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asked by billyg15
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3:28pm Feb 12 from billyg15
  • Hilton is on a trash Colts team. Overrated. Needs more than Luck to help him. Coming from a Texans fan who hated every single the fantasy fans went crazy over ONE good game last season.

    8:27pm Feb 12 from linkperez
  • Other than Hilton, I agree

    8:36pm Feb 12 from linkperez
  • Those really aren’t sleepers

    8:06am Feb 13 from ne420
  • then who are some sleepers

    5:03pm Feb 14 from billyg15
  • D. Cook is my boi

    8:03pm Feb 22 from ChefCook33
  • Cook and edelman yes. Hilton has to show up if luck is back. Mahomes is a hit or miss this year for his first season as the starter a team that is starting to weaken.

    9:48am Apr 11 from vikings91599

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12:48am Sep 20 from mozata
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11:38pm Sep 19 from Champ9021
  • Rivers
    Jared cook
    Kerryon Johnson
    Mike williams

    11:39pm Sep 19 from Champ9021
  • It could turn out really good for you if you did. As a Cards fan, idk what to expect this year from DJ. I'm disappointed so far. I'd say hold onto Julio for now and see how DJ does in the next few weeks.

    12:13am Sep 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • No

    12:16am Sep 20 from drstrngluv69
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11:15pm Sep 19 from robertlopez51025
  • Brees

    11:17pm Sep 19 from drstrngluv69
  • brees

    11:24pm Sep 19 from derekrob2
  • Brees

    12:13am Sep 20 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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11:09pm Sep 19 from bigdaddybd311
  • Mahomes

    11:11pm Sep 19 from tanig27
  • both have potential, but Mahomes isn't looking over his back, like FITZ waiting on Jamison to comeback

    11:12pm Sep 19 from quixsdraw13
  • Mahomes

    12:10am Sep 20 from xxxmassacrexxx
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10:59pm Sep 19 from bigdaddybd311
  • Cooks

    11:00pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Toss up I give the edge to Fuller

    11:01pm Sep 19 from rusinski42
  • Fuller

    11:40pm Sep 19 from drstrngluv69
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10:58pm Sep 19 from kerwinadams
  • Make Lots of Offers

    11:00pm Sep 19 from rusinski42
  • be reasonable. you want to better your team, but gotta realize other manager wants to get something good in return..

    11:10pm Sep 19 from derekrob2
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10:46pm Sep 19 from slahrin
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10:22pm Sep 19 from chillrays
  • I really hate putting all my eggs in one basket but I figured i'd ask.

    10:23pm Sep 19 from chillrays
  • I think you should be fine. Pitt defense hasn't been good.

    11:00pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • I would hate putting everything into one game as well but they are all producing fantasy points by the boat load, you should be fine, especially vs the PIT defense who was just chewed up by KC!

    11:12pm Sep 19 from bigdaddybd311
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10:10pm Sep 19 from zreik75
  • Cleveland

    11:01pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • Cleveland D is a nice streaming option this week (its who I'm rolling with myself) I also looked at DAL d, seeming how bad SEA has looked.

    11:14pm Sep 19 from bigdaddybd311
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9:47pm Sep 19 from kwboulder
  • I'd play it safe with Watson

    10:19pm Sep 19 from chillrays
  • Watson

    11:01pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
Open Question
9:41pm Sep 19 from toastybaguette99
  • Ravens

    9:46pm Sep 19 from eljayyyy
  • Lions

    9:47pm Sep 19 from kwboulder
  • ravens

    9:50pm Sep 19 from bissenas14
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9:19pm Sep 19 from rjfinfan
  • PPR? No. Landry is going to be their easy #1 target all season.

    9:48pm Sep 19 from kwboulder
  • ^

    11:01pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11