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asked by ne420
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8:37pm Dec 17 from ne420
  • Losers never win! LOL!

    8:43pm Dec 17 from ne420
  • That sounds like bs, are you sure? How can an entire league be ok w that??? How can you not draft a team you like in one try? Idk

    9:30pm Dec 17 from bhbaxter13
  • I didn't force it. Neewollah was the only one who disagreed with it and was the only one who left. I did not force 3 redrafts. We (as a league besides Neewollah) settled for one redraft. The part that neewollah didn't talk about in his rants about me is that he had two accounts in the same league and traded all his good players to one team so he would obviously win. This was my first league being commish of so I didn't know how to work the settings.

    11:37pm Dec 17 from xseahawksfan12x
  • My explanation good enough for you? If I had redrafted til I had the team I wanted I doubt the other ppl would've stayed. That's just my two cents. Btw even after the redraft I hated my team. Im dealing with what I got. I also redrafted cuz I knew that would make him leave because 1. He wouldn't have a superteam, and 2. He was being rude to the other league members and I had created this league so it would be fun, yet competitive. It isnt fun when a member is cussing ppl out. Just my opinion tho

    11:44pm Dec 17 from xseahawksfan12x
  • Haaaaaa.....LOSER!

    11:11am Dec 18 from azdrummer
  • Hey SEAHAWKSFAN12 is a stand up guy!!! I appreciate that it was his 1st attempt at being a commissioner in a custom league. It has been a fun league with lots of trades & chatter. If it makes you feel any better it looks as though he will lose his 1st p/o game but, I wish him nothing but well sport ;-].

    4:07pm Dec 18 from trailerguy1266

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2:39pm Oct 15 from trailerguy1266
  • Supposed to report during week 7 bye and return to game action week 8 at Cleveland

    2:47pm Oct 15 from huckels
  • Thanks huckels. Is he a start wk 8 or wait? God bless you ;-].

    2:49pm Oct 15 from trailerguy1266
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2:31pm Oct 15 from trailerguy1266
  • I already have DJ & Morris.

    2:33pm Oct 15 from trailerguy1266
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1:49pm Oct 15 from DarioDC
  • yeah Tarik Cohen is a swiss army knife

    1:49pm Oct 15 from geauxsaintssanctify
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1:03pm Oct 15 from KingofSwag87
  • no dude its just a couple games I think they'll bounce back

    1:08pm Oct 15 from patsgronkbrady1287
  • no

    1:33pm Oct 15 from chillrays
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12:44pm Oct 15 from freshprincetk
  • 100% yes

    12:45pm Oct 15 from chillrays
  • Both guys are solid PPR WRs. Cleveland's secondary struggled against the Chargers but the Saints' secondary has only had one solid game so far this season

    12:45pm Oct 15 from freshprincetk
  • Crabtree

    1:46pm Oct 15 from Arogo101
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12:30pm Oct 15 from billyg15
  • i traded Connor a week too early for Jared idk maybe just hang on to Connor

    1:50pm Oct 15 from geauxsaintssanctify
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11:41am Oct 15 from CincyFan4513
  • No harm in keeping him unless there is someone you need to have from the wire. You could always package him in a trade.

    11:47am Oct 15 from chillrays
  • ^ Don't keep more than 2 QBs though. If you have another backup drop him

    12:19pm Oct 15 from billyg15
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11:13am Oct 15 from redeye99
  • I trade away Connor and a QB(proably Trubisky, Goff my starting QB) and try to get Matt Ryan and Tyler Boyd.

    QB Goff
    RB Connor
    RB Michel
    WR Hill
    WR Cooks
    TE Kelce
    W/R Mixon
    Def Baltimore

    QB Watson(think about drop him fpr Trubisky)
    RB Peterson
    RB McCoy
    RB Kamara
    RB Howard
    WR Ridley
    WR Corey Davis
    WR Robinson
    WR Baldwin

    11:15am Oct 15 from redeye99
  • trade partner would trade boyd for connor

    11:32am Oct 15 from redeye99
  • No you shouldn’t trade Connor

    11:38am Oct 15 from dtruax
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10:50am Oct 15 from kepboys
  • No, Green hasn't been any good as of lately.

    11:01am Oct 15 from steelersboy0802
  • yes, luck always trailing will throw a lot. jordan is a upgrade diggs has been better ,but moving forward I think they will be close.

    11:11am Oct 15 from bigern2862
  • yes

    12:45pm Oct 15 from chillrays
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10:45am Oct 15 from redeye99
  • Watson has been taking a lot of hits over these last two games. It's not only hurting him but it's hurting his receivers as well. Except maybe Hopkins since he can turn a 1yd pass into a 25+ yd gain. But these hits are going to take a toll and it doesn't get any easier when he faces the Jags.

    10:49am Oct 15 from freshprincetk
  • I would personally take Trubisky over Prescott

    10:51am Oct 15 from freshprincetk
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10:07am Oct 15 from Blue4me2
  • you want a decent offense going up against a middle of the pack defense. you don't want the kicker's offense to be extremely potent since that just leads to XPs

    10:56am Oct 15 from freshprincetk
  • Who's your kicker and QB? I would drop your kicker for another, unless its Tucker. and at QB, it depends who you have

    12:21pm Oct 15 from billyg15
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9:56am Oct 15 from chillrays