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asked by cbcullen8
Open Question
12:48pm Jan 8 from cbcullen8
  • J Jones

    1:37pm Jan 8 from winn18
  • Mike Evans

    8:15pm Jan 8 from ne420
  • J Jones

    9:52am Jan 9 from kjp0203
  • bell

    10:46pm Jan 9 from leannrussell
  • gurley

    3:57pm Jan 10 from twistedtempo
  • RB

    6:44pm Jan 10 from jgarner650
  • bell

    6:44pm Jan 10 from billyg15
  • A Kamara

    7:34am Jan 11 from lbj888
  • Beckham

    9:35am Jan 11 from obj12345678909
  • Bell, Gurley or Kamara

    9:53am Jan 11 from 23RudeDog
  • Bell

    9:14pm Jan 17 from 25kc
  • Bell or Zeke

    10:26am Jan 19 from SaintsChamp99

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Open Question
9:17pm Aug 15 from amirhamz
Open Question
9:17pm Aug 15 from amirhamz
Open Question
9:06pm Aug 15 from dantonucci
  • QB Rodgers
    RB Howard
    RB Barkley
    WR Julio
    WR Demariyus
    TE Gesicki
    Flex Lamar
    DEF SD
    K Lutz


    9:08pm Aug 15 from dantonucci
  • Look for a better TE and maybe WR2 other than that not bad

    10:24pm Aug 15 from nfox580
Open Question
8:56pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
  • QB Rodgers
    RB Howard, Lynch, Ingram, Hyde, Kerryon Johnson
    WR AB, Green, DT, Cooks, Fuller
    TE OJ Howard, Njoku
    K Prater
    DEF Broncos

    8:56pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
  • As is. Great team

    9:14pm Aug 15 from dantonucci
Open Question
8:43pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
Open Question
7:39pm Aug 15 from segrueman34
  • Idk man I don’t like espn so I always do nfl

    10:25pm Aug 15 from nfox580
Open Question
6:59pm Aug 15 from eljefe2120
  • Look under the "Manage" tab on the league homepage. Should be able to assign LM privileges there.

    8:58pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
Open Question
6:09pm Aug 15 from chadro3172
  • Yes

    8:14pm Aug 15 from segrueman34
  • If for the 4th overall pick in a draft then yes. If for a 4th rounder then no. I feel that's slightly below his value.

    8:58pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
Open Question
5:50pm Aug 15 from jaymobuckner
  • Gordon is the best value imo

    5:54pm Aug 15 from shaneanddave
  • McKinnon

    5:56pm Aug 15 from Sharpfire123
  • Gordon

    7:44pm Aug 15 from vikingfan301
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Open Question
4:37pm Aug 15 from sangkook19
  • pick Tim Tebow, Steve Johnson, and Colin Kaepernick

    5:33pm Aug 15 from teamyles56
  • Tom Brady

    8:59pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
Open Question
2:16pm Aug 15 from teamyles56
  • He's confident, and he's direct, which can be off-putting to some people at times. But he speaks is mind, and I respect that. He talks trash but he backs it up. He may not be the nicest guy but he has bite to go with his bark. I'm cool with him.

    2:19pm Aug 15 from NickNicholas
  • I like his confidence to an extent. I think it's great to speak your mind and talk trash however I think he goes a bit too far sometimes. It creates a lack of respect on his name.

    5:46pm Aug 15 from shaneanddave
Open Question
9:20am Aug 15 from yankeedestroyer9
  • Tom Brady is a quarterback for the New England Patriots

    9:21am Aug 15 from aswsaw1
  • ^

    9:33am Aug 15 from nfox580

    9:34am Aug 15 from 7Cruz
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