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asked by rsig20
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1:49am Nov 23 from rsig20

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12:17pm Oct 18 from nfox580
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11:23am Oct 18 from footballguy8596
  • Nope

    11:24am Oct 18 from AirballFM
  • No

    11:26am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
  • .

    12:11pm Oct 18 from Harleyweeks
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11:08am Oct 18 from segrueman34
  • QBs Cousins Rivers
    RBs gurley Mccaffery soney Michel Jordan Howard breida clement
    WRs diggs Edelman Davante Adams A Robinson Tyler Boyd
    Te Hooper
    K adam vinatieri
    D Ravens

    11:13am Oct 18 from segrueman34
  • Clement but do you really need him

    11:18am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
  • ^

    12:13pm Oct 18 from nfox580
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10:51am Oct 18 from FizKronic3000
  • They both get about the same amount of touches, but I’d go Clement better offense

    12:16pm Oct 18 from segrueman34
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10:51am Oct 18 from footballguy8596
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10:26am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
  • yes

    10:36am Oct 18 from beck1016
  • no

    10:44am Oct 18 from josepatino25
  • Keep Gordon trade him someone else and Edelman

    11:19am Oct 18 from segrueman34
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10:25am Oct 18 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • I still like kamara and Theilen late in the season especially ppr

    10:27am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
  • Yeah me too, I was just thinking it could be a good idea to trade for younger players who are just as good. Idk, I may just keep my guys lol

    11:00am Oct 18 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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10:05am Oct 18 from NflCasebolt
  • omg Ingram

    10:15am Oct 18 from clarkebar1013
  • Ingram for the rest of the season

    10:28am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
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10:02am Oct 18 from herecomestheboom9
  • C.J. Mosley hasn’t been good and Williamson has been great the entire season. Should I add Williamson and drop Mosley or is Mosley to get better long term?

    10:03am Oct 18 from herecomestheboom9
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9:48am Oct 18 from hootonkhamun
  • Other RBs are Zeke, lamar miller, and derek henry. Other WRs are Julio, Robert woods, and Coutee.

    9:49am Oct 18 from hootonkhamun
  • yes cook might go into a comitee while odell is the #1

    9:53am Oct 18 from kronce
  • You’re putting yourself thin at rb

    10:29am Oct 18 from tfortexas17
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9:48am Oct 18 from spiderman12ify
  • davis, jones side
    wentz is a good qb but u can find streamers that put similar numbers and cooper is the defention of boom or bust
    meanwhile jones is a solid deep threat and davis gets a good target share

    9:55am Oct 18 from kronce
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9:46am Oct 18 from Champ9021