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asked by forgive410
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9:16pm Nov 10 from forgive410
  • ok

    9:27pm Nov 10 from teamyles56
  • ...

    8:14am Nov 11 from ikickedyourbutt

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1:11pm Jul 20 from hasenali
Open Question
1:11pm Jul 20 from hasenali
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12:28pm Jul 20 from cindy1213
  • 1) Go to My Team.
    2) Go to Edit Settings
    3) Upload a Logo
    4) Submit
    *This only works for one team at a time. Not all of them

    12:31pm Jul 20 from billyg15
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12:25pm Jul 20 from hasenali
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7:58am Jul 20 from VickyKay
  • 12... weeks 5 to 17... no appeal, no court trial... he just accepted why should there be any more repercussions?

    8:02am Jul 20 from tomfromgermany
  • Don't forget his injury history...

    8:55am Jul 20 from alklock
  • 12

    10:02am Jul 20 from vikingfan301
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3:59am Jul 20 from kingjam03
  • Justin Tucker

    5:40am Jul 20 from titans3034
  • jj watt

    5:57am Jul 20 from cadobunnell1398
  • Tim tebow

    8:19am Jul 20 from jp6394
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1:26pm Jul 19 from zuzema
  • I had troubles with the browser.... maybe that is the issue as well...

    7:47am Jul 20 from tomfromgermany
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11:45am Jul 19 from tomfromgermany
  • just confirm, if it is com, org, net or an other ending after gmail... for the invitation tool I added com... and sent the invite without WIZ as I still have not got his email sent again... Wiz, if you read this, please add your email once more.... I need it to send an invitation... german friend Eddie who's team owner 6 joined ... so he got the invitation... sorry everyone for the inconvenience...

    11:48am Jul 19 from tomfromgermany
  • Gmail is all . C o m

    1:14pm Jul 19 from nfox580
  • nfox n cards...btw do you already know each other?

    1:16pm Jul 19 from tomfromgermany
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11:20am Jul 19 from jbrandonhawk
Open Question
11:19am Jul 19 from oldjiveturkey
  • Depends on your other options and your draft spot

    11:20am Jul 19 from billyg15
  • ^

    1:15pm Jul 19 from nfox580
  • yes

    10:03am Jul 20 from vikingfan301
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10:15pm Jul 18 from keonae1
Open Question
9:34pm Jul 18 from tomfromgermany
  • still need your email, you deleted the post on the other open question, before I had written it down... or let us know, if you lost interest please, so we can find another player... thanks!

    9:35pm Jul 18 from tomfromgermany
  • Hey man you never sent me the email I never got it and cards said he didn't get it either

    9:44am Jul 19 from nfox580
  • I sent an invite in the morning....via the tool... but if it didn't work, I send you the email directly... and I added ... to the open gmail... maybe that was the issue... is it really just gmail without an ending?

    10:06am Jul 19 from tomfromgermany
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