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asked by jcampbell89
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4:30pm Dec 7 from jcampbell89
  • Start Brees

    4:35pm Dec 7 from lp80vk
  • I would if I had him.

    4:36pm Dec 7 from enderdragon7
  • drew

    6:26pm Dec 7 from wyattcamo
  • no

    9:13pm Dec 7 from tvela
  • he’s a safe play... he won’t get you big points and he won’t lay an egg

    1:51pm Dec 8 from tfortexas17

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2:39pm Oct 15 from trailerguy1266
  • Supposed to report during week 7 bye and return to game action week 8 at Cleveland

    2:47pm Oct 15 from huckels
  • Thanks huckels. Is he a start wk 8 or wait? God bless you ;-].

    2:49pm Oct 15 from trailerguy1266
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2:31pm Oct 15 from trailerguy1266
  • I already have DJ & Morris.

    2:33pm Oct 15 from trailerguy1266
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1:49pm Oct 15 from DarioDC
  • yeah Tarik Cohen is a swiss army knife

    1:49pm Oct 15 from geauxsaintssanctify
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1:03pm Oct 15 from KingofSwag87
  • no dude its just a couple games I think they'll bounce back

    1:08pm Oct 15 from patsgronkbrady1287
  • no

    1:33pm Oct 15 from chillrays
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12:44pm Oct 15 from freshprincetk
  • 100% yes

    12:45pm Oct 15 from chillrays
  • Both guys are solid PPR WRs. Cleveland's secondary struggled against the Chargers but the Saints' secondary has only had one solid game so far this season

    12:45pm Oct 15 from freshprincetk
  • Crabtree

    1:46pm Oct 15 from Arogo101
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12:30pm Oct 15 from billyg15
  • i traded Connor a week too early for Jared idk maybe just hang on to Connor

    1:50pm Oct 15 from geauxsaintssanctify
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11:41am Oct 15 from CincyFan4513
  • No harm in keeping him unless there is someone you need to have from the wire. You could always package him in a trade.

    11:47am Oct 15 from chillrays
  • ^ Don't keep more than 2 QBs though. If you have another backup drop him

    12:19pm Oct 15 from billyg15
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11:13am Oct 15 from redeye99
  • I trade away Connor and a QB(proably Trubisky, Goff my starting QB) and try to get Matt Ryan and Tyler Boyd.

    QB Goff
    RB Connor
    RB Michel
    WR Hill
    WR Cooks
    TE Kelce
    W/R Mixon
    Def Baltimore

    QB Watson(think about drop him fpr Trubisky)
    RB Peterson
    RB McCoy
    RB Kamara
    RB Howard
    WR Ridley
    WR Corey Davis
    WR Robinson
    WR Baldwin

    11:15am Oct 15 from redeye99
  • trade partner would trade boyd for connor

    11:32am Oct 15 from redeye99
  • No you shouldn’t trade Connor

    11:38am Oct 15 from dtruax
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10:50am Oct 15 from kepboys
  • No, Green hasn't been any good as of lately.

    11:01am Oct 15 from steelersboy0802
  • yes, luck always trailing will throw a lot. jordan is a upgrade diggs has been better ,but moving forward I think they will be close.

    11:11am Oct 15 from bigern2862
  • yes

    12:45pm Oct 15 from chillrays
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10:45am Oct 15 from redeye99
  • Watson has been taking a lot of hits over these last two games. It's not only hurting him but it's hurting his receivers as well. Except maybe Hopkins since he can turn a 1yd pass into a 25+ yd gain. But these hits are going to take a toll and it doesn't get any easier when he faces the Jags.

    10:49am Oct 15 from freshprincetk
  • I would personally take Trubisky over Prescott

    10:51am Oct 15 from freshprincetk
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10:07am Oct 15 from Blue4me2
  • you want a decent offense going up against a middle of the pack defense. you don't want the kicker's offense to be extremely potent since that just leads to XPs

    10:56am Oct 15 from freshprincetk
  • Who's your kicker and QB? I would drop your kicker for another, unless its Tucker. and at QB, it depends who you have

    12:21pm Oct 15 from billyg15
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9:56am Oct 15 from chillrays