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asked by stevo6916
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12:10am Sep 9 from stevo6916
  • When a player is available and more than one team is interested, whomever drafted last gets first shot at that person. Their wire number then goes to the end of the line since they had a successful pickup.

    12:52am Sep 9 from colts46143
  • Player available and multiple team id interested

    4:26am Sep 9 from janetste

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12:17am Sep 1 from feldhacker
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11:50pm Aug 31 from hendy33bull
  • Yes he will have value because he's tied to an explosive offense

    11:58pm Aug 31 from ralph20
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11:13pm Aug 31 from ogretille
  • 4 man league?

    11:36pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
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10:18pm Aug 31 from sundayfunday777
  • Get a WR also

    11:16pm Aug 31 from fantasygames
  • No unless you absolutely need Johnson.

    11:21pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
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10:12pm Aug 31 from sundayfunday777
  • Sure

    11:21pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
  • yes

    11:51pm Aug 31 from feldhacker
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10:10pm Aug 31 from carrickrageous
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9:24pm Aug 31 from cfgarrido
  • it's a fairly lateral move, but i don't think i would make this trade.

    10:16pm Aug 31 from teejbes34
  • yea

    11:17pm Aug 31 from fantasygames
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9:17pm Aug 31 from markstark
  • QBs: T. Brady - M. Ryan
    RBs: Shady McCoy, Z. Stacy, R. Bush, CJ Spiller & Shane Vereen
    WRs: J. Jones, B. Marshall, P. Garcon, B. Cooks & K. Benjamin
    TE: K. Rudolph
    K: B. Walsh
    DEF: Patriots

    9:20pm Aug 31 from markstark
  • A-

    10:11pm Aug 31 from carrickrageous
  • that's a very solid team. good starting squad and good depth. i'd be happy with that team.

    10:15pm Aug 31 from teejbes34
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9:17pm Aug 31 from teejbes34
  • No

    9:29pm Aug 31 from bw00d
  • Its about even

    11:21pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
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9:16pm Aug 31 from markstark
  • A- (i only say minus becaus cooks and benjamin are unproven commodities, so you don't know how good they are or will be. the other three though are proven, consistent talents as long as they all stay healthy.)

    10:18pm Aug 31 from teejbes34
  • A

    11:23pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
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9:14pm Aug 31 from markstark
  • Top 5 if healthy

    9:22pm Aug 31 from aallen07
  • top 5 if he can stay on the field.

    10:14pm Aug 31 from teejbes34
  • Top 5, health provided.

    11:23pm Aug 31 from jdizzle45
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9:12pm Aug 31 from teejbes34
  • oh and this is a PPR league as well.

    9:16pm Aug 31 from teejbes34