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asked by hootonkhamun
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1:45pm Dec 31 from hootonkhamun
  • Gurley

    6:16pm Dec 31 from bhbaxter13
  • Gurley

    6:17pm Dec 31 from bhbaxter13
  • Wentz might be good. He's cheap but hes on ir. Keep wentz and/or gurley

    6:55pm Dec 31 from martinlk
  • Gurley for $54. Zeke is unreliable, and Wentz won't play the same.

    8:11pm Dec 31 from Caymill
  • It's not about the coach. I think Al Davis said it best when he said "its about the players 3 D's, Desire, Dedication and Determination". They didn't win Super Bowls because they were the best team in the league, but they had the most Desire, Dedication and Determination of any team playing Professional Football Those Years!

    7:42am Jan 1 from dino1inga
  • Gurley

    12:53am Jan 2 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Wentz and Gurley. Zeke wont have the pas to feed off odf

    7:03am Jan 2 from andysarah2k
  • Keeper Leagues are stupid.

    7:24am Jan 2 from nowaste
  • Wentz

    5:52pm Jan 2 from FakedFollower17
  • zeke

    12:10pm Jan 3 from Mutox2007
  • zeke

    5:42am Jan 4 from fattylatty
  • wentz gurley

    6:49pm Jan 6 from yazelmanovitch

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7:44pm Jan 14 from CornDamage
  • Marcus Williams

    10:01am Jan 15 from cjmanis2
  • Diggs

    10:28am Jan 15 from jgarner650
  • Diggs

    10:35am Jan 15 from bryce148
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Open Question
6:06pm Jan 14 from brianfarin
Open Question
4:52pm Jan 13 from propayn760
  • Of course not, the D was

    8:09pm Jan 13 from ne420
Open Question
3:30am Jan 13 from shagorkhan2100
Open Question
3:15am Jan 13 from shagorkhan2100
Open Question
3:05am Jan 13 from shagorkhan2100
Open Question
2:57am Jan 13 from shagorkhan2100
Open Question
2:41am Jan 13 from shagorkhan2100
Open Question
4:08pm Jan 11 from twistedtempo
  • better

    7:26pm Jan 11 from filip25
  • Mediocre

    7:58pm Jan 11 from iintervate
  • they will be better

    6:55am Jan 12 from chetlemon7
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Open Question
6:53pm Jan 9 from obj12345678909
  • titans

    5:20am Jan 10 from mylanadkins4888
  • Pats of course

    10:15am Jan 10 from ne420
  • pats

    10:26am Jan 10 from lwturbo62
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1:33pm Jan 9 from 11111giants11111
  • QB Drew Brees
    QB Philip Rivers
    QB Blake Bortles
    RB Demarco Murray
    RB Marshawn Lynch
    RB C.J Anderson
    WR A.J Green
    WR Odell Beckham Jr.
    WR Jordy Nelson
    WR T.Y Hilton
    WR Golden Tate
    TE Jimmy Graham
    K Justin Tucker
    D Eagles

    1:37pm Jan 9 from 11111giants11111
  • Philip Rivers, Beckham Jr., Eagles, Murray,

    6:39pm Jan 9 from FakedFollower17
  • You don’t have 4. 2, maybe 3 tops

    10:16am Jan 10 from ne420
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12:48pm Jan 8 from cbcullen8
  • J Jones

    1:37pm Jan 8 from winn18
  • Mike Evans

    8:15pm Jan 8 from ne420
  • J Jones

    9:52am Jan 9 from kjp0203
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