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asked by stevo6916
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12:10am Sep 9 from stevo6916
  • When a player is available and more than one team is interested, whomever drafted last gets first shot at that person. Their wire number then goes to the end of the line since they had a successful pickup.

    12:52am Sep 9 from colts46143
  • Player available and multiple team id interested

    4:26am Sep 9 from janetste

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8:24am Feb 14 from eh14
  • hypothetically, no.

    8:42am Feb 14 from jgarner650
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9:38pm Feb 13 from eh14
  • Backups mostly have lot of potential

    9:51pm Feb 13 from vkshar
  • if they make a team they got chances

    10:02pm Feb 13 from chopr
  • Alex Smith in SF.

    12:25am Feb 14 from jgarner650
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7:24pm Feb 13 from corvettemas69
  • I wish we could a lot of times it seems like one of them leaves and an even worse one comes along

    8:10pm Feb 13 from gator64
  • Yep lol all the comments that have nothing to do with football

    8:34pm Feb 13 from jj0421
  • Thanks for the input gentleman. I think it is worth a shot to contact and try to figure a way to eliminate these trolls. Words can be filtered on programs so maybe that will work. I will let you know.

    9:10pm Feb 13 from corvettemas69
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6:55pm Feb 13 from eh14
  • L Bell

    7:01pm Feb 13 from vkshar
  • bell

    7:21pm Feb 13 from chopr
  • AB or Bell

    7:24pm Feb 13 from corvettemas69
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6:46pm Feb 13 from spiggens
  • Julio Jones

    6:51pm Feb 13 from corvettemas69
  • Tom Brady

    6:55pm Feb 13 from eh14
  • Bell

    7:02pm Feb 13 from vkshar
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3:22pm Feb 13 from chopr
  • don't see much for a player who can play half a season

    3:22pm Feb 13 from chopr
  • There might be a team or 2 that takes a look at him but he's kind of a waste of talent that can't stay out of trouble

    4:05pm Feb 13 from gator64
  • Not much

    4:37pm Feb 13 from purpleipod15
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1:15pm Feb 13 from eh14
  • Unless you count Warren Moon back in the Oiler days

    1:54pm Feb 13 from gator64
  • Agreed ^^^

    2:45pm Feb 13 from jgarner650
  • Dan Pastorini's name should be mentioned. Going way back!

    2:52pm Feb 13 from jgarner650
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11:45am Feb 13 from spiggens
  • It's to early to tell but I like Yeldon and Golden Tate

    11:48am Feb 13 from gator64
  • Kearse watson payne wheaton beasley etc..

    1:41pm Feb 13 from vkshar
  • Not really a sleeper but Andrew Luck will return to form. Allen Hurns could be huge say if Allen Robinson gets hurt, look for a rookie like Elliot or Henry. Lastly someone like Tyrod Taylor could have a bigger season.

    2:46pm Feb 13 from owensnyder
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8:24pm Feb 12 from eh14
  • Payton. Brees will retire playingforSaints

    8:30pm Feb 12 from purpleipod15
  • Both

    9:02pm Feb 12 from vkshar
  • both

    9:11pm Feb 12 from chopr
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8:20pm Feb 12 from eh14
  • Dallas could be the best place. Romo 's health could be issue for RG3 to get his chance!

    8:26pm Feb 12 from purpleipod15
  • Not RG3 in Dallas..

    9:03pm Feb 12 from vkshar
  • he might go play for texans

    9:12pm Feb 12 from chopr
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8:42am Feb 12 from chopr
  • I think he will get tagged if not he'll go to the dallas

    8:43am Feb 12 from chopr
  • Probably let him walk he's good but I don't think they would tag him

    9:09am Feb 12 from peskett10
  • I don't think he is good enough to get tagged, especially since there is a plethora of FA RBs they could bring in and get the job done. They will definitely try to keep him though.

    9:15am Feb 12 from kitkatman27
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8:38am Feb 12 from chopr
  • I think jets, browns maybe 9ers

    8:38am Feb 12 from chopr
  • Buccaneers if they get rid of Martin or maybe dallas

    9:10am Feb 12 from peskett10
  • Cowboys, Patriots, and Jets would make sense.

    9:14am Feb 12 from kitkatman27
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