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asked by rodneyb67
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8:12am May 8 from rodneyb67
  • I've winged it previously. I figured this season I would seek advice on the way to draft by position. Thank you in advance for your help with this. I'm trying to figure out if I should go running back, receiver, then quarterback, or running back, quarterback, then receiver.

    9:06am May 8 from rodneyb67
  • Personally, I go RB, RB, WR, then QB

    10:31am May 8 from propayn760
  • The first six picks should grab the best three RBs and best three WRs you can. I've done best when starting with at least one, if not two, RBs in the first two picks. Only then think about any other positions, and don't draft more than one QB, TE, D/ST (no earlier than RD 12), or kicker (one of the last two picks).

    11:14am May 8 from gallenod
  • First of all, before the draft just look at NFL news and team news and projections and depth charts and just find find players you like. You'll know about them and get them earlier than projected and that can be a huge reward. I have a few so far.

    Now, in the first four rounds focus on RB and WR. If you picked an RB in round 1, pick a WR in round 2. Same for 3 and 4. If your pick is high enough, focus on the top RBs. If your is not in the top 4, take a WR. This decides the first four rounds.

    11:59am May 8 from domino122
  • If your pick isn't in the top 6 or 7, just pick the best player available, according to your research.

    In rounds 5+ just take players you prefer, unless there is someone like Gronk, Brady, Wilson, etc on the board. If you can't land these players, focus on your bench.

    And save DEF an K for the ends.

    12:02pm May 8 from domino122
  • This is just my opinion-
    RB, RB, WR, WR, Best available RWT, Q, Best available RWT, etc.
    After 4 rounds you should have 2 RBs and 2 WRs or a high end TE

    12:30pm May 8 from billyg15
  • Actually another tip - I normally hit the waiver wire and get rid of a drafted player or two within like 1-3 weeks of the season start. For that reason I like to take a DEF a little earlier (around rounds 10-13 of a 15 round draft)

    12:32pm May 8 from billyg15
  • Premium running backs dry up FAST, so I always try to go RB, RB if i can, but RB and WR should be your top priorities for the first 4 rounds.. the only way i wouldn;t draft a RB or WR in round 4 is if a TE like Gronk is there

    5:02pm May 8 from jarofmayo51
  • I won my league last year in part by not drafting on personal feelings (ex drafting Russell Wilson because I am Hawks fan). Also I won in part by intelligently changing my lineup based on the weekly matchup, other statistics, trading smart and picking up hot options that panned out well for at least part of the season. Personally this year I have no pressure so for me it's QB1, RB1, WR1, RB2, WR2, DEF1, TE1, QB2, RB3, WR3, TE2, DEF2, RB4, WR4, WR5, K1. Don't draft on feelings and get hot options

    4:37am May 9 from mrsuitntie1
  • QB1 or RB1 should be first depending on where ur first pick is in relation to the guys already off the board. The premium guys in those positions always go fast. I went with Rodgers last year as my first pick and will probably go with Wilson if he falls to me this year. Rodgers is just too fragile. Every year something with him. I won my league last year so there is no pressure for me. But my draft is going to be QB1, RB1, WR1, RB2, WR2, DEF1, TE1, QB2, RB3, WR3, TE2, DEF2, RB4, WR4, WR5, K1

    4:49am May 9 from mrsuitntie1
  • Thank you for the feedback everyone! It's very much appreciated.

    6:02am May 9 from rodneyb67
  • RB WR QB

    12:36pm May 10 from buthe315

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8:41pm Oct 18 from gus91
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8:25pm Oct 18 from ColinAhlen
  • I thought both were good plays tonight. I benched Bears and grabbed the wrong one!!!

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6:33pm Oct 18 from FizKronic3000
  • QB-Trubisky
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    6:34pm Oct 18 from FizKronic3000
  • play brees, even with the tough matchup

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6:30pm Oct 18 from Dolphan17101990
  • Don't necessarily need him but thought he could be a good player to stash on the bench

    6:31pm Oct 18 from Dolphan17101990
  • No

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6:23pm Oct 18 from imytopak
  • Hyde, Dallas is good against rbs

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6:13pm Oct 18 from Goat12brasy
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5:39pm Oct 18 from brooksy49ers
  • HYes it is Landry is taking over get cole Beasley

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  • I Agree

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  • Kettle

    5:12pm Oct 18 from 25kc
  • I think it's George Kittle, He didn't have much of a game last week, so watch for him to bounce back this week, i bet he'll get you 15-18 Points

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5:03pm Oct 18 from 25kc
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