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asked by linkperez
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12:03pm Feb 14 from linkperez
  • Awesome QBs for the future, 4th place in 2017, 1st place winner is way more complete

    12:03pm Feb 14 from linkperez
  • Texans will have a better D though, with Watt and Clowney, plus the draft

    5:02pm Feb 14 from billyg15
  • Texans are far more talented, have better coaching & are in the weakest division in the league.

    11:25am Feb 15 from ne420
  • True. Some differences

    4:24pm Feb 15 from linkperez
  • There both on the rise

    10:16am Feb 18 from gator64
  • Everything you said is true minus the first place winner. The Texans have such a weak division at the moment. Not as weak as the AFC East but weak. They will have far less competition than the 49ers will with the Rams in there division.

    9:45am Apr 11 from vikings91599

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3:12pm Aug 18 from brooksy49ers
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2:26pm Aug 18 from brooksy49ers
  • Ridley

    2:55pm Aug 18 from teamyles56
  • ^

    4:24pm Aug 18 from SuperCam26
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2:25pm Aug 18 from brooksy49ers
  • ridley kirk and idk

    2:57pm Aug 18 from teamyles56
  • 1. Calvin Ridley
    2. DJ Moore
    3. Christian Kirk

    4:26pm Aug 18 from SuperCam26
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1:59pm Aug 18 from jollyrodger44
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1:51pm Aug 18 from tzellars85
  • Cook

    2:17pm Aug 18 from teamyles56
  • Cook

    3:32pm Aug 18 from brooksy49ers
  • Cook

    4:25pm Aug 18 from SuperCam26
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12:40pm Aug 18 from SuperCam26
  • I'd say diggs until you see if Hilton and luck keep the connection they usually have then possibly start Hilton.

    1:00pm Aug 18 from raleyj1
  • Diggs

    1:15pm Aug 18 from teamyles56
  • Diggs & agree with raleyj1

    3:31pm Aug 18 from brooksy49ers
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11:30am Aug 18 from teamyles56
  • a nfl managed league, I don't think so, but in a custom league, the league manager can replace you

    11:56am Aug 18 from tomfromgermany
  • I don't think so

    12:07pm Aug 18 from vikingfan301
  • What tomfromgermany said

    12:33pm Aug 18 from nfox580
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11:11am Aug 18 from SuperCam26
  • QB Tom Brady - NE
    RB Alvin Kamara - NO
    RB Jordan Howard - CHI
    WR Julio Jones - ATL
    WR Stefon Diggs - MIN
    TE Delanie Walker - TEN
    W/R Royce Freeman - DEN
    K Stephen Gostkowski - NE
    Def Baltimore Ravens
    BN QB Ben Roethlisberger - PIT
    BN RB Jay Ajayi - PHI
    BN RB Ronald Jones - TB
    BN WR Brandin Cooks - LAR
    BN WR T.Y. Hilton - IND
    BN TE Eric Ebron - IND

    11:25am Aug 18 from SuperCam26
  • Put Ajayi, Cooks, or Hilton in at W/R instead of Freeman, but other than that you're good

    11:29am Aug 18 from silvrbck7
  • put Ajayi at Flex but otherwise this is a very good team

    11:31am Aug 18 from teamyles56
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9:53am Aug 18 from teamyles56
  • Josh Allen

    11:26am Aug 18 from SuperCam26
  • lol mocking ant39

    11:34am Aug 18 from SuperCam26
  • Allen

    12:07pm Aug 18 from vikingfan301
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8:32am Aug 18 from raleyj1
  • no way Jose

    9:27am Aug 18 from teamyles56
  • You could. Cuz Newton is duel threat and can score with his arm or his legs, and OBJ is beast. That said, Green is a top 10 WR (IMO), and Brady is Brady LoL.

    10:33am Aug 18 from silvrbck7
  • Newton and OBJ

    11:54am Aug 18 from SuperCam26
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8:01am Aug 18 from padams4
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6:58am Aug 18 from stonedeadsnoop
  • Aaron collects money via Venmo or Paypal, he does NOT PAY OUT!!!

    7:03am Aug 18 from stonedeadsnoop
  • ???

    9:28am Aug 18 from teamyles56
  • lol who’s aaron

    9:56am Aug 18 from nfox580
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