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asked by stevo6916
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12:10am Sep 9 from stevo6916
  • When a player is available and more than one team is interested, whomever drafted last gets first shot at that person. Their wire number then goes to the end of the line since they had a successful pickup.

    12:52am Sep 9 from colts46143
  • Player available and multiple team id interested

    4:26am Sep 9 from janetste

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7:22pm Jul 23 from eh14
  • saints or colts maybe

    7:29pm Jul 23 from gator64
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6:43pm Jul 23 from sawildcat1
  • Jones

    6:47pm Jul 23 from beningtonunited
  • jones or gurley

    6:56pm Jul 23 from awsomedude1000
  • Gurley

    7:06pm Jul 23 from gator64
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6:02pm Jul 23 from BlueInVader18
  • QB - Marcus Mariota
    RB - Todd Gurley
    RB - C.J. Anderson
    WR - Randall Cobb
    WR - Mike Evans
    TE - Greg Olsen
    FLEX - Emmanuel Sanders
    K - Brandon McManus
    DEF - Broncoos
    BN - Tom Brady
    BN - Brock Osweiler
    BN - DeMarco Murray
    BN - Will Fuller
    BN - DeVante Parker
    BN - Zach Etrz

    6:07pm Jul 23 from BlueInVader18
  • you don't need 3 QBs; trade one

    6:13pm Jul 23 from jgarner650
  • Which one?

    6:16pm Jul 23 from BlueInVader18
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4:41pm Jul 23 from BlueInVader18
  • QB - Brock Osweiler
    RB - Todd Gurley
    RB - DeMarco Murry
    WR - Sammy Watkins
    WR - Demaryius Thomas
    WR - Tyler Lockett
    TE - Gary Barnidge
    FLEX - LeGarrette Blount
    K - Robert Aguayo
    DEF - Texans
    BN - Eli Manning
    BN - Chiefs
    BN - Jordan Howard
    BN - Rishard Matthews
    BN - Jordan Cameron
    BN - Nick Novak
    BN - Vincent Jackson

    4:48pm Jul 23 from BlueInVader18
  • how many ppl were in this draft? you went gurley then who watkins? if its 14 team draft this isnt a bad team. i hope for your sake it is lol. sorry man

    5:28pm Jul 23 from jimfav
  • I left out Jamaal Charles. And it's a 10 team league from ESPN.

    5:34pm Jul 23 from BlueInVader18
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4:04pm Jul 23 from valerie0699
  • I'd say three times in 5 to 10 years

    4:08pm Jul 23 from jgarner650
  • It depends on a few things. I'd say 3 In 5-7 years but if a team restacks through free agency I don't consider it a dynasty. Like if denver were to win this year and then in 2 years sign Luck odell and Bell.

    4:11pm Jul 23 from jimfav
  • Agree

    4:28pm Jul 23 from purpleipod15
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3:58pm Jul 23 from jimfav
  • a RB or WR

    4:09pm Jul 23 from jgarner650
  • RB

    4:29pm Jul 23 from purpleipod15
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3:41pm Jul 23 from romodallas9
  • yes

    4:08pm Jul 23 from jgarner650
  • Depends on who your other RB's are.

    4:12pm Jul 23 from cowboy1501
  • Yes

    4:13pm Jul 23 from 1027madness
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3:02pm Jul 23 from brandan4117
  • great

    3:02pm Jul 23 from metromax
  • Great if he doesn't get injured

    3:16pm Jul 23 from gabebivens
  • He will do well if he doesn't get injured because the Chiefs offensive line improved this year and he has more help with Maclin and Kelce drawing more attention.

    3:48pm Jul 23 from ericbenson56
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2:27pm Jul 23 from sionemm54
  • You can Draft right now by selecting live draft room. If you're in a league with friends the date would be set by your commish

    4:02pm Jul 23 from jimfav
  • whenever you want anytime until the season starts

    6:26pm Jul 23 from gator64
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2:09pm Jul 23 from jimfav
  • AR

    2:14pm Jul 23 from purpleipod15
  • I doubt rodgers will be there. He will probably go #1 or 2. does every year lol

    2:18pm Jul 23 from jimfav
  • Hmmm... cam, Ben, Brady,etc.....

    5:37pm Jul 23 from aaronstig
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2:07pm Jul 23 from aaronstig
  • No way, gurley could be top back this year.

    2:10pm Jul 23 from jimfav
  • No

    2:13pm Jul 23 from purpleipod15
  • no

    2:43pm Jul 23 from chillrays
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2:01pm Jul 23 from aaronstig
  • QB Phillip rivers. Wrs Baldwin, Hopkins, Robinson, Keenan, John Brown rbs Dion, cj Anderson, Frank gore, Jeremy hill. TEs fleener, walker. BN QB Cutler DEF Pittsburgh, K Chris Boswell

    2:05pm Jul 23 from aaronstig
  • You're stacked at wr. I would offer rob or hop plus hill for a stud rb. Someone might bite

    2:12pm Jul 23 from jimfav
  • I'd trade Baldwin and gets somebody like Rawls, Latavius Murray, or even Forte.

    4:21pm Jul 23 from 1027madness