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11:40am Jul 19 from bengalboy500
yes 0% no 100%
3:26pm Jul 18 from billyg15
A 45% B 36% Even 18%
3:05pm Jul 17 from senny19
4:39am Jul 17 from hagenvoort
Yes 57% No 43%
5:04pm Jul 16 from och005
yes 50% no 50%
  • He will still be doing his best this year even though he will not be a steeler next year

    10:40am Jul 17 from HaveMtnDew
  • I think he should still go top 3 or 4, I would personally take Gurley #1

    3:05pm Jul 18 from billyg15
  • this year idk who i would take number 1 because the issues with bell david johnson coming off an injury leasean mccoy might not be able to play

    4:49pm Jul 18 from teamyles56
11:37am Jul 16 from chjones10
7:05pm Jul 15 from billyg15
A 45% B 45% Even 9%
7:48am Jul 15 from anniestgermain
7:42am Jul 15 from anniestgermain
9:52pm Jul 14 from bramlutters6
10:24am Jul 14 from WizMagicasta
  • Why or why not?

    10:24am Jul 14 from WizMagicasta
  • Nick Foles rocked the playoffs and won Super Bowl MVP with the same team... that should be answer enough... Would Wentz have led the Seahawks to a winning season last year? Never... will he lead his team to a gazillion Championship games in a row? Never... will he be as essential to his teams success as that Wisconsin guy??? said... Foles did it, when Wentz went down... so that are 3 QBs alone... and no other position group....maybe top 20

    11:01am Jul 14 from tomfromgermany
  • Thanks Tommy what kind of fan are you?

    12:05pm Jul 14 from WizMagicasta
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8:21pm Jul 13 from ty1306
  • I bet nobody until next season

    10:18am Jul 14 from billyg15
  • No one cuz he sucks

    5:51am Jul 15 from camtal
  • Redskins

    5:22pm Jul 18 from theislandkid