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asked by benb2007
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4:05pm Jun 13 from benb2007
  • They might be good enough for a 2-14 season

    5:49pm Jun 13 from MaddenMan44
  • thanks for the comments

    6:05am Jun 14 from keb0609
  • already have

    4:47pm Jun 16 from kbarta1228
  • already started

    1:14pm Jun 20 from chopr
  • Maybe... at the most a 3-13 season

    2:08am Jun 21 from TheSeahawksCity14
  • they'll win more than they did last year id put it like that. cant get any worse lol

    4:49pm Jul 8 from bigdaddybd311

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7:30am Oct 19 from FizKronic3000
  • QB-Brees
    WR-Mike Evans
    Rodgers (BYE)
    Lockett (BYE)
    Keke Coutee
    Marlon Mack

    7:31am Oct 19 from FizKronic3000
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7:27am Oct 19 from Colts1993rgj
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5:38am Oct 19 from nfox690
  • 32 pts. thank you very much

    5:39am Oct 19 from nfox690
  • congrats

    6:09am Oct 19 from JessyStar
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5:34am Oct 19 from tfortexas17
  • 12 team league

    5:34am Oct 19 from tfortexas17
  • I doubt that would be accepted

    6:15am Oct 19 from nfox690
  • He's not gonna accept that.

    7:21am Oct 19 from mindfreeze
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5:04am Oct 19 from JessyStar
  • whats your team

    5:07am Oct 19 from goldenstate3011
  • Mahomes

    Drake (for Carson, bye, Penny back in the mix)


    White (for Fuller 4 catches, less than 50 yards together in last 2 games, since Coutee plays)


    Bell (NWT,bye)
    Conner (bye)
    Yeldon (LP)

    5:13am Oct 19 from JessyStar
  • put in green for white

    5:15am Oct 19 from goldenstate3011
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4:09am Oct 19 from slinkbc89
  • Yes

    4:30am Oct 19 from 6lemartobowl
  • yes

    5:08am Oct 19 from goldenstate3011
  • yep

    7:22am Oct 19 from mindfreeze
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12:40am Oct 19 from jdub071
  • Pick him up

    1:01am Oct 19 from scottie90
  • Pick him up asap

    1:32am Oct 19 from jebron2
  • Pick him up if somebody else hasn't already.

    7:22am Oct 19 from mindfreeze
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12:27am Oct 19 from gus91
  • trade burton

    2:44am Oct 19 from browny44
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11:33pm Oct 18 from phatrig14
  • no get rid cohen taking over

    5:09am Oct 19 from goldenstate3011
  • hold on.. There is a possibility Cohen gets injured and Howard takes over.

    7:20am Oct 19 from mindfreeze
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11:25pm Oct 18 from saucedajr
  • Johnson

    11:42pm Oct 18 from drstrngluv69
  • johnson

    5:16am Oct 19 from goldenstate3011
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11:23pm Oct 18 from browny44
  • Johnson

    11:43pm Oct 18 from drstrngluv69
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11:05pm Oct 18 from bftdrmucko
  • Can't drop anyone on my bench, it would have to be Rivers and risk losing him. Rivers has a bye next week, so im hoping no one would pick him up if I do this. Is is worth picking up Baker against a terrible TB defense? Its an important divisional game in my league. Plz give ur thoughts, thanks.

    11:06pm Oct 18 from bftdrmucko
  • no keep brees in lineup

    5:10am Oct 19 from goldenstate3011