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asked by cpleejr
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8:20am May 16 from cpleejr
  • vikings

    3:04pm May 16 from cookiedogcat
  • Haw

    6:13pm May 16 from rsi0
  • Packers baby! We got Aaron back to kick some butt!

    8:28pm May 17 from MaddenMan44
  • Vikings

    8:40am May 18 from jjglenn82
  • Saints

    10:16am May 26 from baddestmofoever
  • Vikings

    9:02am Jun 16 from chargers1770

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9:22pm Jul 22 from teejbes34
  • 2nd league keeper options & the round I can keep them. .5 PPR. We can keep them 1 round later than their current ADP. Which 2 have the best value/would you keep? Big Ben (12th), Keenan Allen (3rd), Stefon Diggs (5th), Christian McCaffery (3rd), Melvin Gordon (3rd), Jerick McKinnon (4th), Pierre Garcon (10th), Jordy Nelson (11th), Marquise Goodwin (11th), Jameis Winston, Mohamed Sanu, Corey Coleman, & Latavius Murray (ALL 16th)!

    9:23pm Jul 22 from teejbes34
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9:21pm Jul 22 from teejbes34
  • 1st league keeper options & the round I can keep them. .5 PPR. We can keep them 1 round later than where we drafted them last year. Which 2 have the best value/would you keep? R. Wilson (5th), A. Collins (15th), A. Jeffery (1st), K. Allen (2nd), J. Howard (14th), D. Funchess (15th), C. Coleman (7th), C. Hogan (5th), David Johnson (1st), Duke Johnson (7th), T. Coleman, (6th), and J. Edelman (12th). ~I know some of these are definitely out, but I wanted to give you all the options.

    9:22pm Jul 22 from teejbes34
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5:16pm Jul 22 from billyg15
  • This is an email that basically is for junk. I'm not giving my normal one on here. So I got it wrong. So its
    1) bgjets
    2) then the 3 digit number i gave you
    3) then @gmail.c om

    5:18pm Jul 22 from billyg15
  • so its bgjets###@gmail.c om. Just replace the hastags with the 3 numbers from the email that wasn't working

    5:25pm Jul 22 from billyg15
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3:53pm Jul 22 from jakemiller0715
  • umm... Idk. Redraft?

    5:23pm Jul 22 from billyg15
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3:36pm Jul 22 from patsnation1215
  • I think he is going in a solid *average* place in drafts. Some people are lower on him, some people are higher. Some think Mahomes will decrease him value, others think Mahomes will produce and boost Hill's value too. I think Hill is in a fine spot

    5:23pm Jul 22 from billyg15
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9:47pm Jul 21 from tomfromgermany
  • they are saying in Germany doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome would be stupid.... but let's hope for the best, as we 5 who are already in the league still would like you to that we can get started... if again you don't have received the invite, let me know asap. so we need another solution... to quit is not an option... maybe try "feedback" here on the left...if they have an idea, etc...

    9:53pm Jul 21 from tomfromgermany
  • I asked my friend Eddie, who is one of the owners in our league as well, to send you an invitation and he got the reply your email wouldn't even exist... do you have such a high spam blocker, that it doesn't accept emails from Germany and blocks every try to contact you from an unknown email address???

    9:56am Jul 22 from tomfromgermany
  • look at my newest question when you come back on

    5:18pm Jul 22 from billyg15
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6:15pm Jul 21 from NflCasebolt
  • good

    9:04pm Jul 21 from billyg15
  • should be fine

    12:22am Jul 22 from vikingfan301
  • he will play as good as he plays

    6:04pm Jul 22 from teamyles56
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12:54pm Jul 21 from teamyles56
  • me

    12:58pm Jul 21 from teamyles56
  • do you have any prove?

    1:18pm Jul 21 from tomfromgermany
  • have you ever heard of a joke? or is this your first time

    1:19pm Jul 21 from teamyles56
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11:28am Jul 21 from teamyles56
  • that would be like miracle ball reading at the moment...

    11:31am Jul 21 from tomfromgermany
  • My bet is AJ McCarron

    11:31am Jul 21 from patsnation1215
  • my bet is tim tebow

    3:59pm Jul 21 from teamyles56
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6:57pm Jul 20 from benb2007
  • are you asking for advise or do you want us guessing, what we think you'll do?

    7:24pm Jul 20 from tomfromgermany
  • since I am not good in mind reading, so how should I know, who's going to be your first pick...

    7:26pm Jul 20 from tomfromgermany
  • hes not asking who he thinks he will take hes asking who we think he should take lol

    11:29am Jul 21 from teamyles56
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6:51pm Jul 20 from teamyles56
  • Wilson

    3:36am Jul 21 from zuzema
  • Aaron Rodgers!!! His TDs increase with JG at TE! DA and the rest will make up loss of JN.

    6:56am Jul 21 from purpleipod15
  • Watson. By 100 pts

    12:47pm Jul 21 from spaz1606
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3:44pm Jul 20 from teamyles56
  • ok

    3:53pm Jul 20 from chillrays
  • todd gurley; I don't know if leveon bell will perform at his best. He might, but he might not. todd gurley, on the other hand, is a great weapon on offense. He might not get the same touchdowns as last time, but that is all right.

    4:45pm Jul 20 from WizMagicasta
  • Gurley or D. Johnson. Both are good with running or receiving.

    6:16pm Jul 20 from jwj3605
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