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asked by jazbo45
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10:01am Jan 2 from jazbo45
  • my dad has never won a championship

    11:50am Jan 2 from seahawksareawesome1

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8:58pm Oct 22 from rjfinfan
  • Straight up

    9:10pm Oct 22 from loncho666
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8:28pm Oct 22 from fydelcashflow
  • Yes

    8:28pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I wouldn't stress over a defense, you can always stream them week to week

    8:29pm Oct 22 from cowboytroy1996
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8:22pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I'm just venting. Lost by 4 points. I had Barkley, they were on the 1 hard line early and didn't just do a run up the middle. Then Eli with those QB sneaks, I know that was his own call.

    8:23pm Oct 22 from 25kc
  • I think manning called the plays towards the end there lol

    8:32pm Oct 22 from cowboytroy1996
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7:53pm Oct 22 from loggomyeggo
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7:35pm Oct 22 from footballguy8596
  • Kerryon

    7:40pm Oct 22 from hawksx75x
  • Who else do you have. Because both Kerryon and Lindsay would be good additions.

    8:24pm Oct 22 from 25kc
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7:05pm Oct 22 from canadawgpound
  • Mitch is looking at the Jets,,,,
    I do think Mitch vs the Jets could be better than Cam vs the Ravens - but I've been using both Cam and Rivers depending on matchups - not sure I fully trust Mitch to play the same role, but he's been lighting it up in fantasy lately

    7:08pm Oct 22 from canadawgpound
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5:09pm Oct 22 from nflfan0089
  • You better hope he gets back to the Steelers first

    5:37pm Oct 22 from cowboytroy1996
  • Not much

    6:28pm Oct 22 from gatorfansbriede
  • I wouldn't trade for him. So good luck trying to trade him away.

    8:25pm Oct 22 from 25kc
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4:19pm Oct 22 from kingofdabs
  • he’s too injury prone

    6:29pm Oct 22 from gatorfansbriede
  • Trade him if you can

    8:27pm Oct 22 from 25kc
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4:16pm Oct 22 from paulshrug2
  • Yes

    5:42pm Oct 22 from clarkebar1013
  • Yes

    6:30pm Oct 22 from gatorfansbriede
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4:01pm Oct 22 from jetfan1521
  • no

    4:03pm Oct 22 from shocker243
  • He might.

    4:08pm Oct 22 from kingofdabs
  • Doubt it

    4:32pm Oct 22 from tfortexas17
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3:53pm Oct 22 from Stephenredbull
  • Connor- Ingram

    4:07pm Oct 22 from jacksonpenner28
  • Connor , Mixon

    4:47pm Oct 22 from Goat12brasy
  • Connor, Mixon

    6:30pm Oct 22 from gatorfansbriede
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2:58pm Oct 22 from tfortexas17