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asked by mattyatc
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4:21pm Dec 7 from mattyatc
  • Julio.......Funchess has Xavier Rhodes covering him....Mathews coming back from and injury.

    4:23pm Dec 7 from stympaman
  • Plus rishard is getting shadowed by pat P so jones

    6:44pm Dec 7 from beastyboys13

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11:12pm Oct 17 from michaelnguyen12
  • Starters will be at the front of the position list.
    QB- Jared Goff, Andrew Luck
    RB- Adrian Peterson, Marlon Mack, Ito Smith
    WR- A.J. Green, DeAndre Hopkins, John Brown, Antonio Brown
    TE- C.J. Uzomah, Kyle Rudolph
    K- Brett Maher (Waiving him to pick up Randy Bullock vs Chiefs)
    Def- Dolphins, Ravens, Seahawks

    11:13pm Oct 17 from michaelnguyen12
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11:08pm Oct 17 from zreik75
  • I need a TE

    11:08pm Oct 17 from zreik75
  • Or AP instead of cook

    11:09pm Oct 17 from zreik75
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11:08pm Oct 17 from KingSuti
  • I would say Mack, Dalvin has some proving he needs to do before I would begin starting him just yet.

    11:13pm Oct 17 from clinton898
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11:07pm Oct 17 from zreik75
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10:41pm Oct 17 from gus91
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10:30pm Oct 17 from slickrick71416
  • yes!

    10:35pm Oct 17 from Shanghai2303
  • yes

    11:14pm Oct 17 from taxaj666
  • No, because Mark Ingram is coming back for the Saints. They seem to want to divide the workload between the two backs. So, that means less possible touches for Kamara.

    11:14pm Oct 17 from michaelnguyen12
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9:51pm Oct 17 from 25kc
  • OJ

    10:57pm Oct 17 from SB422
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9:47pm Oct 17 from Fatselleck
  • Only if you have a legitimate shot to win it all this year

    9:49pm Oct 17 from dtoyz
  • My team is
    Mahomes, Luck
    Mixon, D.J., Coleman, Powell, Freeman
    Hill, Sanders, Westbrook, Ridley
    Njoku, Engram

    .5 ppr league

    9:50pm Oct 17 from Fatselleck
  • I have already traded my 2nd for DJ and a 4th for Sanderd

    9:51pm Oct 17 from Fatselleck
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9:11pm Oct 17 from tvela
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9:05pm Oct 17 from tvela
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8:24pm Oct 17 from wjm1708
  • colts

    8:28pm Oct 17 from BowDown2jp
  • You think Anderson changes the Bills offense at all ?? I’m worried he’s a step up from Peterman

    8:31pm Oct 17 from wjm1708
  • Colts

    8:32pm Oct 17 from lucasd999
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8:19pm Oct 17 from DiRito
  • How is Michel available? Man there are some rookies in here tonight... yeah, if you have been watching any football over the past three weeks, he is one of the hottest RBs in the league

    8:32pm Oct 17 from nkhubbs
  • Yes, anyday

    8:34pm Oct 17 from lucasd999