asked by townekook
10:35pm Feb 1 from townekook
YES 47% NO 53%
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3:06pm Feb 19 from michaelgdog2018
  • Truelly?!? You are truly retarded

    3:53pm Feb 19 from ne420
  • Steelers fan much? How’s that working out for you

    3:54pm Feb 19 from ne420
7:04am Feb 18 from ItsTheEaglesFan
  • Retird? You are a retard

    7:46am Feb 18 from ne420
  • His old ass tore up your Eagles D for over 500 passing yards

    7:57am Feb 18 from ne420
  • And Foles, a backup, tore up NE D for 373 yards and a win

    2:29pm Feb 19 from billyg15
4:07pm Feb 17 from ItsTheEaglesFan
  • Players don’t usually congratulate the other team after the SB. You would know that if you weren’t new

    4:33pm Feb 17 from ne420
11:59am Feb 14 from linkperez
11:58am Feb 14 from linkperez
3:32pm Feb 12 from billyg15
  • timeshare

    8:16pm Feb 12 from tvela
12:42pm Feb 11 from linkperez
7:54am Feb 11 from linkperez
  • I think they take QB #1 and trade #4

    3:33pm Feb 12 from billyg15
  • RB at #1 and QB at #4

    7:51pm Feb 13 from chopr
4:30pm Feb 9 from hollylynn32
  • Why are you keeping Gordon? He sucks

    7:11pm Feb 9 from ne420
5:42pm Feb 7 from linkperez
  • Played 4 years so far on NFLcom, and I always draft between preseason week 4 and regular season week 1 because it is by far the most reasonable time to do it

    5:43pm Feb 7 from linkperez
  • I like drafting as early as possible, it gives you more time to make trades in your league before the season starts. Injuries, cuts & trades don’t just happen during the preseason you know

    11:11am Feb 8 from ne420
5:39pm Feb 7 from linkperez
  • Rosen is going to be a massive bust

    11:12am Feb 8 from ne420
10:49pm Feb 1 from townekook
Eagles 50% Patroits 50%
  • I heard a stat where every time the Pats lost the coin toss, they won the Super Bowl

    9:08am Feb 4 from linkperez
  • Patriots won the coin toss

    12:46pm Feb 11 from linkperez