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asked by youngjz303
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8:36pm Nov 10 from youngjz303
  • Morris 55% Anderson 45%

    8:50pm Nov 10 from kwiat07
  • morris

    9:28pm Nov 10 from teamyles56
  • Morris

    9:48pm Nov 10 from xseahawksfan12x
  • The run game will prob once again be taken away from Den. And CJ just isn't all that good, even in a great matchup against a terrible defense I'd have to go Morris. If he gets most of the work against this Atl def that just gave CMC (a white boy mind you) the rushing day of his young career, Morris will prob run for 354 and 4 td's. I am glad to see they still let white dudes play rb, and I want to see him do well, but not against MY team.

    12:51am Nov 11 from FreakinFalcons03
  • Morris

    8:15am Nov 11 from ikickedyourbutt
  • Anderson

    9:22am Nov 11 from billyg15

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5:34am Sep 21 from Pawson2
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5:27am Sep 21 from EddieT01
  • Ben Roethlisberger (potential shootout @TB)
    Melvin Gordon (@Rams)
    Kareem Hunt (vs. 49ers)
    Michael Thomas (@ ATL)
    JuJu Smith-Schuster (@TB)
    OJ Howard (vs. PIT)
    Marshawn Lynch (@MIA) - Flex
    Dan Bailey (vs. BUF)
    Jacksonville Jaguars (vs. TEN)


    D. Brees (@ATL)
    K. Allen (@Rams)
    A. Collins (vs. DEN)
    A. Peterson (vs. GB)
    B. Cooks (vs. LAC)
    D. Jackson (vs. PIT)
    A. Ekeler (inactive by league rule)

    Not sure about Big Ben on the road, Allen against the Rams D, Jackson's streak going on...

    5:39am Sep 21 from EddieT01
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4:53am Sep 21 from rubs980
  • i would. and if you have to get rid of one to do it be sanders.

    4:57am Sep 21 from derekrob2
  • si or yes pick up agholor for robinson

    5:01am Sep 21 from goldenstate3011
  • yes

    5:02am Sep 21 from owenblanchette
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4:04am Sep 21 from elcapitan2014
  • Of course! AT is a #1 receiver and Conner will sit once Leveon returns from his picnic.

    4:12am Sep 21 from big10ron
  • probably. but consider, bell probably not coming back for awhile. and his team/ownership are pissed. may sit him . connor could be the new man in Pitt.

    5:07am Sep 21 from derekrob2
  • trade for thielen when belle comes back, but keep conner until he does.

    5:36am Sep 21 from Pawson2
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3:35am Sep 21 from gjmc
  • Phillip Rivers v Tennessee or Andrew Luck v Buffalo.Both at home.Luck has become available on waivers in my league this AM,already have Rivers on roster.Wondering if it’s worth having Luck instead for this matchup.

    3:39am Sep 21 from gjmc
  • study injury report for long term. t.y. hilton is hurt. hammy or something. without him it's all TE dumps to doyle and ebron.

    4:59am Sep 21 from derekrob2
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1:54am Sep 21 from slahrin
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1:54am Sep 21 from slahrin
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12:27am Sep 21 from gus91
  • Garçon

    2:30am Sep 21 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • if not in a rush, take ridley. he's just too good coming out of bama as their #1..

    5:00am Sep 21 from derekrob2
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11:14pm Sep 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • lindsey

    2:46am Sep 21 from yervaldo
  • he's playing with a mission since they signed peterson. i believe he'll slow down

    5:01am Sep 21 from derekrob2
  • yervaldo, honestly, I still think Freeman is the better back in Denver, it is just that defenses respect Freeman more than Lindsay, at next gen stats, they pointed out, that Freeman faces an average 7,8 players in the box, while Lindsay only faces an average of 6,8 players in the box, of course it is easier to run, when there is one defender less to beat. Muffin, I would keep Thompson

    5:19am Sep 21 from EddieT01
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11:04pm Sep 20 from brooksy49ers
  • Callaway waa a good move, about ridley, im not sure!

    2:46am Sep 21 from yervaldo
  • parker is back in miami. ridley will be starter with jones soon. both from alabama, play same system together well...

    4:58am Sep 21 from derekrob2
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10:23pm Sep 20 from tractor101
  • Yes

    10:24pm Sep 20 from chivaachava
  • yes

    10:33pm Sep 20 from Frogsterr
  • no

    10:49pm Sep 20 from drstrngluv69
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Open Question
10:20pm Sep 20 from chivaachava
  • I already have Mixon, Howard and Gurley

    10:20pm Sep 20 from chivaachava
  • yes

    10:34pm Sep 20 from Frogsterr
  • Yes

    11:05pm Sep 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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