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asked by linkperez
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9:41pm Feb 16 from linkperez
  • I can't decide a winner yet, but I (as a Texans fan) have the Jaguars and the Saints playing in the game

    9:42pm Feb 16 from linkperez
  • anyone but the Pats

    9:37pm Feb 17 from chopr
  • Hope the jags, If I had to take a guess I'd say Pittsburgh has all the pieces there and for some reason I think Green Bay rebounds and has a really good 2018

    10:09am Feb 18 from gator64
  • Always hoping for the Raiders!

    1:31pm Feb 21 from kllbjfamily
  • i think the vikes are a qb away from a super bowl.jags could make a run

    8:25pm Feb 22 from ChefCook33
  • Rams, Texans. I think thats what will happen, but I would love to see 49ers beats the Pats

    4:21pm Feb 26 from billyg15
  • No

    5:58pm Feb 26 from jdizzle45
  • hopefully redskins browns since im a skins fan but realisticly probably Jags vs Seahawks

    7:18am Mar 2 from 1234deseanjacksons
  • Cowboys Vs Jacksonville

    6:51pm Mar 11 from Jforte72
  • Giants vs Pats

    8:42am Mar 30 from newyorkfanone

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2:35pm Sep 19 from nflbeast108
  • Mahomes

    Jamaal Williams
    Aaron Jones
    Sony Michel

    Mike Thomas
    Josh Gordon


    2:36pm Sep 19 from nflbeast108
  • don't do it!

    2:39pm Sep 19 from ColinAhlen
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2:24pm Sep 19 from samjose
  • Here's my full team.
    QB - Patrick Mahomes
    RB - Kareem Hunt, Royce Freeman, Chris Thompson, Chris Carson, Duke Johnson, Aaron Jones
    WR - Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Will Fuller, Doug Baldwin, Julian Edelman
    TE - Jimmy Graham
    K - Sam Ficken
    D/ST - Eagles

    Thanks for any help!

    2:25pm Sep 19 from samjose
  • bad idea

    2:39pm Sep 19 from ColinAhlen
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2:22pm Sep 19 from thedon112680
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2:10pm Sep 19 from nford50
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2:06pm Sep 19 from teamyles
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2:06pm Sep 19 from teamyles
  • yes

    2:07pm Sep 19 from alexisgs5
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2:03pm Sep 19 from leone24
  • no

    2:05pm Sep 19 from rymitt9
  • lol no way

    2:07pm Sep 19 from teamyles
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1:50pm Sep 19 from 17morina
  • Do you have have depth a RB? I

    1:51pm Sep 19 from vandrunenjacob
  • yes and Mccoy easily lmao

    2:07pm Sep 19 from teamyles
  • My RBS are breida, ekeler, Henry and bell

    2:17pm Sep 19 from 17morina
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1:36pm Sep 19 from orangebronco813
  • no because d jackson playing good and d funchess has more of a chance because olsen is out

    1:40pm Sep 19 from javiertor
  • That's a tough one. D-Jax is playing well rn. The main thing I look at for consistency between two teammates is target share. Week 1, Jackson had 5 targets and Evans had 7. Week 2, Jackson only had 4 targets and Evans had 12, so, 3 times as many. Jackson is leading the league in receiving yards cuz he goes deep and gets 75 yard TDs. You normally can't get more than one of those per game. You will get shut down most of the time. For me, I would rather have Evans.

    1:53pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
  • With Funchess, he got 5 targets week one and 9 week two. McCaffrey is actually getting all the targets in that offense (9 in week one and 15 in week two, beating Funchess both weeks). I don't expect Funchess to compete much with that.

    Remember, More Targets = More Opprotunities for Points.

    1:57pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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1:35pm Sep 19 from trailerguy1266
  • yes because funchess has a more chance of getting points because olsen is out.

    1:42pm Sep 19 from javiertor
  • No. Jones and Stafford will start to hit in the long ball

    1:52pm Sep 19 from vandrunenjacob
  • I wouldn't. McCaffrey is getting a lot of the work in Carolina.

    1:58pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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1:32pm Sep 19 from nfox580
  • I like OJ this week against the Steleers, last week they couldnt stop kelce..

    1:35pm Sep 19 from casazza77
  • OJ has huge upside bc Steelers been giving up so much and bucs been getting so much

    1:43pm Sep 19 from jason5723532
  • I think OJ would be a good option

    1:58pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11
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1:27pm Sep 19 from KingofSwag87
  • Josh Allen is my favorite QB cuz i am a bills fan, anybody thats not on the bills i like Brees and Watson

    1:56pm Sep 19 from teamyles56
  • Prob Mahomes now lol (I'll accept the bandwagon label). I like Watson too but would like to see him step up more this year. Drew Brees is cool. Brady is not. I like Kirk Cousins too.

    2:03pm Sep 19 from TheRealStudMuffin11