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asked by 11111giants11111
Open Question
1:33pm Jan 9 from 11111giants11111
  • QB Drew Brees
    QB Philip Rivers
    QB Blake Bortles
    RB Demarco Murray
    RB Marshawn Lynch
    RB C.J Anderson
    WR A.J Green
    WR Odell Beckham Jr.
    WR Jordy Nelson
    WR T.Y Hilton
    WR Golden Tate
    TE Jimmy Graham
    K Justin Tucker
    D Eagles

    1:37pm Jan 9 from 11111giants11111
  • Philip Rivers, Beckham Jr., Eagles, Murray,

    6:39pm Jan 9 from FakedFollower17
  • You don’t have 4. 2, maybe 3 tops

    10:16am Jan 10 from ne420
  • Bortles will only get better, so if you want someone with potential, get him. Otherwise, get brees. Then keep Beckham and Green and Eagles D

    3:56pm Jan 10 from twistedtempo
  • Brees, Rivers, Odell, Graham

    5:35pm Jan 10 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Beckham, Green, Anderson, Graham

    6:45pm Jan 10 from billyg15
  • OBJ, Green, Anderson, Graham

    6:47pm Jan 10 from billyg15
  • Obj, Green, Anderson, Graham

    6:50pm Jan 10 from billyg15
  • brees
    Jimmy Graham

    11:13pm Jan 10 from gsingh2213
  • OBJ, Nelson, Green, and Lynch.

    Don't sleep on lynch, I think he has potential next year. Keep in mind that Gruden is taking over coaching next year. He will use lynch, give him more carries.

    9:19pm Jan 17 from 25kc
  • Drew Brees, AJ Green, Jimmy Graham, and Justin Tucker

    6:41am Feb 2 from Firplius
  • Green, Lynch (maybe), and Brees, Rivers

    12:02pm Apr 9 from billyg15

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9:17pm Aug 15 from amirhamz
Open Question
9:17pm Aug 15 from amirhamz
Open Question
9:06pm Aug 15 from dantonucci
  • QB Rodgers
    RB Howard
    RB Barkley
    WR Julio
    WR Demariyus
    TE Gesicki
    Flex Lamar
    DEF SD
    K Lutz


    9:08pm Aug 15 from dantonucci
  • Look for a better TE and maybe WR2 other than that not bad

    10:24pm Aug 15 from nfox580
Open Question
8:56pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
  • QB Rodgers
    RB Howard, Lynch, Ingram, Hyde, Kerryon Johnson
    WR AB, Green, DT, Cooks, Fuller
    TE OJ Howard, Njoku
    K Prater
    DEF Broncos

    8:56pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
  • As is. Great team

    9:14pm Aug 15 from dantonucci
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8:43pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
Open Question
7:39pm Aug 15 from segrueman34
  • Idk man I don’t like espn so I always do nfl

    10:25pm Aug 15 from nfox580
Open Question
6:59pm Aug 15 from eljefe2120
  • Look under the "Manage" tab on the league homepage. Should be able to assign LM privileges there.

    8:58pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
Open Question
6:09pm Aug 15 from chadro3172
  • Yes

    8:14pm Aug 15 from segrueman34
  • If for the 4th overall pick in a draft then yes. If for a 4th rounder then no. I feel that's slightly below his value.

    8:58pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
Open Question
5:50pm Aug 15 from jaymobuckner
  • Gordon is the best value imo

    5:54pm Aug 15 from shaneanddave
  • McKinnon

    5:56pm Aug 15 from Sharpfire123
  • Gordon

    7:44pm Aug 15 from vikingfan301
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Open Question
4:37pm Aug 15 from sangkook19
  • pick Tim Tebow, Steve Johnson, and Colin Kaepernick

    5:33pm Aug 15 from teamyles56
  • Tom Brady

    8:59pm Aug 15 from jdizzle45
Open Question
2:16pm Aug 15 from teamyles56
  • He's confident, and he's direct, which can be off-putting to some people at times. But he speaks is mind, and I respect that. He talks trash but he backs it up. He may not be the nicest guy but he has bite to go with his bark. I'm cool with him.

    2:19pm Aug 15 from NickNicholas
  • I like his confidence to an extent. I think it's great to speak your mind and talk trash however I think he goes a bit too far sometimes. It creates a lack of respect on his name.

    5:46pm Aug 15 from shaneanddave
Open Question
9:20am Aug 15 from yankeedestroyer9
  • Tom Brady is a quarterback for the New England Patriots

    9:21am Aug 15 from aswsaw1
  • ^

    9:33am Aug 15 from nfox580

    9:34am Aug 15 from 7Cruz
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