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asked by stevo6916
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12:10am Sep 9 from stevo6916
  • When a player is available and more than one team is interested, whomever drafted last gets first shot at that person. Their wire number then goes to the end of the line since they had a successful pickup.

    12:52am Sep 9 from colts46143
  • Player available and multiple team id interested

    4:26am Sep 9 from janetste

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7:52am May 25 from captainstone03
  • Alston Jeffery

    7:53am May 25 from captainstone03
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5:12am May 25 from pittsy101
  • runningback in the first and the best option of a runningback or wide reciever.

    5:47am May 25 from tpetersen214
  • I agree Running Back then Wide Receiver

    7:53am May 25 from captainstone03
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1:04am May 25 from eh14
  • There's no pressure on Matt Ryan since he's the face of the franchise & the falcons have no defense to help them make it to the playoffs.

    1:35am May 25 from cowboysrule1992
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4:07pm May 24 from tpetersen214
  • depends on who's there when you pick

    6:07pm May 24 from chopr
  • you b stupid

    7:50pm May 24 from jcappy11
  • I don't mean to be rude, but do your own homework.

    9:21pm May 24 from jgarner650
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3:17pm May 24 from simrat314
  • for bell no, brady yeah, brady would not have gone until the later rounds even without the suspension

    3:25pm May 24 from romodallas9
  • bell is still a first round pick. Just not top 3 anymore. Brady was already a late round pick the suspension pushes him back to a very late round pick

    3:29pm May 24 from amd98
  • Brady yes bell no if bell does slide out of the first round for some reason that is a steal

    3:47pm May 24 from mar0864
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2:47pm May 24 from eh14
  • No. He'd have to end up in Dallas and look great in the preseason to even be considered a #1 overall pick.

    3:03pm May 24 from kgunandrun
  • NO... I took him in two leagues and I regret it from last year. If you draft him then try trading him for a decent wr

    3:19pm May 24 from simrat314
  • No...The Vikings offense will be more balanced than it was when AP had his 2k yard season. I would go for LeSean McCoy at No.1. His team has no passing game so he will have tons of attempts and he will have only 3 games with a team that has a good run defense.

    3:28pm May 24 from motocrushers2
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2:24pm May 24 from eh14
  • Depends how he plays in the CFL

    2:45pm May 24 from nalalala101
  • I hope so.

    3:17pm May 24 from simrat314
  • Yes

    3:26pm May 24 from romodallas9
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1:27pm May 24 from romodallas9
  • terrence williams. None of them are good choices though

    2:04pm May 24 from amd98
  • Williams

    2:51pm May 24 from nalalala101
  • Terrance Williams

    3:23pm May 24 from motocrushers2
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11:57am May 24 from tpetersen214
  • No just pick up a D or kicker on their bye week bound to be someone good on the waiver wire

    12:12pm May 24 from beestonators
  • Yes but pick the two backups lasts. Or you could pick one up after draft for the week you need them

    12:48pm May 24 from sqwill23
  • Lol in a 6 team league I can imagine you almost wouldn't need to play defenses or kickers since each team will have several top players.

    12:49pm May 24 from jdizzle45
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11:34am May 24 from qball1416
  • no

    11:41am May 24 from amd98
  • Probably not. Ware and Miller are their top 2 guys and only worth owning at this point in time.

    12:51pm May 24 from jdizzle45
  • no

    2:53pm May 24 from nalalala101
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7:40am May 24 from kevinwhite2015
  • yes

    8:10am May 24 from spartanfootball2011
  • Amari Cooper, although White may have the better rookie season.

    1:22pm May 24 from kgunandrun
  • yes,but don't pick him high

    3:39pm May 24 from motocrushers2
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11:10pm May 23 from eh14
  • Learning. To not be so cocky when they are winning. a.k.a. RICHARD SHERMAN

    11:18pm May 23 from sqwill23
  • Running the football on the one yard line, with a time-out in hand?

    12:39am May 24 from japs
  • lol

    12:41am May 24 from jgarner650
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