you lost interest please, so we can find another player... thanks!

    9:35pm Jul 18 from tomfromgermany
  • Hey man you never sent me the email I never got it and cards said he didn't get it either

    9:44am Jul 19 from nfox580
  • I sent an invite in the morning....via the tool... but if it didn't work, I send you the email directly... and I added ... to the open gmail... maybe that was the issue... is it really just gmail without an ending?

    10:06am Jul 19 from tomfromgermany
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