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asked by stevo6916
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12:10am Sep 9 from stevo6916
  • When a player is available and more than one team is interested, whomever drafted last gets first shot at that person. Their wire number then goes to the end of the line since they had a successful pickup.

    12:52am Sep 9 from colts46143
  • Player available and multiple team id interested

    4:26am Sep 9 from janetste

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4:57am Sep 25 from Julz826
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4:56am Sep 25 from krazykk5
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4:40am Sep 25 from clarkebar1013
  • Matt Ryan - Russell Wilson

    McCoy-DeAngelo-Latavius-Dwayne Washington-Derrick Henry-Jordan Howard

    Julio Jones-Amari Cooper-Jeremy Maclin-Mike Wallace

    Texans Def

    4:41am Sep 25 from clarkebar1013
  • I'm worried bc after this week Deangelo will just be a handcuff. And week 10 McCoy, Latavius, and D Wash all have BYE. RB's are hard to find in this league.

    Standard scoring FYI.
    I'm just really liking Enunwa. Also avail on WW are Dorsett, sharpe, Cruz, Enunwa, etc. still good options for WR.

    4:44am Sep 25 from clarkebar1013
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4:20am Sep 25 from dunn4none
  • I would

    4:28am Sep 25 from coprevot7
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4:18am Sep 25 from cburnz
  • I'm thinking larry and benjamin

    4:19am Sep 25 from cburnz
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4:17am Sep 25 from stashchaser
  • Or Tyler Williams

    5:00am Sep 25 from stashchaser
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4:15am Sep 25 from cburnz
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4:03am Sep 25 from deosbeastology101
  • free and michael

    4:16am Sep 25 from cburnz
  • Michael and Ware

    4:20am Sep 25 from wizehassan
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3:37am Sep 25 from dave0licious
  • Julius Thomas

    3:42am Sep 25 from fantakim
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3:16am Sep 25 from ilovemywife2006
  • Williams

    3:19am Sep 25 from IBBallin424
  • Williams

    3:42am Sep 25 from fantakim
  • Tyrell Williams

    3:44am Sep 25 from winnertakeall14
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2:00am Sep 25 from klippenkotzer
  • Diggs I believe he is on his way to being a stud ever week. Well atleast most.

    2:04am Sep 25 from bringiton1105
  • Diggs

    3:24am Sep 25 from IBBallin424
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11:59pm Sep 24 from dook1985
  • BMarshall

    12:03am Sep 25 from IBBallin424
  • Go Wallace! Marshall will be limited

    12:35am Sep 25 from winnertakeall14
  • ^

    12:48am Sep 25 from marmudukey
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