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asked by stevo6916
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12:10am Sep 9 from stevo6916
  • When a player is available and more than one team is interested, whomever drafted last gets first shot at that person. Their wire number then goes to the end of the line since they had a successful pickup.

    12:52am Sep 9 from colts46143
  • Player available and multiple team id interested

    4:26am Sep 9 from janetste

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6:54am Sep 20 from cloudman32
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6:52am Sep 20 from tonywalker2531
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6:51am Sep 20 from kwayne197
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6:50am Sep 20 from kriskross999
  • No, Jamaal Charles may play, but keep him cause if Charles goes down again he may be fantasy gold.....

    6:53am Sep 20 from kwayne197
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6:43am Sep 20 from sportsguy02
  • 5 years

    6:48am Sep 20 from guychaffin87
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6:38am Sep 20 from tnwheels
  • If DJAX plays, he will be pretty good. Perfect qb for that system

    6:51am Sep 20 from kriskross999
  • Great match-up, in Philly. DeSean probably has a big game.

    6:52am Sep 20 from guychaffin87
  • Will Niles Paul Because i picked him up when i got cousins?

    6:55am Sep 20 from tnwheels
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6:34am Sep 20 from sportsguy02

    6:36am Sep 20 from followyo96
  • Sproles , Johnson. Bad matchup for Ball

    6:51am Sep 20 from kriskross999
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6:22am Sep 20 from rdhill801
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6:16am Sep 20 from eagles9884435
  • Thomas, garçon, Edelman

    6:22am Sep 20 from sharkslax65
  • Thomas, Green, Maclin.

    6:37am Sep 20 from guychaffin87
  • Green, Edelman, Maclin

    6:57am Sep 20 from kwayne197
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6:13am Sep 20 from pgl78
  • who else do u have

    6:22am Sep 20 from sharkslax65
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6:04am Sep 20 from sharkslax65
  • I have to say Bradshaw. It looks like he's been reborn. I have Ellington and I would sit em if I had a better option. Bradshaw for example is a perfect scenario. Good luck

    6:30am Sep 20 from cloudman32
  • Ellington has a tough matchup this week. Plus he will lose goal line duties to Stephon Taylor.

    6:32am Sep 20 from cloudman32
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5:57am Sep 20 from 1niner91
  • Benjamin Arizona pass d is really good

    6:05am Sep 20 from sharkslax65
  • Benjamin. Steelers don't have a very good secondary, plus if Cam is given time, he'll pick em apart.

    6:35am Sep 20 from cloudman32
  • Benjamin will shine Sunday night. Steelers pass defense is a little suspect

    6:53am Sep 20 from kriskross999